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This story is a sequel to Through the Well of Pirene

Equestria Daily Post
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NOTE: I wrote this before the 2020 BLM protests and my learning more about policing. I would have written it differently after, but I won't be changing it. Just keep in mind that the depiction here is of another world and another species from a different perspective.

In the City of Dreams, the City That Never Sleeps, a wistful heart walks the lonely streets, searching for answers to questions no one else is willing to ask. A reluctant pilgrim arrives from a long journey, weary but determined to make his mark. An old warhorse, his soul cracked and bleeding, saddles up for his last battle.

A noir tale set in Manehattan, fifteen years after the events of Through the Well of Pirene. Three people over the course of three nights weave and unravel a tale of anxiety, pain, and hope under the lights of the greatest city in Equestria, and the watchful gaze of a green star.

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Three Nights in Manehattan, a sequel
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As a child, Daphne knew of a world where magic lived, where an immortal princess reigned over a beautiful kingdom, and longed to journey there beside Leit Motif, the filly she'd grown to love in the woods behind her home. But one day, when she needed her most, Leit Motif was gone, and she never came back to show her the way. As she grew, she put aside her childish dreams, and taught herself to believe the lie.
When forces beyond her knowing take her sister Amelia, though, she discovers that her childhood fancies were entirely too real, and is thrust into a journey that will take her back to that land she longed for, back to the childhood friend she'd abandoned, and to worlds she'd only dreamed of.

Interview with Pre-Reader Amacita
PresentPerfect's Review

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During "The Times They Are a Changeling", Spike was able to use the magic of song to prove that Thorax wasn't evil, convincing everyone in earshot, especially Shining Armor and Cadance to trust him and let him stay in the Crystal Empire.

... Except what if it hadn't been that easy? What would it take then to prove something like that, especially to a pony who had so bitterly said, "There's no such thing as a nice changeling" ?

Yep, an alternate take on the ending of The Times They Are a Changeling, the only part of the episode I felt was rushed.

Proofread by Doctor Candor and Malefactory

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Story Description: Drowned in a lake of misery, an apparent suicide attempt leaves a changeling in the hospital. As he battles with amnesia, he finds himself at the center of a very dangerous game between two knowledgeable mares. On this pretender's journey of self-discovery he learns some questions are better left unanswered. However, obsession is never so kind as to simply let things be, and prying has its consequences.

Special Thanks to my proof-readers and editors: Annwn, Malefactory, and TABrony.

Author's Note: This story is a deconstruction of individual identity using a race that canonically has none. It is approached through the lens of a changeling who, by their biology, do not have the classical identifiers of identity that come with a consistent single form. It focuses on what it means to be, rather than one's place in the world.

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"I asked a changeling once why they would think peace with Equestria was possible. Their response was the title to this book. I had asked a question on politics and gotten a calculus equation in response. Changelings are odd like that sometimes. They see things differently than the rest of us. I ended up pondering his response for a long time and even dusted off my old calculus books to look for an answer. One day it just clicked in my head what he was trying to say.

Changelings are capable of change.

It was a somewhat redundant answer, and it was a really bizarre way to give it, but I understood what he meant. Changelings, just like ponies, are capable of both good and bad, We could make peace with them, and help them learn to better themselves. That was what the changelings wanted, and ponies everywhere were fighting it. It is for that reason I began creating this book. Within this tome you will find a collection of essays, more like candid stories really, directly from Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship, and Prince Morpheus, leader of the Changeling Hive. These reports detail their lives from the day negotiations began. That is the day the Prince himself began living in Ponyville, and it comes with the story of how he and the little town came to adapt to each other as negotiations were occurring. It is my hope seeing their story will show anypony reading this there is no reason to distrust the changelings so, and, perhaps, it will give you insight into the strange little changelings as well. They truly want peace, and, despite the treaties being signed, we can only truly give it to them when we let go of our distrust."

-Changing Times, Author of dC/dt ≠ 0

Cover Image by Void Heart who's work is awesome.
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Weeks after Chrysalis's failed attempt to take over Equestria and the subsequent transformation of the changeling race, Thorax is caught off guard by an unexpected visitor to the hive. As the two talk, they learn more about one another, and possibly resolve some bad blood between them.

Proofread by Malefactory

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Spike has finally come of age. To mark the occasion, Twilight and her friends organized a party.

Spike expected that. However, he never expected to learn something that would change his entire outlook on life. Good thing Rainbow Dash is there to provide some answers.

WARNING! Contains alcohol and suggestive topic references!

Reading by ScarlettBlade. (Many thanks, Caprain!)

Written for the 12th F*** this prompt! contest (of Rage Reviews).

Special thanks to Malefactory for editing.

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This story is a sequel to Seven Scrolls For Discord

The scroll saga is over — Discord has learned the identity of his secret admirer and started living with her. Between this and the sudden wedding of Discord's daughter, however, there are a lot of ponies who wish to make their thoughts known.

A Bonus sequel to Seven Scrolls For Discord

Special thanks to Malefactory for editing.

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When a moonlight kitten unexpectedly enters Luna's life, she has no idea what to do. The creature knows no limits, pestering her during the day and night, even disrupting her work! Surely Fluttershy could help her get rid of that nuisance! ... Even if it can be adorably cute at times.

Thanks to the HKIFA group for advice during the story's creation.

Special thanks to Malefactory for editing.

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Chrysalis is alone, powerless, and trapped in a teenage form in the human world. Aria is determined to do anything in her power to make her life miserable. They're both rather obsessed with it.

Warning! Touches suggestive themes.

Thanks to Siansaar for allowing use of cover art.

Special thanks to Malefactory for editing.

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