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The worst thing about Land Ponies is they’re always out of water. Always out of reach. Living close to the coastline is enough to drive a Sea Pony crazy with curiosity. But with grit, engineering, and the timely return of Magic to the world, she may make some friends yet.

(If the older comments referring to "Koi" are confusing, reference this blog post. Replacement cover art was provided by the very generous Ahobo.)

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots that I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every other Thursday for the foreseeable future.

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This was adorable and moving. I really enjoyed it!

Oh damn that's a poggers OC design also love the chapter title pun.

that story pfp is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn I so wish there was more to this! :pinkiehappy:
Adorable and sad and hopeful all at the same time. I haven't seen the G5 film so I am just having to run with some of it but I love it anyway! :twilightsmile:

Delightful stuff. Here's to a long and happy friendship between land and sea.

Butts! As bold as basses!

You're a damn lucky guy, using someone else's OC and getting off good. I've wanted to write about an oc for a long time, but the user is notably protective of them.

And gossamn did a lot of things happen on that one day magic came back. With the number of ancient evils that live off magic, its gonna go on to be one of those One Thousand Years Ago years, isnt it?

On a more civilized note, that was an excellent injury description. I tend to describe pain a lot more than you, so it's good to see you've got it.

you may want to read

EA Friend from the Stars
After an eventful night, Twilight makes a new friend from the last place she'd expect; Outer Space
AntiBronyBenSwolo · 23k words  ·  8  4 · 271 views

I think I'd love an AU fic that just rewrites the events of the upcoming series with Koi as one of the main characters.

Yeow! Certainly felt bad about the propellor accident (even if it WAS a lesson well learned), but definitely liked this look at what this lone Sea Pony's life was like before the return on magic.

Well, on to the epilogue.

Excellent job on this epilogue. The exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up are all quite well done. Definitely enjoyed Sunny and Izzy doing magic tests with toys before they encountered Koi and definitely understood the initial difficulty in trying to communicate with Koi before Sunny and Izzy got the idea about the Hippogriff notes. And, yeah, the end IS pretty adorable.

Solid enjoyable great 8/10 story. If you do more I'll bump it higher.

Izzy: "We've gotta' watch for pruniness!"
Sunny: "Prunes?"
Izzy: "No, silly, pruniness!"
*Koi, furiously itchy, soon prunes all over.

One of the most adorable characters ever witnessed by my eyes... Goddamn. Gogo Fishé pone!

So glad it's back, though I look forward to any other works bluegil is in

You should make this one a series

Twilight and I request more sea-pony stories. I'd love to see what the late Professor had to say about seaponies and other such world-building lore.

There are two things I'd want to point out.

But with grit, engineering, and the timely return of Magic to the world, she may make some friends yet.

Now there's a way to set up some expectations from the summary... and then twist them up in a way that's still rather satisfying. From the description, I expected that Bluegill would get some magic back in a tangible manner like with the pegasi and unicorns. That didn't happen, but the timely return of Magic at least coincided, if not also correlated with, the return of ponish friendship across the tribes, which is related to the theme of a highly advanced but rather heartless Land Ponies (from Bluegill's perspective). Now, "subverting expectations" is a phrase to meme on, but I think this is one time when it can be genuinely applied to in good faith.

Second, since much of the payoff doesn't appear until the chapter that calls itself an epilogue, it does feel rather mislabeled since that meant that a third of your story is an epilogue; I'm used to its appearances in longer stories where the epilogue is one or two chapters long out of dozens, clearly meant as a fast dénouement or a nice way to wrap things up. Thus, when I got to the end of the first chapter with the appearance of the fish bowl that really isn't, it was a bit of a whiplash for me.

Otherwise, these are very small fry compared to the wonderful short story you have here. The theme of interacting with the once mysterious creatures of the Land... and doing it without the protagonist ever talking... well, it's all pulled off, and that's no small feat.

Thank you for the good story, Casket! Here's to more Bluegill!

Fantastic story! Lots of implicit worldbuilding, and great characterization.

:fluttercry: poor little sea pony

This was really sweet! Glad to find a sea pony G5 story that is very good

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