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  • EThe Cutie-Marky Tales
    Eclipseverse: The bearers of the Elements of Harmony. The names are the same, but their places in life are very, very different. Curious about how to find their own special talents, the Cutie Mark Crusaders listen to the stories of the Mane 6.
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This story is a sequel to Snowblind

After the restoration of Gertrude's sanity and the awakening of the Snowheart clan, everything should be fine for the former Element of Generosity. Unfortunately, the Griffon Empire isn't sure that it wants to have to deal with an ancient, immortal ruler returned from a bygone era. A diplomatic envoy led by the Emperor himself has arrived in Equestria to determine exactly what place, if any, Gertrude and her followers have in the modern world.

Along for the ride is an old friend of Rainbow Dash's, who's apparently come back to make Dash's life miserable.

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Interesting:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: But what about the cutie mark story? Also, is the reference from "Dragons Rioting"?

4667314 Congratulations, you win the points and the invisible toaster. :pinkiehappy:

But yeah, about the cutie mark story, I remembered that I'd commissioned an artist to do a title page for me a long while back, but haven't heard anything from him for some time. So I decided I'd do this one in the meanwhile.

Addendum: Made a few very minor tweaks after giving it another glance-over, and sprinkled some rhymes into Rainbow Dash's speech. She isn't as consistent about rhyming as Zecora is to begin with, but she still should do so as a matter of habit.

I really like the detail of Dash needing a physical component to her meditating for it to really work for her. That's a nice touch that really makes the character feel like Rainbow is spite of the differences in the 'verse.

4669928 Yeah, I was thinking of the episode, Testing Testing 1,2,3 while writing that bit. I figured that regardless of the differences in her circumstance, she's still fundamentally very "Dashy".

Definitely could visualize it like it were straight out of the cartoon.


Granted, that could just be my incredible powers of imagination and not your storytelling skill, but benefit of the doubt.

4677440 My fragile ego prefers to believe the latter, thank you. :raritywink:

4677649 But my god. 'Griffon The Heave-Ho'.

That is physically painful!

I thought that theme song was something new in this story. It's not a bad idea, other AUs like the Lunaverse have been using one for years.

Without moving from their spots, Pinkamena and Twilight slowly looked at each other out of the corner of their eyes. "I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking, saying that," Pinkamena apologized.


Awesome!:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Your theme song is just perfect. Also good job going back and adding a little rhyming to Rainbow's dialogue in the first chapter, I had forgotten she rhymes occasionally.

Gilda... Gilda, no. No. You do not want to cause an international incident because of a friend, do you? Especially one that will get you in trouble with both the ponies and the griffons?

You've piqued my curiosity more. I thought Rainbow not being able to fly was a birth defect type of thing, not an accident that happened later. I now want to know what happened.

No namby-pamby pony tells Gilda what Gilda wants!

As for the story behind Rainbow's wing, keep reading and see. Glad to see you following this, BTW.

The Stormriders, eh?

Right back where he had started.
Rendering the last fifteen minutes of heavy exertion completely moot.

Ahh, karma.

4702724 Yeah, the Griffon Empire version of the Wonderbolts. But, in contrast to how the Wonderbolts seem to be only tangentially connected to any sort of military structure, the Stormriders are a part of the Empire's military, much like the real-life Blue Angels.

I liked Grigori the moment he stepped out of that carriage, here's hoping that he doesn't let Gertrude's theoretical threat to his rule lead him down a dark path.

So far, in all three stories, the cruelest, most sadistic thing you have done in this series is make Angel poor Rainbow Dash's responsibility.

In seriousness, it's a pretty good chapter. The entire scene of their youth is something that I could fully imagine happening even in the actual canon of the show. Makes me all the more curious about what happened though.

That's a really great take on Dash and Gilda meeting. As it has already been said, it could slot into canon very easily.


Thanks, guys. Making the flashback a believably in-character kicking off point for their friendship was my main concern there. I'm really glad to hear that it worked. :twilightsmile:

Short, but good:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: How many chapters do you think this will have? Also I like the thundersteel. I always figured that the Griffins had some kind lightning control ability.

4762342 I don't really have a solid plan, but based on the general outline in my head... probably around 15 chapters of the average length so far, give or take.

