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1,000 years ago, the shadow demon Eclipse possessed Princess Luna in a bid to seize control of both the sun and the moon. Eclipse was banished when Princess Celestia wielded the Elements of Harmony, but Luna fell into an eternal coma.

Waking Night, the festival of dreams, is held in honor of Princess Luna and the anniversary of Eclipse's banishment. In the dark corners of Equestria, though, sinister forces conspire to make their move and free Eclipse from its prison.

When the forces of evil strike, six mares from vastly different walks of life find themselves thrown into a quest to retrieve the Elements of Harmony, the only magic strong enough to end the threat of Eclipse and its followers once and for all. In order to find the Elements, they will have to venture deep into the secret resting place of Princess Luna, but Eclipse also seeks the sleeping Princess of the Night.

Chronologically, this is the series premier of the Eclipse-verse series.

Cover art by My Little Sheepy

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An Eclipseverse story almost entirely written at the last minute for Chengar Qordath's Cloud Kicker shipfic contest.

Lt. Twilight Sparkle and weather manager Cloud Kicker have been dating for several months now. More than friends, but with a relationship complicated by Cloud's free-spirited promiscuity, the two of them have nevertheless managed to find an equilibrium that works for them both.

That equilibrium may end up toppling over, however, because Twilight harbors a desire that may just throw everything they know and hold dear about each other into question.

She wants to introduce Cloud to her parents.

(Rated Teen for light suggestiveness.)

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This story is a sequel to Griffon the Heave-ho

An Eclipseverse story.

After another of the Crusaders' misadventures in trying to make their cutie marks appear, they turn to the Mane 6 for advice. One by one, they learn how Equestria's saviors discovered their special talents. This may sound familiar, but the tales these six heroines have to tell will not be.

(Cover art by Tom Preston)

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This story is a sequel to Snowblind

After the restoration of Gertrude's sanity and the awakening of the Snowheart clan, everything should be fine for the former Element of Generosity. Unfortunately, the Griffon Empire isn't sure that it wants to have to deal with an ancient, immortal ruler returned from a bygone era. A diplomatic envoy led by the Emperor himself has arrived in Equestria to determine exactly what place, if any, Gertrude and her followers have in the modern world.

Along for the ride is an old friend of Rainbow Dash's, who's apparently come back to make Dash's life miserable.

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This is a side-story for defender2222's Crisis of Infinite Twilights, and is written with defender2222's blessing. It will make no sense if you haven't read that story up to the start of the Ponpan arc, but the authors involved make no guarantee that doing so will make any more sense.

While Scootaloo and the God Squad sail to Ponpan to find another batch of alternate Twilights, those left behind at BUTTS headquarters (Bureau of Undoing Trouble from Twilight Sparkle) decide to play a game to pass the time, get to know each other better, and possibly get very, very drunk. Not necessarily in that order.

(Rated Teen for some sexual conversation between characters later on, but nothing explicit.)

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Eclipseverse: One thousand years ago, long before six young mares took up the Elements of Harmony to save Equestria, the royal sisters faced an insidious foe who threatened to cast his shadow across all the land.

Now, the poet Pinkamena Diane Pie and her friends have put together a show to tell that tale as Equestria has never heard it told before. The stage is set, the actors are ready, and the musicians are prepared to unleash the first rock-opera based this dark period in Equestrian history ever produced.*

That's assuming, of course, that everything goes as planned.

* Based on original music by The Protomen, from their album, "The Father of Death".

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When Applejack and Ditzy Doo are caught together in the kitchen, what will Granny Smith say? Probably not what you think.

A meta-fictional response to a persistent trend I keep seeing in certain fics.

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In Equestria's not-distant-enough future, while the rest of the kingdom recovers from the ravages of war, the city of Manehattan has become a cesspool of crime and corruption. While Mayor Orange works tirelessly to reclaim the city from the gangs and syndicates, the crimelord known only as the Shadow King controls the criminal underworld.

When even the most honest citizens are forced to resort to crime in order to survive, can there be any hope for Manehattan's future? Orphaned teenagers Pound and Pumpkin Cake doubt it, no matter what their guardians try to tell them.

This may change, however, when a beautiful and mysterious unicorn warrior emerges to face the Shadow King's army of thugs, monsters and mutants. With a shining crystal blade to pierce through the darkness, and a seemingly limitless supply of talents (and costumes), the Warrior of Love, Sweetie Honey, may yet shine a light upon Manehattan's future.

(Cover image by Tofutiles)

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In a world where the Sonic Rainboom never occurred and tied the Mane 6 together, they found themselves taking drastically different paths in life. Nevertheless, they still managed to find one another and stand together when Equestria needed them most.

It's now several months after the Elements of Harmony chose their new bearers, and the citizens of Ponyville are about to take part in Winter Wrap-Up. Their plans are soon disrupted, however, by an ancient, unknown enemy with a desire to seize the Elements and an icy hatred for Celestia and Luna!

(This is an Alternate Universe fic, and the characterizations for the altered Mane 6 were inspired by defender2222)

Takes place before: Lunar Eclipse: The Rock Opera

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