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During the Changeling invasion, Cadence used the power of hers and Shining Armor's love to expel the Changelings from Equestria. But what if it only expelled them from the Throne Room. What if they were still in the city.

What if... instead, it transported two American Apache gunships over the city?

Obviously, death and chaos ensue.

Dramatic Reading by Dr. Renegade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vye-9yUffc


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*Looks around at all the fighting going on*
Umm, am i supposed to be doing something?
*Thinks to himself*
Oh yeah now i remember,
how could i forget my super important mission.
*Ignores all the blood death and destruction and walks into a bakery*
Yeah ill take 3 dozen chocolate muffins please.
*Looks at the baker who is cowering in fear under a table.
Uhh is this gana take a while?


I like it like and fav.

Also this could be a continue story but the decisions are yours.

OK, this was AWSOME! I hope you or someone else continues this some how.

Because in the Russian Federation, they're be Hind you.

The sheer amount of awesomeness WTF in this desrves two upvotes. AAAAAAAHHHHHH that was... I'm speechless. :rainbowlaugh:

Short, sweet, simple, and destructive. It's so simple and random that it can't possibly be disliked. Screw you, Battle of Canterlot 5 stories up. This is way better :rainbowlaugh:!

Ha! Magic slowly respawns their ammunition, rockets and fuel while keeping the electronics in prime condition. Otherwise there would be no way for you to continue this.

It would be awesome if you contuinued this.

If there is one thing you can be sure of, Nothing is more powerful than a young boy's wishNothing is more powerful than love...

So randomly awesome!

I can see how this goes: the two helos fly back to Earth and everytime Equestria needs them Cadence repeats the spell and brings them here.

Eventually, rapport forms between the two aliens.

Short, random and sweet.

I like it.

Awesome. I would love to see it become a longer story, if you would be so inclined. There are all sorts of ways to avoid the "Totally Impossible" area, if you've got the imagination for it.

More, for god's sake more. NOW!

Try to continue this story. :eeyup:

-Writes story about twin Apache helicopters appearing in Equestria-
-Worries about totally impossible area-

Ummm..... I think totally impossible has already been jumped with a rocket powered jet ski over a cybernetically enhanced shark while drinking heavily from a Viking drinking horn while completely naked.

Finally, just what I want to see: mass slaughter of Changelings by modern weaponry.

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
If a Changeling see something military they're just gonna say: Well I'm screwed.

Huh, you know what this reminds me of? The Salvation War. Which is a good thing I might add.
Nice short little story, this one.
*Wanders off like a confused child*

What clears the confusion of suddenly being transported into a different universe with totally strange aliens?
For humans, it's simple: just kill something. :pinkiecrazy:

>Not continuing this story

If you ever are going to continue this, please don't turn it into a "Humans live in ponyville while pinkie pie acts like a spastic retard" type of story.

You have a problem switching back and forth between past and present tense. It's what keeps me from giving you an upvote.

But your military accuracy is uncommonly good - probably because you actually know what you're talking about.

3406564 Do I switch a lot? Hmm. Oh well. And I'd hope I knew what I was talking about considering I work on the things. :rainbowwild:

faved because i want you to continue this

Honestly, that ending feels rather bittersweet to me.

em.... continue?


Good stuff!

3413883 Yes, the Thirty Mike can screw up a tank (or an overgrown Changeling) but I just felt like blowing something up so... Hellfire.


Please continue this.

I would actually be interested to see if this story continues actually. It may be intended as a one shot, but with a bit of work will end up on being a very great story.

Also, doesn't anyone think that Helios are kind of overkill on the changelings?

I haven't smiled that much at a curb stomp battle since i read the salvation war.

Too bad we didn't get to see Queenie's reaction to the choppers opening fire on her army. :pinkiehappy:

Heck, their Hive is gonna be in a tizzy now that she got splattered. Ten bucks says they come crawling back, begging the Equestrians to accept their surrender...and not to call in the "Metal Death Birds" again.

3415959 Overkill is the best kill. :)

Good to see someone finally wrote a fic about the Apache.

Ehh, have to agree with you on that... Too many people play video games and have done things that end up being overkill. (Myself included of course)

3413902 please continue! Also will you add the story to my group? Link to group

Please find a way to continue this. Since the changlings weren't thrown out of Canterlot we can assume that there still a credible threat and you have the oh so perfect tool to deal with said threat. Just my two cents.
Well done one shot, although I'm curious as to why they left instead of landing, one of them at least, and asking WTF is going on.

I have not read this, but what if a changeling could morph into an Apache? Dun dun dun!


When the Apaches first appear, this started playing my head

I had to keep reminding myself that there is no such thing as overkill. Just open fire, and reload. Unfortunately there isn't much of a hope for resupply, so they'll have to do with open fire.
Shame that this is only a one-shot thou. So much potential with this kind of first contact.

Amazing story not to much into helis tho im infinity :heart:

dude that was the best story I've ever read and loved all the explosions and gunfire at the changelings from the apaches and the awe from the ponies

After the best curb stomp fic I've read in a long time, I only have this to say.

I love it in a story when heavy military hardware goes to equestria and then kicks total ass. :pinkiehappy:

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