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This is a side-story for defender2222's Crisis of Infinite Twilights, and is written with defender2222's blessing. It will make no sense if you haven't read that story up to the start of the Ponpan arc, but the authors involved make no guarantee that doing so will make any more sense.

While Scootaloo and the God Squad sail to Ponpan to find another batch of alternate Twilights, those left behind at BUTTS headquarters (Bureau of Undoing Trouble from Twilight Sparkle) decide to play a game to pass the time, get to know each other better, and possibly get very, very drunk. Not necessarily in that order.

(Rated Teen for some sexual conversation between characters later on, but nothing explicit.)

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This can only end well.

I so need to make a 'stamp of approval' logo so I can give these things the proper approval they deserve.

3868418 It's a veritable gold-mine. :pinkiehappy: One can only hope that a few more of the alternates will get adopted by other writers.

3870955 How can it not? :trollestia:

3871005 Thank you very much! :moustache:

This sounds like fun, curious now on who will end up drunk first.

So, how many chapters do you expect this to be?

What I want to happen:
What I predict would be seen afterward:

Oh yeah, and answering questions...yeah...:twilightblush:

3872455 Place your bets!

3872770 You know, I honestly have no idea. I'm approaching this more as a character study than as an event-driven narrative, so it depends on how the characters themselves react to the questions they're presented with.

3873080 I'd say Zapapple and Seafoam are in agreement. :trollestia:

Given how eager Seafoam and Zapapple are in trying this drink, I'm guessing it would somehow descend into a drinking contest between the two.

Liquor that can get the gods smashed? I have GOT to see this...
Why do I have the feeling most are going to drink at one point or another, and the one that refuses to is going to draw a dare card to take a shot anyways...

I'm rooting for the bag of flour.

3874381 Probably because you have a functioning sense of irony. :raritywink:

3874523 Twiley LeFlour can't get drunk! She's under-age!

3877981 So being underage prevents alcohol from making you drunk?

3878862 Well, I meant in the sense of not being allowed to drink... :twilightsheepish:

Well. This will be fun. I'm gonna enjoy reading this one. Comedy is to be expected.

i want to know more about princes Aurora's world what's cadence like in this world and what kind of relationship if any does candence have with Prince Morning Star? i also whana know what trixie and sunset shimmers are like in this world and the role they play it and i whana know more about Aurora's history were she and her brother raised bye trydal? if not then who did and whats there relationship with trydal like?

3891759 Don't worry, I'll get into that stuff! In fact, the first question that'll be passed around the table involves family, so it should answer most of the questions you have here.

3891769 awesome can't wait for the next chapter

Did Zapapple's birth family really abandon her like that or is there more to the story?

Does anyone know if anyone's written fics about Zapapple yet? She's still the Twilight in these stories I'd love to see fleshed out in a full fic.

I enjoyed the chapter. We really learned a lot about them.

Soo what happened to faith?

I just stared, I thought BUTTS was bad now we have ANUS too? Otherwise nice opening to what hopefully will end up with one being drunk by the end of it all.

3913656 3913658
There aren't any Zapapple stories that I'm aware of. Just this and the main Crisis story so far. But my understanding is that yes, her birth parents really did abandon her.

Thanks. :twilightsmile:

For more insight into why Faith has issues, go read The Abundance. The batch of chapters starting around chapter 35, dealing with the abstract of Laughter, to be specific.

If you felt any desire to groan and/or beat your head against a table, then it means I achieved what I was going for there. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh! I did! But then, I'm the one who put it there.

3914008 I didn't groan with the jokes regarding the Aggregated Nexus of Unusual Surveillance. I just laughed. You did not achieve what you were going for there. That aside, I don't really have any tablespace to safely beat my head against either.

Haha now ANUS!
What's next? DICK?
Decree In Certified Karate? :pinkiecrazy:

Hold on, where'd this Rollypolly dalek come from?

