• Published 12th Feb 2014
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The Princess and the Foals - Autum Breeze

Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria, but not the Sunset Shimmer we know

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Chapter 1 - The Return, but of the Wrong Pony

Chapter 1

The Return, but of the Wrong Pony


She groaned. She felt like she’d been put through a tumble drier on high and she felt... strange.

She tried to stand up, but found, for some reason, she couldn’t and fell down again, her face meeting mossy earth.

She frowned. Mossy earth? That didn’t seem right.

She slowly sat up; at least she wasn’t having problems doing that. She opened her eyes and looked around. She appeared to be in some kind of forest.

“Well, that’s not right,” she said, looking around with confusion. “Wasn’t I at Canterlot High a few seconds ago?”

She moved a hand to rub her neck and froze; Where she had expected to see a hand, there was a hoof instead.

She looked around frantically. Seeing a small puddle of water a meter away. She looked at the surface of the water and her eyes widened.

The image she saw still had her red hair with its streaks of yellow—giving it a flaming look—and her green eyes were still the same, but the face staring back at her wasn't human; It was the face of a yellow unicorn.

“What happened?” she cried, putting her hooves to her head. Then she started to frantically wave them, as if trying to shoo away a fly.

She started to hyperventilate, then calmed her breathing and tried to think clearly. Her mother had always said, "Never panic right away. Think the situation through before reacting."

“Okay, Sunset Shimmer,” she said to herself, finally getting her breathing back to normal. “Think. What happened before you woke up as a... I can’t believe I’m gonna say this. What happened before you woke up as a pony?”


Seconds Before for Sunset

The Human World


“Oh, man! I’m gonna be late!” Sunset Shimmer cried as she ran along the footpath. She’d slept in and had to skip breakfast so that she wouldn’t be late.

Dad’ll kill me if I’m late on the first day, she scolded herself as she turned a corner and saw Canterlot High several feet away.

“Yes!” she cried, speeding up pace as she saw the high building stretching up. “I might just make it before—”

Sunset Shimmer slowed down, then stopped. She looked towards the horse statue that stood outside the school and noticed someone was standing there. They were looking around, as if slightly surprised by what they saw.

I should hurry inside before the bell rings, she thought, turning to head into the school. Then she turned back to the person standing by the statue. They seemed lost.

Well, her mother always said, help others and good things will happen to you.

Sunset nodded to herself, then walked over to the person, calling out, “Hey, there! Need any help—?” Her words caught in her throat.

The person standing before her was a girl who looked about her age. She was wearing the same red and orange top, red skirt and brown sneakers as her. Not only that, but the girl's eyes, hair, face, and even her skin looked just like her own.

“Who’re you?” they both asked in unison. “Me? I asked you first? Quit copying me!”

This went on for a few minutes, before the other girl held up a hand and said, “Okay, I think I’d better start off.” She cleared her throat and—with a snobbish look Sunset had seen on some of the spoiled rich kids back at her old school—said, “I am Sunset Shimmer, personal student of Princess Celestia, ruler of all of Equestria.”

Sunset Shimmer frowned. Princess Celestia? The only Celestia she knew was the principal of her new school, but she was certain Principal Celestia wasn’t a princess.

Wait a minute. The girl said her name was Sunset Shimmer?

“That can’t be,” Sunset Shimmer said, shaking her head. “My name’s Sunset Shimmer. And how come you look just like me? Are we related?”

“In a way, you could say that,” the other Sunset said, that smug look still on her face. “Am I right in guessing you’re going to this school?” She thrust a thumb in the direction of Canterlot High.

“Well, yes,” Sunset said, then gasped. “I’m going to be so late!”

She turned to leave, but the other Sunset grabbed her by the arm. “I’m glad there was another me on this side. Taking over your life will be a lot easier than trying to create my own.”

Sunset began to ask, “What do you—” when the sun was suddenly hidden behind the moon. What had that gotten there? There wasn’t meant to be a solar eclipse today.

“See ya,” the other Sunset’s voice said from within the darkness and Sunset felt herself being thrown in what she knew was the direction of the statue’s base.

She screamed, readying for the pain of her face being smashed against stone, when I bright light blinded her and she remembered nothing more.


Present Time



Sunset Shimmer opened her eyes, glaring.

