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His evil was legend. He was an entity of incalculable power and unparalled malice - his icy soul utterly consumed by his plans to destroy all of life, until he was stopped and defeated. But what if that wasn't the end? What if he was given a second chance, in another world? For he was not always like this. Nobody is born evil. But anyone can turn evil. Will he become a hero? Or is he doomed to repeat his mistakes and walk the same path as before, the Path of the Damned?

Edited by Zaleros, TimePrincess
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Epub with styles (italics, bold): http://www.mediafire.com/file/l7flswrrl68do0y/rebirth-of-the-damned.epub, created by Halusm

1. This is my first fanfiction, so honest criticism is appreciated.
2. This is a crossover with Warcraft universe.
3. English is my second language, so you will have to forgive me for possible grammar mistakes.
4. Hope you like it.
5. There is a prequel called: Project Eclipse.

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Twilight seeks a cure to a curse that turns ponies into living stone, the dark magic that caused this affliction is beyond any of the princess' power to mend and so Twilight sets out to try and discover anything that can help.

Her travels bring her to a forgotten corner of the world where a powerful guardian watches over a mysterious artifact of potential for either good or evil. Does she have the mental fortitude to allow her to gain the knowledge Twilight seeks? Who is this protector that stands sentinel?

(This short story is written for "Most Dangerous game contest" for the OC alicorn entry, i normally wouldn't touch the idea of OC alicorns, but made an exception for this, enjoy)

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Swift Message has a good life. He has a job he enjoys, a home, and a mare he is lucky enough to call his special somepony. When he becomes aware of the changeling threat to Canterlot, he tries to warn those in power without drawing attention to himself. While his warning is heeded, the defenses readied against the threat prove to be inadequate with the appearance of Chrysalis. This is the story of his struggles to protect the mare he loves during the invasion, and the trials he faced after his identity was revealed during the final moments of the attack.

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A Warhammer Fantasy, MLP crossover.

Following the Changeling invasion the land of Equestria returns to relative peace. Princess Luna, furious at her own absence during Equestria's time of need leads the Royal Guard in pursuing and expelling the bulk of the remaining changelings. The hunt to root out any changelings that have gone to ground in Canterlot has been left to Trottingham Guard Captain Forlorn Wind as the Canterlot Guard finds itself stretched across the land.

Markus Holstein, Arch Lector of the Cult of Sigmar, leads a splinter force of veteran Empire state troops with the support of a Magister of the Light Order to hunt and destroy the two Tzeentch Sorcerers at work on a nefarious and unknown spell. The ensuing magical feedback from the Magister's attempt to counter twists the nature of the Sorcerer's work. A gateway to another realm is created and the beleagured Empire army is forced to retreat into the unknown.

The evil of both worlds however does not rest; the Tzeentch Sorcerers survive their spells corruption, finding themselves in a new world with their loyal followers. Elsewhere Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings, bitterly broods over her defeat from within the depths of the Everfree forest with a collection of her own devout minions.

Please comment or like if you appreciated the story and thanks for giving it your time.

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Shawn Spencer, psychic detective, is a thick-tufted boy genius who ice skates through life on polished blades of snarky eloquence. He has tested himself against some of the greatest criminal minds of his time and emerged victorious... though often through unbelievable luck and not a small amount of bumbling.

Now, he faces a challenge unlike any before. One that will test his mind, his sanity, and his adaptability as he is thrust into the midst of an unfamiliar world and the ponies who populate it.

The Mane 6 face their own challenge, as an old enemy, tempered in the crimes of a much harsher world than theirs, returns to Equestria. It is a challenge they are ill-prepared for and one that only their strange, new, alien friend can help them overcome.

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Set after the Legacy story line. A crew of Mandalorian commandos make a blind jump through hyper space after flying into an ambush and end up crash landing in an uncharted star system. Unfortunately for them and the races that call this star system home, the Deathwatch are close behind and looking to finish the job.

Inspired after playing a lot of Star Wars Sagas and watching way too much Friendship is Magic.

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The Doctor and Derpy travel to Canterlot on Hearth's Warming Eve, hoping to catch a little bit of the joys of the holidays...

Unfortunately, The Doctor witnesses a sight that is nearly enough to break both his hearts. A young, purple filly wearing a beanie is seen standing at the statue of Discord, appearing to be all by herself on this joyous holiday.

And thus meet two of the loneliest beings in the entire ponyverse.

This is pretty different from how I usually write Screwball, but I wanted to write something hearths warming eve related, something involving The Doctor and Screwball, and something to break my writer's block.

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An Ark Mechanicus commanded by Arch Magos Cassius discover a world rich in resources and potential. The only issue is the inhabitants.

Cover art is from the game Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus.

Warhammer 40,000 is property of Games Workshop

MLP is property of Hasbro

EDIT: Inspiration
The original idea for this is actually from an unfinished comic on deviantart by someone called Telgin I found a few years ago. Basically I just kept thinking about what happened next and this is the result. If you read the comic then the first chapter you can probably see the similarities.

Also many characters have their parallels in the game Mechanicus as well.

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This story takes place during Twilight's Kingdom. Story takes place from Marks POV. Mark has been in Equestria for a week now and it is probably the craziest week ever for Mark. Mark's grown to become friends with a lot of Ponies around Ponyville. One of them being the Mane 6 and Spike who are the first ones mark saw when he just appeared in the everfree forest. How did he come to be in Equestria you ask. Mark was just playing one of his most hated games vanish like he always does he never beats it but this time it was different this time when mark died his computer just flashed red and his screen turned into a seizure trap before mark could restart his computer his hand got sucked into the screen "AHHHHH" Mark Screamed as his whole body was pulled into the screen. And that's how he ended up in Equestria. He doesn't know when he'll get back but he has faith that Twilight and the others will find a way. But these next days are about to go from weird to life threatening and Mark's the only one who can stop the storm that's coming and he doesn't even know it yet.

This is also my first story so please don't be too harsh.

If you enjoyed this and want to read the sequel, click here.

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This story is a sequel to A Passing Through Kamen Rider

Almost one year has passed since we last left Wyatt Matthews. In that time he and his friends have been preparing for the fight against Dai-Shocker. With their goal of taking the fight to the universe conquerors in sight, Wyatt is left with questions. Why does Dai-Shocker want to capture him? And can he defeat them before he ever has to find out?

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