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As ponies live out their lives, they experience many things that will stay with them forever. However, as they grow up, the only thing that they can do is look back on those memories and can never truly experience it for a second time. Twilight has grown up drastically since she left the comforts of the library in Canterlot behind and she wont rest until she returns to a place that made sense to her. Looking back at her old self to get a better perspective as she looks forward at her current self.

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Made me choke up a little. If I wasn't in the hospital right now I would like to make a long comment. Still life makes less sense the more you grow up that's the package deal that comes with it but I for one would never change a single moment of my life for anything. Maybe cause I have nothing to really look back on?

Everyone does at some point. Though the best thing you can do is remember the good times while keep pushing forward. Though who dwell in the past are never move forward.

This fic feels incomplete...
Still, very well done :twilightsmile:

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