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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


It's back and better then ever!

After weeks of struggling to secure the funds required to continue broadcasting Wub Radio has returned to the airwaves.

Vinyl Scratch and her new talk show friends discuss questions that are submitted to them by their listeners. And things quickly get out of control. After all you never know what those DJs are getting up to.

New chapters will be uploaded on a weekly basis with hopefully at least two chapters per week. All chapters will answer questions submitted in the comments section. All questions must be PG-13 or under. (Nothing Mature)

This is a continuation of Wub Radio by Nexosaur.

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"Yeah I'm not going to be doing that again any time soon." Vinyl Scratch said.

An issue you have with every line of dialogue here is that when you end the dialogue with "X said," you have to put a comma before "X said."

"Yeah, I'm not going to be doing that again any time soon," Vinyl Scratch said.

You're also missing some commas where they should be.

3030530 Any ideas for future chapters?


How did they get their cutie marks?

3030539 Intresting. I'll consider it.


Listen to our Grammar Nazi words of wisdom!

Check out this blog post and submit your ideas.

Yay! the story is back!

3037455 I think they should ask some more about Tavi and Vinyls relationship. Also, there should be some letters just fawning over the DJs, just to see how they react. Like fanmail or something. Just ideas

Yes, I think you should add fan mail into more! And, for the next show, I think they should tell their stories from when Discord escaped. Like, what were they doing, and what happened to them.

Would definitely want to see how they would react to changelings and diamond dogs. Perhaps even have a diamond dog writing a fan letter to the show.


Dear Wub Radio,

My Queen is going to kill all of us for treason, but who cares. It's sweltering hot in the badlands and all we do all day anyhow is guard, guard, and stare at tumbleweeds. But when one of us came back with this contraption, we had to give it chance.

At last, we can listen to something that isn't demeaning or repressive. I mean, most drones earn the Queen's respect but guards? Guards get the lowest jobs and the worst sleeping cocoons. Thank goodness we found this or else most of us would have defected by now.

Just remember that you have ears in the Badlands who need a good show once in a while!


Sentry Patrol Hive Block B

Oh gosh what have I done...

I think they could have famous guest stars. Like, not extremely famous, just Cadence or something. Maybe she could turn out to be a huge supporter of them, and she goes to their concerts in disguise. Also, maybe they could talk about something going on in Canterlot, some big news. They should do a "Recent Events" section of the show. Again, just ideas:pinkiehappy:

Blood, sex and tears, have a nice day!

I have a question that'll blow there minds please use it : dear wub radio what are your thoughts on the fact that you are all fake and in a cartoon meant for girls that men of all ages watch and read considering your a fanfic? That be an interesting question dontcha think?

3096234 A question from Discord no doubt. Well you'll just have to wait and see what happens.

All participants of Wub station; I pose a question!
What kinds of music do you best excel at?
Mr. Teerlan

They can't say fucking on air because kids might be listening. They can say bucking as a subsitute since kids won't know what they're implying. It's the same with plot in place of ass.

But wait! The original said fuck and fucking while "On Air." :rainbowderp:

3144892 That was before they got such a strong following. Now they know they've got kids listening. They're stilling cussing but they're using swears that will fly right over the kids heads. (Kind of like the fic "Rarity's Mysterious Pills" where bucking holds two meanings.)

As great as this fanfic is, I feel like you're stressing the PG-13 imperative too much. It's notthat fun to read the same "Nothing over PG-13" thing each chapter. :ajbemused:
Other than that, this is a pretty good continuation. Keep going.

Have Princess Celestia make a guest appearance on the show!

Perhaps... the Doctor should appear... I mean, there was a crossover between two youtube shows: Doctor Whooves and The Vinyl Scratch Tapes...

Lovely show, I must say. And yet it needs more... something. I'm not sure, but I know it needs SOMETHING. I just can't figure out what... Perhaps you guys and gals can?
Anyways, the music reminds me well of the stations I listen to back home... and I thank you for that. I don't know where you guys are located, but if you ever find yourselves in Vanhoover, I can assure you (mostly) that you'll have me watching you from afar. Not in a creeper sort of fashion, mind you. Like in a protector sort of way, considering the slight troubles that this place is going through. Still, you guys are awesome!
-- From a hidden wolf in the alley.

MFW my idea was accepted
Maddest of props for thou, OP.

Also, the story is getting repetitive. Maybe they could do things like remark on absurd things from other radio stations ("A meteor recently struck Marescow. Meanwhile, Clop News Radio reports that said natural phenomena is actually a conspiracy by Princess Luna to prove that global warming is real! Seriously, what the f**k?")...

Or, Do what some radio stations do and have aspiring musicians send in their original music and play it on the air.

Just... the station seems to need refreshing.

Y'know... Vinyl's minor illness could turn into a full-blown illness, leaving her off the air for some time.
Then the fans could react. I'd suggest fanmail from the same pony more than once, instead of having them send one letter and disappearing again.

Just... as I said in the last chapter, it's getting dry. Something needs to happen.

I'm very flattered, sir. Thank you :moustache::twilightblush:

Excellent chapter... Why do I feel like I'm contributing to the fanfic so much?

If anyone wishes to make a part 3 hit me up in the comments section. There will be no more part 2.

This chapter was much more well done than the rest, no matter the amount of grammatical errors. :eeyup: There was really more than just them talking, there was a bit more conversation. The one nitpick I have, and you don't necessarily have to do this, but I really can't envision where or how all of this is taking place. I know this is mostly about the talking, but I don't seem to see a clear picture in my head. Good fic though! :ajsmug:

3278811 alright, I may be biting more than I can chew. I might take the reins for part three, but donn't expect the same thing you see here. If you could let me do it, I will be happy to, even if it may take a while to start up. :pinkiehappy:

3449886 Go right ahead and do it. Just remember that the rating must be PG-13 and the topics are based on questions submitted by readers.

Awesome. Simply awesome.

Wish I had something to contribute but honestly I'm coming up with nothing.

3811628 This sequel is complete. But another author has already agreed to take the reigns for part 3. Check the comments section to find out who.

Guess it's a good thing they don't remember what happened when they got discorded, it's probably for the best...

And next time, we see a Princess Luna letter.

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