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When Applejack and Ditzy Doo are caught together in the kitchen, what will Granny Smith say? Probably not what you think.

A meta-fictional response to a persistent trend I keep seeing in certain fics.

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"Granny gay-basher" is a plot device used in too many of the shipfics I've seen

/me agrees

I must not be reading those fics then, usually she fought for equestrian gay rights or is angry that Applejack would even think of her that way. I'd have to dredge those more positive fics up though. There was one where she banished a colt-cuddler son or grandson, but I probably filter the bigot Granny Smith stories out. All those other ideas were pretty common in what I have read. I wish the immortal or evil Twilight Sparkle fics would die out, those are overdone in spades, even before she became a princess. It's like everybody has to have their take on the same topic.

Was a little bit more meta than I'm used to, but it was decent. There were a few parts that made me laugh, and I've noticed several of the cliches and trends you discussed. Like 2510632 though, I can't recall too many stories where Granny Smith is a homophobe, eager to ruin her grandchildren's lives. I can think of a couple - one where she leads the town in an effort to stop the marriage of Twilight and Rarity, and one where she puts a stop to Big Mac and Caramel's young love - but I seem to remember a lot more where she's actually really supportive of same sex relationships (most disturbingly with a recent foalcon fic that involved Apple Bloom and Babs *shudder*), which often plays on the reader's expectations that Granny will be homophobic.

I enjoyed this. It's good to see a fic that pokes fun at overused stereotypes/type-casting in Pony fics every once in awhile. It is true about Granny Smith though, I mean we see she helped found Ponyville and is a clever mare who worked out how Zap Apple Harvests work. You'd think their would be a fic where Twilight Sparkle tries to discover what happens to Zap Apples when they aren't picked or a story about how Granny Smith got her cutie mark.

Poor Applejack just follows the script, never even bringing up that she is forced to lie to her family in the fic. This is a thing of which Granny would disapprove.
Upside to relationship as far as Granny goes: Instant great-grandfoal!

I want to see more like this. You could do a whole series.

I loved this, and I agree whole-heartedly. :ajsmug:

Loved it. The ole' Granny is bigot thing is an old, tired troupe.

Bet Granny been around the block a few times considering how old she is.

Actually, I've rarely seen "bigoted Granny Smith" in ship fics. In fact, I've seen a lot of stories where Granny Smith is perfectly reasonable and encouraging of unconventional relationships. Heck! I've seen a few where she's more reasonable than her granddaughter about these things. I'd chalk it up to Granny more often being cast as a "font of wisdom" type of character than anything else. But still, good story.

This was a cute and funny fic :) I laughed at all the story references and the fact twilight was princess of fanfiction....u did an awesome job and the last line was hilarious...thanks for the laughs

Dude... I loved this.

It just... I have no idea why, but I just love this premise. It's got the right amount of Meta-Physical combined with the right amount of honest emotion to keep the story focused and somewhat serious. You've hit a great balance with this little one-shot. Heck, I'd like to see more!

You got me thinking that the ponies were like the toys from toy story. Andy (The writers) plays with his Toys (The ponies). And the toys have an opinion on how Andy treats them and what roles they usually play. I love it.

I really wouldn't mind seeing more. Great One-shot!

The closest thing to gay basher Granny I have ever seen was an AppleDash where she wasn't against the relationship but wouldn't allow AJ and Dash to live together in the SAA farm house.

Then again, I don't read much shipping. 1/6th of the fics in my faves have the romance tag.

I liked the way My Little Mommies handled it too.

Also ha ha foalcon. Not the worst by far as far as wtf-is-wrong-with-the-writer-isms.

There's also the story Social Standards (a Braeburn X Soarin story) that had her really anti-gay.

This story is quite enjoyable. Almost exactly like movie-set drama. Also, how do I add this to my 'read later' list? I'm new to this sort of thing (the site, not writing) and am more or less lost.
Kudos to you as well, I liked your story.

I have to agree with the majority, here. I just haven't seen that much bogoted Granny. Although, maybe the few that there are is already too much.

Not a huge fan of meta-fics, but I did find this one enjoyable, especially since I completely agree that the whole Granny Smith hates gays plot device is overused. You did bring up good counter arguments though, as to why it is used so often, so extra points for that. And geeze, how awful must it have been for Pinkie in this universe when the Cupcakes script came along :pinkiesad2:

Great fic that explores overused ideas and their roots, without coming off as holier-than-thou.