I like the idea behind how the thundersteel armor works.

Thanks, the thundersteel is built off of a couple of ideas that meshed really well. Given that Gilda was able to stand on clouds in the show, I ran with the idea that griffons also have an innate weather magic like pegasi. But, being predators, they're more attuned to violent weather.

Then there's the idea of 'thunder-forged iron' from the Winning Pony series, which is metal that's been worked by pegasi, using lightning clouds to heat and shape the metal. Horseshoes made of the stuff allow earth ponies and unicorns to stand on clouds without a cloudwalking spell, so I expanded the concept a little and tweaked it into something that the griffons would make extensive use of, in both utilitarian and military ways.

4764406 Cool, but maybe you should rename the Griffin metal "Storm steel". It rolls off the tongue a little easier, sounds fiercer, and it will help to better differentiate from "thunder-forged steel".

Hmm, I appreciate the thought, but 'thundersteel' sounds better to me. Plus I don't mind the comparison, since that was one of the major influences in creating it.

I have to admit, I did NOT see that last bit coming. Can't wait for the next chapter! :moustache:

That bit about Celestia, Cadance, and creatures in armor makes me wonder if she somehow hasn't hooked up with Shining yet, or if Celestia's pushiness is causing her efforts to set Cadance up with someone to backfire.

In fact, I would have sworn that Cadance was in a relationship with Shining in the Rock Opera fic, is this set chronologically before that? Or am I misremembering?

The short answer is no, they weren't a couple in the rock opera fic, or in this one.

The longer answer is that they were dating briefly at some point in the backstory, due to Cadance having a crush on him and Celestia helping get them together. Unfortunately for Cadance, being as strongly connected to love as she is means that she could easily tell that, even though they could have been a perfect match if things were slightly different, there was another mare that he was even more in love with than her. As a result, she broke things off.

Hahaha, figures that Gilda already took care of "meeting" everyone.

And that is definitely an awesome video. Oddly enough, I especially like the little changeling details, like the one dragging another to safety or the one being bandaged. Those touches humanize (ponyize?) them nicely.

Gilda sure knows how to get herself into trouble. :rainbowlaugh:

Great chapter! Loved it!

Yeah, about what I was expecting given the political realities. I wonder what Grigori's final compromise was.

Especially with the lone ruler of Equestria falling into old age, albeit much more slowly than other ponies. That equilibrium could have survived Celestia regaining her youth, and maybe it could even survive Luna's return, but if three immortal wardens of the forces of nature were to formally join forces with no counterbalance in the Empire, griffons might begin to get nervous about the Empire's position in the world.

I find this bit especially interesting. I'm assuming the implication is that Celestia was slowly aging to death over Luna's thousand year sleep, and that the mane six Elements of Harmony event reinvigorated her in addition to reviving Luna?

Yep, I've alluded to it in the other stories, and the full details will come out when (if?) WHEN I get working on Waking Night.

Angel...'belongs'...to Rainbow Dash? Oh dear.

I hope the "Rapier Poetry" was foreshadowing. I for one think it would be a great move if one of the climactic scenes was a rap battle between Gilda and Pinkie. If that is the case, I would wish you the absolute best of luck in writing it since it would seem like a major pain to me. If not... perhaps it can be something used in a later or story or by someone who wants to do it themselves.

4861388 Hah, I'm glad you saw where I was going with that. :rainbowlaugh:

As for whether or not that'll happen, all I can tell you is to wait and see.

Gilda nodded along with everypony else, followed by almost half a minute of awkward silence as the mares all stared at her expectantly. Eventually, Gilda asked, "Well? Which of you is gonna go first?"


Hee. I was originally planning on going a little further with this installment, but that just seemed like the perfect line to put a chapter break on. :trollestia:

4871914 It was pretty funny. But an even funnier ending would have been:
Gilda - "Well? Which of you is gonna go first?"
:pinkiesmile:-"...I changed my mind. Have at her."

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to culture clash!

Today's episode: Griffons are jerks! :trollestia:

4889939 Today's episode: ponies can't take criticism and want you to lie all the time!

:rainbowderp: Wow. I thought this story would have Gilda all the way to the end of it. Didn't expect her to die, especially like that. Probably doesn't bode well for the rest of the peace talks.

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