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Twilight has gathered up all her friends to try out a new spell she discovered. Little does Twilight know it's an age regression spell and it's turned all her friends into 3-5 year old fillies that are way more of a handful than Twilight could've ever imagined.

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When I lost my sight, I became a recluse. I hid away, staying in my own world instead of out in the one meant for those with sight. But when Princess Celestia had me move to Ponyville, I had to adjust to a new walk of life, again intended for those with sight. I guess I'm doing okay, thanks to a certain pegasus mare whose kindness and gentle voice got through to me where everyone else has failed.
Rating may be subject to change at later points in the story.
((Cover art done by VGmaster78. Go give him some love.))

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Many ponies believe themselves above the animals that dwell in the darkest reaches of the world, placing themselves upon a pedestal built by supposed superior sentience. But what good does a simple common belief do for a little lavender filly when she is thrown into the raging wild, away from the shelter of society with nothing but her developing magic and an unhatched dragon egg? Will little Twilight be torn apart by the fire-breathing creatures that rule the night, or will she rise above the lie of superiority and work towards reinventing her being?

To be faster...



AN: Just a story Ink and I dug out from the old files in his computer to try and get something done while he recovers, enjoy.

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Everyone knows how easily forgiving Twilight was in "A Canterlot Wedding" but what if she wasn't? Instead, Twilight becomes resentful and lashes out on how they've left her. Will she ever find a way to forgive them?

Now on TV TROPES! Bitterness

After all this long waiting...


I'll be posting a small teaser on what I've been working on, before midnight. Until then, I will be updating a new chapter later on in this New Year!

Special thanks to The Myth andCavenerd20 for editing some of my works.

PS: I am now asking for more editors as I've gotten complaints on how shitty my past/present tense uses are. Please PM me if you got Google Doc and ask Myth that I've gotten my ass to work.

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Deciding to check up on his defeated foes, Discord is hit by the memory spell meant for Rainbow Dash. As a result, Twilight now knows Discord better than he knows himself- including the man he use to be. The memories of a hero, buried under the mind of a confused and lonely immortal.

His past is bleeding into his present and Twilight refuses to let him be turned to stone. Thus, in one form or another, the world will once more know its greatest savior: Naruto Uzumaki.

But Twilight is not the only one aware of the ancient past......

AN First ever Naruto-is-Discord fic.

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After the defeat of Madara and the Juubi Naruto gets sucked ina vortex onto a different dimension by the last breath of a jinchuuriki madara, stuck in a land unknown and nonsensical to him how will Naruto cope with his new life in the land where ponies roam

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This isn't entirely my work. This story was started by kiddi. He wrote the first 4 chapters. He feels he can't continue and has given me permission to continue it.
Naruto Uzumaki is lost to Konoha when he vanishes durring an attack on his life. He winds up in the magical land of Equestria in under the care of a certain Zebra. But this is only the beggining as much larger things are in story for are young traveler. Watch as he grows and faces numerous challenges caused by his past and his future.

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" I will... Always... Love you... Naruto "

Blue eyes opened showing them to the new world he had been sent upon, his mask happiness that he always wore to deceive others was cracking, his small whimpers quickly became painful sobs

A ten tailed wolf within his mind watched with a heavy heart as his new container screamed out to the world his pain, he whispered to the broken pup, trying to sooth the once happy blonde, he said one thing to the past

"Damn you"

After being betrayed by his so called friends, he shattered and now he's broken. Juubi sent his new host to a place, changing him back to a child to have a second chance in having the life he deserved.

Celestia, Luna, the mane six were walking back to Ponyville after defeating Nightmare Moon and gaining the Elements of Harmony when they heard faint sobbing coming from a nearby cave, as they entered said cave they were shocked into seeing a small colt wrapped in a fur-like gray blanket, sobbing into his hooves.

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When Sunset Shimmer wakes up in a strange forest she doesn't recognize after seeing another her at her new school Canterlot High and finds she is now a pony, she doesn't know what's going on.

what's more, when she eats some glowing fruit because she's starving, it takes a strange turn she could have never expected.

And scootaloo, after running away from the orphanage, gets a second shot at life.

new cover art provided by Princess Glitzy, who you can find HERE and this plus her other wonderful works you can find HERE

Featured 27/10/2019. Fitting it get featured during it's final udapte. A kind swan song. thank you all

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After browsing the magic books in the late afternoon Princess Twilight accidentally recites a spell that turns her back into a filly except with her new found ascension; she has now been turned into an Alicorn filly. Now the princesses of the sun and moon have to take care of her...for however long that is. Can they find a cure or will Twilight start her life over again?

I am sorry for any similarities to any other stories, I can assure you these are all my ideas.

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