This fic gets 9.5 stars out of 10, you managed to hit all the right notes.

Well, while I personally haven't seen much of Granny in such a role, the point is nontheless both humorously and thoughtfully made. (Maybe because I tend to only be interested in shipping as vehicle for comedy than for it's own sake and tend to naturally gravitate to comedy tagged fic over anything else.) It was nicely done, a constructive piece rather than being outright negative (more balanced than my own light-hearted take that to the "old alone and angsty" fics, though my intentions were more subversion and absurbist parody.)

Also, you get extra special bonus points for centuries-old Granny Smith, which is totally my interpretation of the somewhat nebulous issue of pony age and lifespan. (Oh the debates we've had on that on my local ponythread!) It is nice to see someone else come to the same conclusions!

I...that threw a curveball and then whacked me with the bat.
I loved it.

Thank you for this. I needed a smile.

That fic was so deliciously meta... :derpytongue2:

2510913 So, what, not being pro-gay makes you "homophobic"? Yeah, that makes sense. The way some people throw that word around... :facehoof:

Click the little clock thing by the name of the fic. You won't be informed of any unread chapters, that only happens to your favourites list.

Also, I really like this story. I've seen a few where Granny isn't a huge bitch about lesbians, but then again my preference runs heavily towards things that aren't shipping, and I still get what she's talking about. Also, I love the fact that basically everyone in Equestria has slept with Rainbow Dash and Twilight by this point, judging by the way they talk about clopfics.


Uh...aren't meta fics against the rules?

I only saw one Granny Gay Basher fic, and I forgot wichone it was. It was the one with AppleDash, Twilight and Rarity for a while before moving to Twilight and Big Mac, and BDSM Pinkie + Flutters. What other ones are there?

Other than that one fic, I've only seen Granny as awesome with Homosexuality, although Apple Jack thought she wouldn't be.

Other than that this was pretty funny. I like Granny Smith although she isn't used as much as she could be :pinkiesad2:.

Creative as hell fic! It was a fun way to deal with the subject. Very good! :moustache:

What Granny needs is another chapter of "Powers of Harmony." She's still not a main character, but she IS a badass with a magic axe that she used to damn near eradicate all the Timberwolves back during the founding of Ponyville.

That's awesome, ain't it?

2512907 Heh, most of the applejack ship fics I've read actually have people worried granny smith won't approve, then have her think it's funny, completely normal... or talk about her old girlfriend from back in the day.

That's a brilliant skewering you've done there.

Ah've fallen in love, made friends, had children... ah've had adventures, but none of it matters.

I sort of want to write an "Adventures of Granny Smith" fic now.

2512638 My mistake, I was kind of out of it when I made that comment. She's not always homophobic, but she is in some cases (I think one fic had her leading a mob of ponies angry about a lesbian couple). I apologize for the error.

I really liked this! The characters being like actors was brilliant and very fun. I wish more people would write fics like that.

Great job, author! :twilightsmile:

A very nice story. I like the idea of getting the characters views on the fanfiction they appear in. Probably why I like reading riffs so much. Makes me wish they'd repeal the MST3K ban.

I don't normally add already-finished stories to my list, but I think I'll make this one of the few exceptions. The metafiction is concept is great and the execution is flawless!

Contrary to what it seems on the surface, this isn't about homosexuality, it's about how writers use it. Oh, and I have seen a few stories in which Granny was okay with it. Granted, the characters were expecting her to behave in the stereotypical manner, but that just added to the scene's "wait, what?" factor.

Well, to keep it scientific, homosexuality among animals is rarely 'true' homosexuality.

There are individual homosexual acts, but such animals will also usually mate with animals of the opposite sex as well, making them in actuality bisexual.

Exclusively homosexual animals make up less than 1% of the total.

Science should always be about facts, no matter their popularity.

Rather clever, this one. It speaks to pretty much all the characters who get overused or mishandled characterizations, not just Granny Smith.

