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Spike has finally come of age. To mark the occasion, Twilight and her friends organized a party.

Spike expected that. However, he never expected to learn something that would change his entire outlook on life. Good thing Rainbow Dash is there to provide some answers.

WARNING! Contains alcohol and suggestive topic references!

Reading by ScarlettBlade. (Many thanks, Caprain!)

Written for the 12th F*** this prompt! contest (of Rage Reviews).

Special thanks to Malefactory for editing.

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I need to read this when I get back tonight, lol.

7381084 :) I have no idea... O:)

7381105 Ok, it's official! This is becoming a drinking game! :P

For every wut, wat, what (and variants) post, drink a cup of something!

...Why does this remind me of Kiryuu Touga repeatedly insisting he's a feminist?... :)


This is too funny.

7381137 Ah :) Sadly, haven't watched :( Is it good?

7381146 You know no mercy, Master... :P

Go home Dash your drunk......wait........um......Spike go home Dash is drunk.

7381157 :D Thanks, Snow! :))
I'm tempted to say I was drunk when I wrote it... Yet I don't drink.

7381158 Somewhere in the world, a glass falls to the floor... :)

(plays drinking game)
(is still surprisingly okay)
(realizes his ridiculously high tolerance is probably indicative of a problem)

Oh well, appropriate video is appropriate.

7381168 :) Sadly, I don't think that is too likely. This was meant as a silly one shot. :D

7381171 Yoooooou! :P

7381177 Awww, ok. Guess I'll never find out Spikes reaction when he fins out he can't be a lesbian, because he's a guy.

7381206 ... You just had to give me a crazy idea... :/


Typically considered a classic. If you can handle high symbolism mahou shoujo that takes its time to never spell everything out completely.

7381221 :) And it seems the drinking game continues... :)

7381247 ah :) Might give it a try :D Thanks!

He's a he!!!!!

I honestly don't know if Rainbowdash was screwing with Spike or if her drunk brain thought that since Spike was into girls that he was a lesbian forgetting the qualifier that Spike is a male.

No jokes, I totally think this deserves to be featured. This is just fits the premise and characters too well. x3 I love it!

I can't believe that both Rainbow Dash and Spike wouldn't know the meaning of the word "lesbian."

7381427 rainbow was drunk spike is a dumbass

Dude do not look like a lady.


I am good friends with a lesbian woman with whom I drink. At no point has she ever forgotten the definition of the word "lesbian." And no, Spike is naive, not a "dumbass."

:twilightoops: and now you can't keep Rarity away from you?
:moustache: I don't know why, but it's great ....:duck:
:rainbowlaugh: So awesome!

Isn't 'Lesbian' the word for a homosexual female? Unless this story is meant to be R63, Spike would just be 'Gay'.

7381784 That's the joke. Spike is straight, but everyone is too drunk or naive to get the difference between males liking females and females liking females.


The whole joke of the story is that Spike is a heterosexual male. (One primarily attracted to the females of another species, but that's a separate issue).

Dashie ... I'm guessing that, in this story, she's bisexual, since she makes love to Spike and knows he's male.

This is the kind of story that needs an aftermath chapter. I just have to see this cleared up.

7381784 spike being attracted to women would not make him a lesbian. That's the joke. Hece the alicorn laughed last line.

7381734 this is a fanfiction not real life so yes the author took liberties to make the joke work, heres another shocker for you dragons are'nt real and ponies can't talk amazing i know. Secondly spike is a dumbass as seen here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LamGxpChKfE

I don't get it. Like, I legitimately don't get it. I was expecting the punch line to point out the one big flaw in Rainbow's logic, and it never came. Did I just get clickbaited?

7382750 that isn't being a dumbass, that's being a kid. :ajbemused:

7382971 sweetie Belle isn't as stupid as he is and he is older than her

7383009 He was in a very stressful situation in that scene and Sweetie Belle (in fact all of the characters go off on crazy rhetoric) when she's in similar situations. Case in point - pretty much any CMC episode, and "Just For Sidekicks," too.

7381272 :) True, but everything else sounds logical... O:)

7381306 :D Msybe one day we will find out... *ominous music* :)

7381360 :) Thank you :) Gald you enjoyed.
(And apparently it did manage to get featured :D The world is a strange place... :)

7381427 :) A little too much alcohol might have that effect. Oh maybe someone with wings was trolling? ;)

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