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Put the cart before the horse, mix things up, and look at them in a different way.

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Only she would do it.

Equestria Daily

Have all of my :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Excellent work, ser.

4164595 I don't think so. It's under 3,500 words, marked as clop, and I'm banned from ever submitting to the site again.

They don't allow mature stories in EQD.

Yo Carts, I must ask: why the hell are you writing clop bro? This is like the first time, is it not?

4164619 Why don't you look at the calendar (in certain parts of the world), read the story and find out?


>missing the joke entirely

Twilight remembered one time a year ago when Pinkie had thrown a party and invited fifty-one ponies to the library, in blatant disregard of the clearly posted “maximum occupancy: fifty ponies” sign on the wall. Twilight didn’t want the fire marshal to banish her and Pinkie to the Everfree Forest for such a heinous crime. So, she kicked Twist out of the party. Nopony really noticed.

That's really messed up.:twistnerd:
Poor Twist.:fluttershysad:

wow..... I dont know how to say it

Thanks piccolo

Oh you trolling bastard. :trollestia:
Still faving though

Only Twilight would bypass the fun part...

Wow, funny but just wow:heart::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

UH I thought this was clop you freaking bastered dislike :flutterrage:

Despite Parasprite's joke, I beg to differ:
Look at the Story stats of this fic. Right there in the little "referrals" section.

This game me a good laugh, well done!

I honestly don't know what I expected starting reading this. Half truth, given what day it is and what time I had expected a little fic like this to pop up, but the moment this showed on Spike fan-fiction... Well I have a problem. But I had not expected the lecture, that was unforeseen and made me laugh a bit, try explaining that to pushy friends. Needless to say good job, you earned yourself a like and fav.

That was funny!:rainbowlaugh:
Leave it to, Twilight, to take the fun out of masturbation!:moustache::twilightblush:

I was expecting a fakeout ending, that Twilight was doing something completely non-sexual. This is a lot funnier and, strangely, more in-character.

Only Twilight could turn something really hot into something really boring.

Ahahahaha i'm in tears! :rainbowlaugh:

nice one and that last sentence got me. :twilightsmile:

Imagine Shining Armor doing this, then GONK! Puts a whole new meaning into "dry spell," eh?

Thank goodness I thought this was yet another bloody masturbating fic and I was in the mood for the good old ultra-obvious twist that makes clear that the character wasn't actually masturbating all along.
Eh, I'm post-operative tired, don't judge me and my current mental capacity!

:rainbowlaugh: I needed a good laugh this morning. Have a like.:moustache:

April Fools.

I always forget about it, until It's too late.:facehoof:

This was the 'hottest' and 'nerdiest' clop I have ever read! Great job, liked it all the way! :twilightsmile:

Go to redtube if you want porn bro. Not clopfics.

god dammit! :flutterrage: you got me good :rainbowlaugh:

How to call this? Brainsturbation? Mindsturbation? :rainbowderp:

:moustache: NEEEEERD!

I achieve this with electrodes and a cordless drill.


Then start your own EQD! With Blackjack (wait, I mean, blackjack, darn it FOE:PH)! And hookers!

Wait again - Alexstrazsa beat you to it. Twice.

He is a slippery gypsy, that one.


All i can say to this type of story is this:

Good job!
you trolled me good

I think Professor Farnsworth summarized it better Twilight...

I don't feel trolled at all, maybe it's because I don't care...

That's a pretty subtle title. :twilightoops:

...Kinda makes sense...

:twilightsheepish: Do you understand now, Spike?

:moustache: I don't know...Maybe you could give me a demonstration...

Which leads to a debate between the two about what method is truly best, Twilight's technique, masturbation...or intercourse :derpytongue2:

Twilight Sparkle groaned. "Look, it's really simple. Here, I'll even show you how it works."

Sweet! Now things are starting to get -

She pulled out a scientific-looking diagram of the pony brain.


4166849 I know this one!

Brain-stimulation lol.

Why would I do that when I can bypass the genitals and go straight for the brain itself?"

Because that's the natural thing to do?:ajbemused:

I mean you might really f%#& up your brain doing that.:twilightoops:

Epic story. 11/10 would read again. I died at the Twist and Opal parts.

Opal had the best poker face and was really hard to read. Also, Opal was a cat.

That might be one of my favourite lines ever on this site.

This sounds like a really dangerous technique. One wrong move in the heat of the moment and suddenly you're a vegetable? :twilightoops:

4173121 I was expecting the exact same thing; I was very excited.

Well played, though honestly I found it more in-character of Twi than most clop fics. :twilightsmile:

I... don't get the AN. This chapter is dated the 28th, today is the fourth, and the story was pretty much what I was expecting.:rainbowhuh:

:rainbowhuh: LOL I THOUGHT SHE WAS MASTURBATING BUT WOW :pinkiegasp: UNEXPECTED..............wait is that just masturbating but just the brain :facehoof:

curses trolled again:rainbowlaugh:

I bet this gave a ton of people the serious disease known as 'rustled jimmies'.

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