Gods, now all I want to do is give the poor old mare a hug, that sucks, personally I try to stay away from all writing stories that deal with the Apple family, I just don't know how put there speech into a story, unless I have no other choice:facehoof: You done so well, was not expecting an entire studio with them, I want to read a clop fic with Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Celestia now:rainbowlaugh: I always make them the children (even more so Spike) older in my stories so that it's not foalcon, I don't mind reading it but I could never write it, now thanks to this story I'll try to make Granny Smith a no-judgmental mare, poor girl. Damn, you done great with this, I'm very impressed with you my friend:yay:

Also, I have to agree with overused Twilight evil fics, why not give somepony else a try? Alicorn Twilight I'm down for because I don't mind it, the fact that she is the Goddess of Magic and a Princess of Equestria is not much overused the way I see it, maybe because I have not read many stories with it.

The only problem I have with this is that Granny Smith complains about being portrayed incorrectly, but Derpy is shown to be Dinky's mom. Which would be fine if it were called out for being untrue, (like Granny being a d-bag) but it isn't.


Dinky seems to spend more time with Carrot Top and her coltfriend (his name is Written Script, according to the wiki) than Derpy in the actual show.

Oh, and I may be suffering from a touch of writer's block at the moment, but The Old Green Mare will continue. I Pinkie Promise.

Oh, s***. So she has a unicorn dad, earth pony mom, and a unicorn sister? Sounds like a modern family, no?

Loved the story, but I don't think I have anything to add to the discussion, so I'll just say I quite enjoyed the Lunaverse reference as well. :twilightsmile:

God bless you.

2512838If they are then half my favorites list needs to be banned.

:derpyderp1: Wow! Umm... wow, I was NOT expecting this kind of response! Not sure how the hay I got in the feature box, but thank you, everyone, who took the time to take a look and upvote or post a comment. I'm kind of shocked and overwhelmed, but I'm so, so grateful to you all.

I kinda realize "homophobe Granny Smith" probably isn't as pervasive as I made it seem in this story, but it cropped up often enough in stories that I otherwise like that I just felt like writing this. Maybe within the logic of the story, it really isn't as bad as Granny made it out to be, but like me, she dwelled on the times that it DID happen until she hit a breaking point.

2512258 I'd say that Pinkie is a sterling example of Mean Character, Nice Actor. She'll take the role and have fun playing it, whatever it is, because she knows it's all just play-acting anyway. There's a comic about a copy of Cupcakes ending up in Ponyville, and everyone who reads it is horrified and disgusted until finally Pinkie sees it and laughs her head off at how ridiculous the idea that she'd ever do anything like that is. That's the sort of reaction I picture her having here.

2512907 That was one of the big ones that ticked me off, and I can't for the life of me remember the title either. Heh, that story was such a huge (and almost literal) cluster:yay: anyway that when Discord was brought into it, I kept expecting him to just look around and say, "Well, my work here is done." The other big one is Six Brides for Two Sisters, which is otherwise a fantastically hilarious comedy, and everyone who sees this comment should go read it now.

2513257 I must see this. :rainbowhuh:

2513428 Let me know if you do so I can track it. :pinkiehappy:

2514101>>2514330 Granny wasn't just complaining about being portrayed incorrectly. She was mostly complaining about being portrayed as a horrible pony because she thought it was because fic writers hate her. By contrast, even if Dinky isn't canonically Ditzy/Derpy's daughter, there's so much fanon and fan material saying she is that they've worked together enough to build up a good relationship, and Dinky doesn't mind being thought of as Ditzy's daughter. Especially if it means getting good roles, like in the Lunaverse series.

And I'm sorry I haven't gotten to everybody's comments, but if I haven't responded to you personally, I still want to say thank you. THANK YOU!


Haven't seen that one, I saw one where Pinkie read it first, and was horrified, and then ran around town trying to stop the others, until it finally ended up with Rainbow Dash, who laughed about how ridiculous it was to even think Pinkie Pie would act like that. But yeah, I do see your point, Pinkie would probably have fun with it :pinkiecrazy:


K. It's kinda long and it's on hiatus at the moment, but he's still posting blogs periodically so I have confidence that he'll be back to writing it eventually. It's kinda sweet.

Edit: Also you probably got featured 'cuz a few hundred people saw it in the "new stories" box at the same time and thought it sounded quirky and amusing. They were right.


Having no immortal Twilight fics would be ignoring an elephant in the room, you know?

I wrote a story prompt for TMP where I shipped Granny Smith with... nah, you'll just have to read it.

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