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This story is a sequel to You're NOT a Lesbian, Rainbow Dash!

Displeased at the chaos that their lack of basic sexual education has caused, Princess Celestia teleports Spike, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle to her throne room to have a few words.

Unfortunately, Twilight manages to derail the conversation with something she sees as being of far greater importance.

Warning! Contains suggestive topic references of sexual nature.

Special thanks to Octavia Harmony for editing.

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DT42 #1 · Jul 25th, 2016 · · ·

How to sum up this story in four words, Didn't see that coming.

bravo:) funny story and a good ending.

"Firefly, Flare de Mer, Princess Platinum, Minty, and North Star,"

There's a G3 (or 3.5 or something or such) reference I didn't see coming.

Me likes it, including that ending.

As long as I am age to get some sleep I'm prepared to indulge you.

Well, this was a clumsy sentence.

And as for the rest: ... meh...

pegasi pick it up in strive


Nooo, too much Shipping!

Funny ending at least ^^

I love this! Must Have More. Pretty Please! Or at least think about it. Anyway great job on this.....no Excellent job on this.


Great final. I love it and laugh a lot. And thanks for the recommendation about the SpikeXDash fiction.

Minutes passed in science, each seeming like an hour.

I'm going to steal this sentence for science.

I can see where this franchise is going. And I love it. :pinkiehappy:

"um i dont have wings...":moustache:
*bam* :trollestia:
"um i dont think i can cloudwalk either...":moustache:

"well hold on tight then" :trollestia:

This... was oddly fun.

Interesting and funny, but there is one plot hole i gotta point out. If Celestia is a fillyfooler, how in the blazes did Prince Blueblood, her nephew come along? Wait...i think i just answered my own question. Luna.

"And finally you, Twilight. I find it extremely alarming that, unlike me, you still are a virgin princess. At your age Shining and Cadence had already became parents! Now, I understand that you might be conservative regarding certain aspects of life, but it simply isn't healthy depriving yourself of sex.




There's no suitable emote.

"Err, Mom?" Spike raised a hand. "I don't exactly—" a bolt of magic hit him head on. Two scaly wings burst from his back, without any warning whatsoever.

"Happy birthday, dear," Celestia smiled. It might be a bit too soon for wings, but the heck with it. Have fun, Spike.

Well that happened. Have fun Spike.

This was a great three part trilogy. :twilightsheepish: I really like how you betrayed all the characters, Especially Celestia.; :trollestia: The story was a very realistic discussion of the topic of sex. I laughed through this second and enjoined how you wrapped everything up in the end. :trollestia: :moustache::twilightblush:

7424837 :) Neither did I :P

7424852 Thanks :D

7424871 Indeed :) And Firefly and North Star are from G1 :)

7424924 Oops, thanks :) Was supposed to be manage :)
Sorry I mehed :( Huge thanks for still reading :)

That was a cute ending.

7424947 :) That was the last one :)

7424941 :D Thanks!

7424956 :) Relax. There won't be more :D

7425034 No! Fool me once - shame on you! Fool me twice - boo! :)

7425049 My pleasure :) That, unlike this, is a real story :D

7425136 :D Glad you were amused :)

7425161 Nooo! :D I have a very bad feeling about this...

7425173 :) I can see as well... it's going to its end! :D

Two words: Me gusta.

7425206 :) Well, we've all been thinking it :P Spike deserves wings!

Lise #36 · Jul 26th, 2016 · · 1 ·

7425252 Sorry, sorry...

7425345 :) Well, accidents happen :D Glad it managed to distract you :)

7425355 :) Explained in the prequel ;)

7425367 Thanks, Socks :)))

7425432 err this one: O:) ?

7425539 Well, he deserved it! He saved the Crystal Empire twice! :)


Ok, I just got the G1 reference.


(and I'm sorry for self advertising, but I did write a G1 fic that you might be interested in. It's on mah page.)

7425554 Well, you know... I was just waiting, and decided to...
I've no idea how it happened :(...

7425611 :D Thanks! (Although, you gave the contest to thank for the prompt :))
It just developed from there :)

Oh boy...

7425690 :D I love the G1 Pilot :)))

7425714 Says the one with a Celestia profile pic :P


Megan is awesome!

I damn near die whenever she sings!


Anywho, glad you liked it.

7425738 Pity there's just one Firefly episode :(

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