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Hello! I'm an average girl who's been a pegasister since mid-2012. I don't write stories often and I'm more used to reviewing them but I will write stories whenever I get an idea, and that's about it!


Twilight has gathered up all her friends to try out a new spell she discovered. Little does Twilight know it's an age regression spell and it's turned all her friends into 3-5 year old fillies that are way more of a handful than Twilight could've ever imagined.

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ARTL confesses.

ARTL is interested.

ARTL humbly requests moar pwny.

I bet the nightmare is from when they were still older m8 m8 m8

What was the spell she was trying to test?

Yep, Fillies can get depression at a very young age.
Good job, keep writing!

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