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Teleportation - the best way to travel! Not many unicorns master this ancient spell, and even among those who do, the details of how exactly it works remain a mystery. Some even fear what it may or may not do to the caster, but nopony knows for sure.

After much studying, it is time for Twilight Sparkle to perform the spell for the first time. A simple test: Just move from Point A to Point B. But Twilight is about to find out that there is more to teleportation than she thought.

A lot more.

Set prior to the show canon.
Inspired by (but completely unrelated to) Ocalhoun's story Blink.

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Teleportation. It is the best possible way to travel... As long as you don't think about it too much. As long as you don't ask where Twilight goes in that split second when she's neither here nor there.

The sound I listened to as I wrote it, available to you in order to give you the option of having the same atmosphere.

No relation to the other story with the same name, just a coincidence of both picking the same excellent title. I was unaware that the other one existed.
Dramatic Reading by Charles Spratt | Second Reading by TheDizzyDan | Third Reading by Crafty Arts | Fourth Reading by Stormy787
Russian Translation 1 (by Aloz) | Russian Translation 2 (by Doof Ex Machina)

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In the wake of Chrysalis' failed invasion, a different hive breaks tradition and steps into the light to open relations with Equestria. The ever eager scholar, Twilight Sparkle, uses this truce as the perfect opportunity to learn more about this enigmatic race. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, she will learn all there is to know about what it means to be a changeling.

But will Twilight lose herself in the hive, or will she regain what she has lost? Only time will tell.

Featured on 9/24/13

My first featured story! You guys are awesome.

Story readings and cover art by Luminescent Skies: Click here for some audio novel treatment

My Editor in Chief: Cloud Hop

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Much like the Sun's passage overhead, ages come and go. The land of Equestria is going through a change, much like it has countless times throughout the aeons, yet it is bitter sweet. For one ancient ruler, almost older than time itself, the dusk quickly approaches...

Artwork by CBTwilight

Author's Note
This is my personal sendoff to G4. I honestly can't say if G5 will live up to its predecessor, but I felt like trying to bridge the gap between what we know and what is soon to be...

If you want to help support me, I have a Tip-Jar/Patreon HERE

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A gnoll appears in the Canterlot library and is forced to cope with an endless amount of problems as it gets to know the ponies a bit better.

This is a story with each chapter written on a touch and go basis in an hour. If there are errors in them please excuse me I constantly reread them and when I find something I correct it. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Finally got around to do a rough sketch for cover, maybe I'll finish it when I find the time.

Big thanks to Silver Page for editing.

Don't forget to rate if you like ^^

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Inspired by Parting Words, by RHJunior

Princess Celestia is the paragon of Harmony. She is kind to her subjects and generous to those in need. She is loyal to her ideals and never compromised. She has a good, if mostly unknown, sense of humor. Above all else, she is always honest. Right?

Twilight Sparkle trusts Princess Celestia implicitly and in all things. The Princess has never steered her wrong, not once. When Twilight thought that her concerns for Nightmare Moon were being ignored, Celestia had her back, even if she was withholding information.

Wait a minute.

Shortly before Celestia leaves for Canterlot with the redeemed Luna, Twilight has a conversation with her mentor that will change her perspective on the Princess forever. She will receive something new, beautiful, and damning all the same.


Six Little Words or: The Question That Twilight Didn’t Ask in Canon.

Violence Tag: Implied torture.

Comments are back open. Please try to keep it cordial.

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What exactly did Pinkie Pie do during the time she held Discord's power? An Equestrian intelligence officer leaves a message to her successor on what little they know so far. Warning: Superintelligences and existentialism

Author's Note

Inspired by The 21-Second God, though I ended up taking it in a different direction than good ol' Squiddy.

Charlie Stross Was Right.

Vaguely planning more stuff about the Equestrian intelligence services, recontextualizing all the episodes of the series one by one to various degrees. If I end up doing that, this story will end up being one of the capstones. It'll also be a long while before I start it, if I ever do.

Also left two (2) lines from literature in there. It's possible I left even more than that inadvertently, considering I tend to repeat cool things I hear. But if you catch them let me know!

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Alpha, an ancient timberwolf, wants nothing more than to lie in the sun and wait for his mate to return with what may be their final litter of pups. But when his pack is attacked, he's forced to lead them in battle against their long time foe. A dragon.

Written for the Collab Cage's May topic. See others: here.

Spanish translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Hoja-y-savia-fuego-y-sangre-1022795834

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Just beyond Ponyville Cemetery, Blues Noteworthy and Tritone Interval conspire for a sinister purpose: To write a musical that will raise the dead.

* * *

Thanks to Horizon, for the Versebreaker 'Verse. Though Celestia Hates Us All is a stand-alone, I highly recommend the other Versebreaker stories.
Thanks also to two very different geniuses: Mary Shelley and Tony Iommi.
Edited by GaryOak.
Titanium Dragon
City of Doors

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In the distant future, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike enjoy Hearth's Warming with an old friend.

For Regidar. Happy Hearth's Warming.

(2020-09-20) Featured on Equestria Daily!

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