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Disclosure regarding my most recent but now unpublished fic... · 12:55pm January 14th

Hello, everyone. I have a bit of bad news but a ton of good news related to Wet Behind the Ears. The bad news is I'm unpublishing it for awhile. Apologies to anyone who didn't get to read it yet.

Onto the good news: RexySeven, the owner of the OC in the fic, has already been working on a full-blown comic about her!

Picture source is "Fellow Rocketeers" hosted here.

Out of respect for Rexy, I am privating my fic. My story was written independently and is not canon to the one envisioned for Koraru Koi. My authorial intentions were pure, but I was most certainly in the wrong for using Koi without asking ahead. I made an honest mistake, and I'm earnestly sorry to have undercut a content creator who has been active in the fandom much longer than I have.

So where does this leave us?

Well, if you want to see Koi as she was meant to be depicted, definitely go become a page watcher at Rexy's Deviantart. You can do so by pressing the light green "Watch" button on the right side of the page there.

As for me, I'll be retooling my fic to feature a new, original OC in Koi's role. The cover image and protagonist's name will be different when the story returns, but the plot will stay the same. No overlap with Rexy's work will remain.

I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience I've caused, and want to reiterate that my own boneheadedness is to blame. Please show Rexy as much support as you can. If any good can come from this, its more exposure for an artist with wonderfully inspiring OCs.

Thank you all for reading, and happy Friday.

Casket out.

Fic has returned as of 2/9/2022

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Agh! That's unfortunate. Still, it's a good solution you've got there in the end: perhaps it'd be more like the seaponies we saw in the G4 movie? Also... did you commission him for the comic or was it just good timing?

Anyway, hoping the revised version of the story turns out well!

Aw, disappointed to hear that, I liked the fic. But I totally understand the reasoning for withholding the fic until the character within can be changed. Just hope the replacement cover art is as eye-catching, the art before was very good at inspiring intrigue, in both the fic and Rexy’s OC and art.

I woke up, saw Rexy's polite DM, and went into a (probably overblown) panic. The comic has actually been a long time coming, so I'll change the blog's wording to better communicate that.

With the benefit of hindsight, my gimmick of writing fics for random pics was bound to step on someone's toes eventually. I'm definitely wiser now, and I hope I didn't hurt Rexy's feelings.

Always best to get artist input if they're still active in the community. Lesson learned; no need to beat yourself up any further.

I thought the discourse was that someone on Reddit said it was too violent for an E rating.

I mean as long as you're not a douchebag about it, I think it's a fine system asking for forgiveness rather than seeking permission , as long as in the rare instances when it is an issue, you resolve that issue without, as I previously prolixitiously stated, being a douchebag.

Then again, I'm a filthy commie who is big on sharing stuff, especially when it's fan art and fanfiction that's just for fun and doesn't have monetary issues involved for the most part, which admittedly does become more sensitive, nuanced, complex, whatever why am I being so fucking loquacious anyway whatever I was saying involving art that was originally done as a commission for someone

While the violence is certainly a thing to consider, it’s small potatoes compared to the OC’s owner hitting me up and requesting I respect his own plans for her.


It ultimately comes down to two things:

1) It didn’t occur to me to ask ahead of time.

2) If I had indeed asked, I would have known the OC’s owner was already planning a storyline for her in comic form.

Like you, I’m pretty laid back when it comes to sharing my output. Throughout my writing career, at least three different YouTubers have asked permission to do audiobooks of my stuff. I said yes to each one because I’m always happy to contribute content to the wider community. My mistake however, was assuming everyone felt the same way I did. Which led us to this blog post where I’m doing my best to fix things.

5627331 Ah. I'm hesitant to use art by online creators at all because PokéFarm drilled into my impressionable 9-year-old mind that art theft = bad.

Really depends on context. Capitalist shit coconuts stealing art and reselling it as nfts yeah that's pretty fucking crappy

When it comes to intellectual property, I take my morality cues from microbiology and the MIT license. A Graham-negative bacterium has absolutely no qualms about integrating a plasmid that a Graham-positive reverse-transcribed from a virus into its genome. However, credit should always be given where it’s due (hence the MIT license). No pretending to have written or drawn something you did not write or draw.

How did the PokéFarm community view derivative works and collages? Did they accept them if sufficiently transformative, like the music of /r/mashups or were they treated as being just traced art?

Wow art tracing thank you for reminding me about the draw ponies scandal which I had completely forgot about

5627468 I can't remember, but eventually the updated version of the site added a rule that you had to credit every single image you used. I still find it jarring when people upload others' art to Reddit and link to the source in the comments, or when YouTubers put furry fetish art they found on Google Images in their videos for the sake of pointing-and-laughing.

IMO, the reason people re-upload art to Reddit instead of direct linking is that most places you’d want to directly link for art offer a subpar experience. Think of DeviantArt or FurAffinity getting uppity and demanding you log in to view lewds. Those are getting reuploaded to get around such restrictions.
The pressure to reupload has only gotten more intense with New Reddit. On Old Reddit + RES, images could expand in-line from many of the popular original sources. IIRC, that is mostly not the case on New Reddit unless it’s Imgur or i.reddit.

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