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Discomfort is the feeling of horizons expanding against a closed mind.


Story Description: Drowned in a lake of misery, an apparent suicide attempt leaves a changeling in the hospital. As he battles with amnesia, he finds himself at the center of a very dangerous game between two knowledgeable mares. On this pretender's journey of self-discovery he learns some questions are better left unanswered. However, obsession is never so kind as to simply let things be, and prying has its consequences.

Special Thanks to my proof-readers and editors: Annwn, Malefactory, and TABrony.

Author's Note: This story is a deconstruction of individual identity using a race that canonically has none. It is approached through the lens of a changeling who, by their biology, do not have the classical identifiers of identity that come with a consistent single form. It focuses on what it means to be, rather than one's place in the world.

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I like the touches of details one might often miss 'silver tongue' was a huge delight to see. And even if your not a whovian one can't help but admire the creative way he's put.into the story, and the touch from the episodes classy work.
It's interesting how some things are remembered even though he has amnesia like how to change and to keep things secret like nature vs nurture I guess.

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More discoveries, honestly second.time reading these chapters, I find the trail of discovery and the clue finding sort of reminicient of Sherlock Holmes, you know before television ruined it.

6239433 That was the idea. I wanted to tell a story that was not only fresh and new for the changelings, but also had replay value. Since the story is very much about "what" and "why" as told through "how" knowing one lends extra context to the other. On the first read through we're seeing it through Lacus's perspective, learning and understanding as he does, but on subsequent ones we have someone else's perspective entirely. Our context changes our understanding of events, even as new context is introduced throughout the story.

6239356 While some may assume the story is about the good Doctor, it isn't, and his companion isn't even identified beyond being a mare. That disguise could have been anypony, so I thought I'd show some love to another part of the fandom. I think that's my favorite part about Doctor Whooves that you can drop him anywhere, at any time, and it makes sense for him to be there.

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