That other her, of course. She’d done something, sent her to... wherever here was and somehow managed to turn her... into a pony? Why?

She glanced to her back and saw that, on each side of her was a saddle bag. Had the other her done that too, changed to backpack into a pair of saddle bags? Her frowned deepened. There was a mark on her flank shaped like the sun print she’d had on her dress. What was that doing there? She checked her other flank and saw the same mark on there too. This was getting weirder every second.

She patted the horn on her head. It kinda looked like a narwhal’s horn, the way it spiraled. But its tip was blunt, not pointy. She wondered what it was for.

Sunset Shimmer got up slowly and looked around. She couldn’t tell which way to go. For all she knew, she was on the other side of the world.

“But I’ve never seen some of these plants before,” she murmured, looking at a bunch of strange blue flowers.

She was about to touch one, when something told her not to. She backed away, tripping on her rear legs and fell onto her back.

“Right,” she said firmly. “First things first, Sunset. Gotta sort out your balance.”

It took a few minutes, but, eventually, Sunset Shimmer was able to stand on her four legs and walk. She had to pay attention to when she lifted her front hooves in time with her back hooves, but she got it in the end, sorta.

Deciding it was best not to wait around in a forest she didn’t know, Sunset Shimmer started walking— no, trotting through the forest.


For about half an hour she trotted, looking at the strange flora and fauna as she went. She’d never seen anything like this forest before. She’d certainly never read about it and she was a very studious studier.

“Maybe I’m in another... nah,” she said, chuckling. “Another world? That’s just ridiculous.” She began laughing and then she stopped. “Although no one in my world has ever turned into a pony before.”

This sudden realization made her very uneasy and would have scared her, when she realized she was really hungry and remembered how she hadn’t had breakfast. Actually, she wasn’t just hungry, she was really, really hungry.

Her stomach growled and Sunset winced. It had hurt a little. How long had she been out?

She moved to over one of the saddle bags, when she remembered she didn’t have hands anymore. Reluctantly, she used her new muzzle to open both bags, trying to find the lunch she’d packed for school. If she wasn’t gonna be at school today she may as well eat it now.

But it was gone. All her food was gone. Only a few things she’d planned to show anyone who’d be friends with her were left. A photo of her when she was eight and few drawings, in case there was an art club she could join and her school supplies.

“But I’m starving!” she cried, looking around for something to eat. It felt like she hadn’t eaten in years.

Her eyes fell on something glowing. It was a bush of big blue berries that were in bunches, like grapes.

Now, normally, Sunset Shimmer wouldn’t think twice about eating a plant or fruit she didn’t know anything about, especially when said fruit is glowing, but she was so hungry she threw caution to the wind and started gulping down as many glowing blue grapes as she could, despite the difficulty of having to grab her food with her mouth.

Several minutes later, something stopped Sunset Shimmer as she was about to eat another bunch of the berries that tasted pretty good.

She felt strange. Well, stranger.

She looked down at her hooves. They seemed to be getting smaller. That was weird. Also, why was the ground getting closer?
It took a second before it processed through Sunset Shimmer’s mind. She was shrinking!

“Help!” she cried and tried to run, only to fall forward and land with her forehooves beneath her.

“Who’s there?” a female voice called out, sounding not too far away.

“Help me!” Sunset cried as she did her best to stand up, but fell back down. Something was stopping her from standing. “I’m shrinking!”

The sound of galloping hooves came from somewhere, getting close very quickly. When Sunset Shimmer looked up, she saw a purple unicorn.

No. It wasn’t a unicorn. Unicorns don’t have wings.

The... whatever it was stared at her with wide eyes. “Sunset Shimmer? What’s going on? How did you get here?”

She paused. It knew her name? How could it know her name? And what was a unicorn with wings doing here in the first place?

Sunset Shimmer didn’t get to have any of these questions answered. She was still shrinking and the winged unicorn was towering over her now.

“Wat’s Happwning?” she cried, then gasped. “Why am iw tawking wike a baby?”

The winged unicorn gulped. “Because... you are a baby.”

Author's Note:

Did anypony see that coming? Sunset's other human self from the human world was never explained in the movie, so i thought it'd make sense that the pony Sunset sent her away to take over her life.

Any feedback welcome.

Also, everyone, please give obabscribbler as much support as you can. she's really upset right now and some cheering words would help out a lot.

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