The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo

Actually, I'd like to add that my personal headcanon for that setting is that while her parents did abandon her, Shining Armor wasn't complicit in any way, as they told him that she was stillborn and never let him see her. Still, there's no way for Zapapple to know that, and there aren't any existing fics set in that timeline, so it's kind of moot.

Curses! Foiled again! :pinkiesad2: Ah well, at least you thought it was funny, so... you fell right into my contingency plan! Muhahaha.

Ohh your referencing that, I was a bit confused as the context led me to believe his child did something which seems to be out of canon but that bit with laughter makes sense as well. Great story both yours and defenders

3914984 Hopefully Defender adds an epilogue that has Zapapple and her Shining reconnect somehow.


Well, as the creator of Zapapple I will state 100% that yes, her parents abandoned her. As for Shining, I'd say Crow is correct: he didn't know she existed and when he finds out he will seek her out.


Rollypolly is from The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo. When Twilight and Applejack assisted The Professor (a gender-swapped version of The Doctor from the 'A Cross and Arrow' universe, Twilight found the baby Dalek in a closet and adopted him.


I just facepalmed at the joke :facehoof:

it continues to amaze me how well work out all these twillights and the worlds they come form are deffender2222 realy should get his own wiki to keep track of all the characters,worlds,races and origins he and all the awesome writers who expanded on his work have made. for the next can we learn what happend during The Summer Sun Celebration that way we can also learn more about the manesix of all the different i've realy bin wondering how nightmare moon was defeated in zapapple's world since she dosin't seem like the type who would work with unicorns and pegagis or maby its because that hasin't happend yet and being in this world will teach her to be more accepting of other races damm someone realy needs to write a fic for her

I've got an ongoing project to restore Celestia and Luna's old castle

He's going to help the native Mane 6 restore the castle? How very thoughtful of him. :raritywink:

3959486 *facepalms* :facehoof: Thanks for catching that.

That was absoultely funny to read. I love Dusk's comment.

it turns out half of Ponyville thinks my friends and I are shacking up together in every possible combination. Seriously, can't six guys hang out at the gym, have a picnic, or have sleepovers without other ponies thinking there's something else going on? My friends and I are close, sure. Our destinies have been intertwined since we were colts, but that doesn't mean anything romantic, right?"

I was laughing so hard. Great job. this goes into my favorites without a doubt. I am sad though that Captain of the wonderbolts sparkle or Twilight from Flipside is going to be there. I would have loved to hear them answer these questions.

Well, this was an interesting chapter and I enjoyed it.

I honestly thought either Seafoam or Zapaaple would the first to drink, oh well should be interesting to see the aftereffects. Also liked the inclusion of the cold opening, will this become an arc of its own?

Thanks, glad you guys are liking it. :pinkiesmile:

Yeah, well your FACE is... not...bad... :rainbowhuh:

That's the plan! :twilightsmile:

It's official, Flash Sentry is the multiversal waifu-stealer.

3960850 Ha! :rainbowlaugh: Only in GL's case. For Captain, he's more 'That guy I went out with for a while when I was young and awkward, and neither of us had any idea what we were doing.' The sort of relationship that you look back on and laugh, but not without cringing a little at how much of a dope you were.

I'm not sure which Twi this is, but I like her.

3961010 Which one? The one in the cold open? If so, I hope you like the two others I want to slip in here. I'm not going to go crazy and flood BUTTS with alternate Twilights, but I did get the green light to include a few in this story. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, George Takei, the patron saint of Internet Comedy.

"Honestly, the biggest surprise I had when I met this world's version was finding out he was married to Princess Cadance instead of Luna."

Did you hear someone shout "Whaaaa?" around seven thirty? That was me.
I seriously can't wait for you to wright your next story.

loyal2Luna's Twilight from her Mass Effect crossover would be good for this story.

3967370 Thanks, glad you're having fun. :twilightsmile:

She's actually one of the ones I was thinking of including. If the lovely Ms. Loyal gives the okay when I get around to asking, of course.

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