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A search for a mysterious energy reading leads a Commander to Equestria and reawakens some of his memories from a place he once called home, but his presence there is not welcomed by some of the nations.
(Note: rating may change later. Also the sex tag is for certain situations)

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There is a flood on the horizon. Equestria's enemies have united, and the coming tide will not only change the course of history on one world, but two, and bring about a monumental meeting that will bring brothers and sisters from those two worlds together.

At long last, the downtrodden will rise.

The battle begins.

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Miles Worth, a young marine, discovers that what he thought was the end, only began another chapter of his life. Will he ever be the same again? Follow him on his journey throughout Equestria, as he discovers who he really is again.

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It's been two years since representatives of the United Human Federation arrived in Equestria, begging for help in a crisis situation. Months later, the Human-Equestrian Alliance was formed. But now, relations between the two species are strained, as mistrust begins to boil. It comes to a head when all UHF forces leave Equestria during a massive invasion, leaving the ponies to fight for themselves. Have the Humans abandoned their allies? Or do they have something bigger up their sleeves? The clock is ticking, as the ponies are on the verge of complete surrender, and humanity might just be Equestria's last hope.

(A/N: I know this is a beaten to death idea, but I'm putting my own spin on it, as well as some "Ace Combat" Elements.)

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Captured by your enemy. It's something that no soldier wants to think about, much less experience. Unfortunately for one U.S. soldier fighting in Equestria, that's exactly what happens. At the mercy of the ponies, he will have to resist their attempts to extract information from him, and hope that he'll see freedom again.
(Language warning for those who care.)

Many thanks to my prereader, Cosmic Cowboy, for letting me bounce ideas off him, and not letting me upload garbage.
Cover art by the awesome (and patient) Erindor.
Appeared in the feature box for a brief time on 10/11/2015. I have no words...

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Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, and Derpy Hooves venture off to a field near the Everfree forest to support Dash in one of her flying practices for the second annual young fliers competition. Unfortunately for them, they encounter more than they bargained for and are thrust into an unknown world where friendship and safety is hard to come by.
[Read the Prologue Parts 1 and 2 for the crucial back story] [MLP:FIM, Ace Combat, and Final Fantasy merge into an epic adventure of friendship, bravery, and determination. Will the ponies ever return home?]

Additional Info:
Meanwhile, in a world far away, the Razgriz demonstration flight squadron prepare for a routine flight mission. Hours into the flight, the chain of events that began in Equestria conflict with their own world as well. At the same time (relatively speaking) the current year on Earth is 2064AD, but it's not an Earth too friendly to its inhabits, let alone creatures from other worlds.

Dr. Sid began working on a project, long before the need for weapons and barrier cities. The Final Fantasy world of Earth is infested with alien spirits, and mankind faces total extinction. Led by a strange dream and guided by her mentor, Dr. Sid, Aki Ross struggles to collect the eight spirits in the hope of creating a force powerful enough to destroy the alien presence, and pure enough to protect the planet. But before Aki pursues this journey, Dr. Sid is convinced the Stargate project may work (codenamed Project BlueBeam). However, at the projects peak, their world was overrun by alien spirits and phantoms. As a result, the machine was never tested. In the barrier city of New York, Dr. Sid begins to decide that the project is too dangerous and complicated to complete. His dream was that by developing a Stargate that could visit other worlds, maybe...just maybe they could learn to save their own. Aki Ross and Dr. Sid, along with Gray Edwards, Ryan Whittaker, Neil Fleming, and Jane Proudfoot are forced to shut down the project after a security breach. Unfortunately, security measures were not properly taken to secure the Stargate. Little did they know, the machine did in fact work after all, and Douglas Hein, one of the arrogant leaders of the city, was up to no good�

The Main 6 and friends, as well as Razgriz, are thrown into 2064AD Earth full of alien phantoms, barrier cities, and a place where friendship is hard to come by. It�s nothing Aki and her team aren't used to, but they were not expecting the Stargate to work...let alone this little mishap. What evil is Douglas Hein up to? What will the main 6 and friends do to survive and return home? How are Blaze, Edge, Chopper, Archer, and Heartbreak One (the call signs of Razgriz) going to comprehend what has happened? Now that the door to the unknown and the unimaginable is opened, the reality in which everyone thought they lived�just got a reality check.

