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Following another date together, Discord asks Fluttershy to talk dirty to him.

Perhaps he should've been clearer about it.

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That was worth it. Holy shit.

... Talk dirty to me. *Saxophone solo*

I can't lie. This made me laugh. Audibly.:rainbowlaugh:

Where did you get the cover art?

that made me laugh almost as much as that "space traveling thunder monkey" comment from cadance in.. that one... other story that I cant remember.

Oh, Fluttershy. You innocent, innocent mare… at first.

Nearly lost my shit!


Got just about what I expected, but it was funny none-the-less. Have a like.

That was pretty good. You've done better, but you still got a chuckle out of me.

Obligatory musical reference GO!


I feel a sequel is required, and possibly a prequel.

12.5 seconds for Rainbow dash...
Who-knows-how-long for Fluttershy.

Oh yeah!:fluttershyouch:
Don't stop!:flutterrage:
Do the drapes match the curtains Discord?:pinkiecrazy:
My drapes are dirty.:yay:

She set her mouth close to his ear and whispered as erotically as she could, “I’m so dirty, I haven’t showered in four days.”

Is that all?

Fluttershy continued on regardless. “I also lost my toothbrush the last time my friends and I went to the Crystal Empire and never bothered to get another one… my dentist tells me I have some of the worst tooth decay he’s ever seen.”

I mean-- Thats, uh -- I'd still do her?

Taking one last look at the window, Fluttershy whispered to him, “Sometimes… when I don’t feel like going all the way into town for a haircut… I just eat my hair instead.”

... Nope. Abort, abort!

Fluttershy glanced to her side. “I’m not wearing any pants, Discord.”


This was one of the funniest stories i have ever had the pleasure of reading. :rainbowlaugh:

what the fuck, okay

i'm sorry this is just a great quote and i had to use it at least once in my life

this was a weird fucking thing to read

7623171 Damn, you did it before I could!

This story... Just this story...:rainbowlaugh:

Damn....I mean just, dang Fluttershy!

Run! Run away, now!

Prank gone sexual

I was expecting something from the litter box when she was talking about the house.

Still, over all a good piece and nice punch-line. Once more Dash learns a lesson about your intended target finding out they're being pranked.

Cute... That's all I can say. Really cute

What a filthy story :trollestia:

Cute and hilarious. Thank you for this story. :rainbowlaugh:

I was skeptical at first, but after I read the story for what-ever reason, I was just laughing. This really brought my day together.:pinkiehappy:

Disappointed this didn't have more of Fluttershy's real potty-mouth. That mare is peeved as buttons, sassafrass!

knew what I was getting into when I clicked this story.

Fine work sir

Say, are those the Elements of Harmony in your pocket, Fluttershy?”
Fluttershy glanced to her side. “I’m not wearing any pants, Discord.”
“Because you’re making me as hard as stone right now,” he finished lamely, before throwing his towel to the floor and pouncing overtop of her.



7623171 I read this just because I fucking love that song.

Pinkie, pick up that guitar and a-talk to me!

Lol, really enjoyed this!!:twilightsmile:

Its been a long time. How have you been ?

Two white horses fell in the mud. (Oldest dirty joke that I know...)


Oh yeah, I just love it when a mare doesn't take a shower for days at a time. Even better when her house is full of dirty dishes. Ohhh all this dirty talk is just so EXCITING!!!

Wow I'm glad to finally know how to dirty talk XD

That was bloody hilarious from beginning to end. Most Excellent!

This had me in tears. It was amazing. Thank you.

This was good. I really like the fact that the story didn't only go for the obvious joke ("Fluttershy misinterprets what 'talking dirty' means") and did more with the concept.

"...I just eat my hair instead.”

...aaaaand thats when i lost it :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

7627348 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed.

7626243 I've been good-ish. But I've been back for a bit now. Haven't written a ton, but...

7625555 I enjoyed it. :scootangel:

7625029 I know. I've gone too far with this one. :pinkiesick:

7624184 I don't know about that... :trollestia:

7624129 Such a sexy, sexy completely sexless story. :yay:

7623598 You just want a clop story, don't you? :twistnerd:

7623077 I've definitely done better. That's why I was hesitant writing it. Maybe C+? :trixieshiftright:

7623015 I can't do that type of math! :flutterrage:

7622952 Google or perhaps Deviant art. "Discord/Fluttershy" search.

7622945 Not internally? :applejackconfused: "She laughs on the inside, girls. On the inside."

7622933 Then all is well in the world. :moustache:

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