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Dragons. Big. Selfish. Treasure mongers. No other creature in Equestria is as selfish as they. The spend their entire centuries long lives building and hoarding huge stockpiles of treasures, which they guard fiercely and frighteningly. Many are the treasure hunters who've attempted to cash in on the goldmine that is a dragons hoard. They almost always regret it.

One dragon is actually really strange about it, however. Oh, he has a hoard, which he guards just as fiercely as any other. But! But, he actually has the capacity to trust certain ponies and other creatures enough to let them gaze upon his most precious of treasures. This isn't the most surprising thing, however, despite its seeming impossibility. No. The most surprising thing is just what treasures his hoard contains...

Cover image by Wildheart Wolfsong, used in a dramatic reading by Dr. Wolf.

Can now be read in Spanish here. thanks to Spaniard Kiwi.

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During the Changeling invasion, Cadence used the power of hers and Shining Armor's love to expel the Changelings from Equestria. But what if it only expelled them from the Throne Room. What if they were still in the city.

What if... instead, it transported two American Apache gunships over the city?

Obviously, death and chaos ensue.

Dramatic Reading by Dr. Renegade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vye-9yUffc


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What defines a monster? Being different then others? No, everypony is different in their own way, So is it an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening? No, instead, a monster is a thing you don't understand. The lack of understanding causes fear, and with fear, hate is born. Thus my garden, my forest. For they have forgotten the 'monster' that still takes care of his forest. My forest, the Everfree forest.

Though in all my years I have never seen what lies before me. A bug? a pony? perhaps both. Maybe time will tell.

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This is the first book of The Humanity Within Trilogy. Its sequel is What I've Done.

I wasn't always like this, a monster, running through the woods on an alien planet. I was once a man. I had dreams, a girlfriend, and a great job.
Then They came. In the middle of the night, They scooped me from my home, and... changed me.

Now I'm a beast, a demon the like of which the world I've become stranded on has never seen before, scraping by on the fringes of society, hiding from the natives, and doing my best to avoid notice.

After all, who could ever be friends with a monster?

Cover Image done by the very talented PaintSplotch! You can find his FimFic account here.
And here is his DeviantArt Account!
Now 100% approved by Twilight's Library!
Mad props to my prereaders:
Admiral Applejack.

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A take on Humans Acting Villainously: Celestia has won, the barrier and conversion bureaus have wiped away everything humanity had and was.
But uneasy rests the tyrant's crown.
The Newfoals remember legends of things that go bump in the night, and they have decided that now even Celestia must know and fear them too. That there are beings to give even Luna nightmares.
Celestia is merely a Princess, and he is the King.

Yeah! Featured 8/7/14, 8/11/14, 8/12/14, 8/14/14 and 8/21/16. Thank you all.

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"Six will rise, but one will fall. Evil returns to rule them all. If his actions do not desist, then this land shall cease to exist." - Unknown

This is the first line of the prophecy that will determine the fate of not only Equestria, but Equus as a whole. It really is a shame no-one learns about this, until the arrival of SPARTAN-A239.

As dark forces work in the sidelines and our hero scrambles to get a feel for his surroundings, someone out there is pulling all the strings.

And that someone has a very special plan for one of Equestria's future saviors.

I just wanna say to all who read/follow me, thank YOU for giving me and my story a chance. While I cannot express my gratitude with words, I figured out a more practical way of saying thank you.


P.S Featured on 11/17/14. :rainbowhuh:
But, but how? HOW?! I think I'm gonna faint...

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This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart: Volume Four

With her newfound responsibilities as Queen, Kuno has seen fit to lead the changelings towards a life of coexistance with ponies.

But there are those who would wish to see such an endeavour fail, and they're not above taking action to make it fail.

Cover art commissioned by Iakovl, drawn by Derpah.

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Some said that I'm a Spirit...
Some called me Monster...
Some even Hero...
They were wrong. I'm just a girl that wants to get home to her family, to get her life back and if I have to carve my path with my Black Blade, then so be it!

{Character-tags will be updated with the story.}
{Currently being Edited by Tensemasterhalo.}

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This story is a sequel to Discord's Assistant

Discord is sick of his human assistant. Too crazy. Even for him, but hey, not his problem any more. Princess Celestia might have a way to deal with him. He's not going to terrorize everypony....right?

"This is the PERFECT THING to read at midnight!" -Dream Seeker
"This has to be the greatest thing I've ever read." -Azurus

A lot of people demanded a sequel, so here it is! I want to thank everyone who helped me. Without you guys I doubt I could have done it.

Proofreading done by SteelxPaladin

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For many years there has been a mysterious creature living in the woods. Many rumors have spread about this creature. Some say its capable of killing anything it puts its mind on, even predators many times its size. A very strange creature that nopony had ever encountered face to face. That was, until now.

The story will tagged complete, since I don't have anything more to write. If I do get an idea for another chapter it will be published here.

Image not mine but from Aeflus, check him out he has really impresive art! No really, go check him out.

Brought to you with the help of these fine persons: Mountain Bell, FreedomFiend, Glocky and Scrambled Crackers who have helped me out with this story. Really, these guy's are awesome!

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