Character Profile Map:

Crossover Information: The following story, (in the same time Galatically) takes place in Final Fantasy Earth, 2064AD.

Equestria: One month after the Canterlot Wedding
Osea (Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War): 5 Years after the war
Final Fantasy (The Spirits Within Movie): One Year Before the movie takes place, 2065AD.

(You may read this story without having a background in AC5 or FF The Spirits Within. However, if you have played the game and watched the movie, it can help build images and bring the story line together. But again, it is not necessary. Overall, I realize this Fan Fiction concept is "a stretch", but I will do my best to deliver a story that will take you on a journey that destroys the barriers of time, space, and doesn't matter how "dark" or "evil" a place can be. All it takes is a little light to turn everything around.)
Authors Note: If you are somehow reading this and have no background of MLP: Friendship is Magic, it will be slightly challenging to follow the MLP characters, so use the Character guide as a reference.

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Over a thousand years ago, a great Evil came to Equis. Only with the help of an off worlder was the evil repelled. He was called Razgriz and he was a Demon Lord, a creature half Archangel and half Legion Demon tasked with keeping the peace on planet earth. With his assistance of the Celestial sisters, he fought back the great evil. But it came at the cost of his life, or so the sisters thought.

Now the great evil has returned to Equestria. It threatens all the lands on the planet, and not even the Elements of Harmony can stop him. Seeing the plight of the Equestrians, the Demon Lord Council sends Razgriz back to Equestria to help fight the enemy and stop him once and for all.
But Razgriz's home coming will be anything but joyous. He will not only have to contend with the past events of his supposed death, but the heartbreak, terror, and secrecy that came after it. Live's will be tested, friendships and families brought to the brink of disaster. the future of two worlds is at Stake. And all important, lying underneath, is the return of a great evil.

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The year is 2025. The worlds pursuit of fighting wars with unmanned "droids" has become its downfall. For Iran captured a nuke-bearing drone and used it against Israel. SSG Ackerman is a tank mechanic who is attached to the U.S. Army's most elite unit- 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, or Delta Force.
Before the war, SSG Ackerman was an avid brony. He even kept a unit patch of the cutie mark of his idol, Rainbow Dash. After sacrificing himself to bring the war closer to an end, he finds himself in Equestria, turned pony.
Will he ever be able to come to terms with the atrocities he has committed? Will he be able to keep the show a secret from everypony? Is he really in Equestria? Or is it all a simulation brought about by the droids as a way of extracting information from him?

This is my first fic, so please feel free to give me as much constructive criticism as possible. This fic switches between first and third person, and uses ALOT of military terms. Ye have been warned...

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Where the HELL am I? Last thing I knew me and my spotter were providing overwatch for a convoy but now I'm in a forest that was no where near my position. I know this because with all that green it would easily stand out in all the sand. Is there any possible way that I can get home or am I going to be stuck here with all these weird talking horse things?

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After a series of strange events following a firefight, Senior Airman Jack Beckett goes from the harsh and hostile mountains of Afghanistan to the lush and peaceful lands of Equestria. Stuck in a world with no need for a defender like him, Jack sees a chance to escape from the stresses of war while they try to find a way to send him back. But when a dangerous threat, both old and new, looms over country, Jack finds himself the only one capable of standing against it to protect his new friends.

I apologize in advance for slow updates, but this story is literally being written on location in Afghanistan during my deployment, so bear with me and don't hate me too much when some chapters don't come for weeks. As always, constructive critiques are encouraged and compliments will be met with thankful tears.

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