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After Fluttershy's first appearance on Shimmercode, her return became a highly anticipated event for the stream's audience. But no one anticipated what would actually happen.

Rated Teen for questionable dialogue in multiple senses and video game footage that might merit a stricter rating from the ESRB. No rating-escalating bodily fluids of any kind are shed by actual EqG characters.

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Sunset! Language!

I love that this is the one Equestrian curse word we know for absolute certain.

Not too bad.

I know that I liked the Shimmercode short, and a friend and I have a few ideas.

Wait, if 'fizzling' is an Equestrian curse, does that mean Tempest's real name is MORE edgy than her adopted one?

Certainly puts a different spin on Pinkie’s overjoyed reaction to hearing it...

Wow, that is the most racist pony rant I’ve ever seen. Eesh Sunset, you’re just *lucky* no one knows what you just said. You ever go back to Equestrian it’s going to be a rough transition.

This is what comes if not having to adjust your vocabulary post villainy :p

And so we learn the truth. Tempest didn’t change her name because it’s cutesy, she changed it because it’s RUDE.

Ooo, I love that chapter title :raritystarry:

That was an amazing tidal wave of invective. Fantastic swears are really fun to come up with, aren't they?

Wow just a little tribalist there, screwhead?

He has an entire subreddis!

For anyone else I would've suspected a typo but for you I was 80% sure that was intentional. Possibly developed by human Discord when he wasn't working on 6kun.
...then it took me a minute or so to get Benefacteor because, I get it now, but seriously? :facehoof:
And at Wonder vs. Cartcom 3 I decided to simply give up and go with the flow.

"Everyone likes schadenfreude!" cried Pinkie. "Except when they don't."

I'm honestly surprised there wasn't some kind of cameo or at least nod to the character.

Also, like much of your headcanon, Nutsy's Fun-Time Scurry is the official name to me now.

I'd love to comment on the rest of the story as well, but I honestly can't think of anything to say half as good as the story itself and half of it would probably have to be spoilered anyway. Suffice to say that this was another excellent work that left me highly amused, and I'm now going to cram this down the throats of all my friends.

I still like ‘what the tarts’ as a pony swear, though what Cerberus thinks of it is another question.

Yes, yes it does. You don’t want to know what ‘berrytwist’ is a euphemism for, but I’m sure several possibilities leap to mind.

. . . Did you switch around the story and chapter titles? :derpyderp1:

Guesty McGuestface. Saw that and all I could think of was this.

Berrytwist is probably an infamous Equestrian drink. Presumably fizzling, popping and copious amounts of berrytwist were all involved in making her.

Even pony swearing is magical. Hilarious story.

This series you have going is magical!

Yeah, the Ponish to English language tends to make all swear words at least a TV-7 rating. Old Ponish sounds like Latin from what Starlight Glimmer translated in Starswirl the Bearded's journal Sunburst discovered in his Blind barrel haul at the antique store in Uncommon Bond.

Why was there a sex tag on this fic?

Whooo! So good!

This is a series? What's it called?

I love how the journal translates “face plant” from one dimension to another.

Agreed. Nothing tells you about a culture quite like its profanity.

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As much as I love the idea of Tempest Shadow being the more socially acceptable name for Miss Tall, Dark, and Deadly, this is a case of loss in translation. Going from Equish* to Wranglish to English means that the somewhat vulgar unicorn slang term meaning "a malformed spell pattern uselessly expending the energy put into it" got conflated with the sound a sparkly firework's secondary explosions.

That said, I completely accept the idea of berrytwist being a liqueur. One of the main characters is named Applejack, after all.

* To paraphrase Nick Fury, I recognize that canon has made a decision in this regard, but given that it's a stupid-ass decision, I have elected to ignore it.

If Princess Twilight ever sees the EweTube video, she's going to wash out Sunset's mouth with soap. And if Princess Celestia ever sees it...
Well, truth be told, she might get nostalgic.

Also, see above for the fizzle issue.

They really are. Especially tribe-specific one. Pegasi have "feather," unicorns have "cork-horned," and they say Granny Smith can curse the apples off a tree.

Give the pinhead a break, she's barely cast a spell in the last few years. You know how they can get.

Between the comics and MythrilMoth's work, I have fully embraced the idea of Bland Name Products in the EqG world.

Also, while I'm aware of the character Schadenfreude, I don't find him remotely funny, so there's that.

Glad to hear you enjoyed this, and that I was able to supplement your headcanon.

They haven't changed since submission, but I did switch them when I decided that I liked the chapter title enough to make it the story's title instead. You know, when I was carrying over the text to Fimfic. Should I be concerned? :rainbowhuh:

That is indeed the reference I had in mind. And the reason why Sunset didn't allow write-ins.

I'm going to have to echo 9805630's surprise. What series did you mean? This isn't part of the Oversaturated World, if that's what you meant.

At the risk of channeling Mudbriar, Old Ponish is actually Old English.

Probably only about my mental state. :pinkiecrazy:

. . . You know, I actually prefer “Ponish” over any fan-created name I’ve ever seen. It just seems more euphonious, really.

Suggestive dialogue and a comment about earth ponies that even Sunset found tasteless.

Celestia specifically added that function after Sunset's tenth failed friendship lesson, to better communicate her frustration in an untraceable way. Twilight didn't question the enchantment when she copied it in the new journal.

Okay, you win, ‘fizzy’ being from sloppy spell structure is just better.

Get Bent is an in-unicorn racial curse coming from how dark magic tends to make your horn weird. Mix of ‘go to hell’ and calling someone the devil.

I still think that the any*species* thing is from lingering xenophobia and tribalism in pony society, with ‘anycreature’ being considered the clunky pc substitution. They don’t go to ‘anyone’ because linguistically it’s hardly intuitive.

Related, Equish has species suffixes pretty deeply rooted, like gender in Romance languages. They USED to break ‘anypony’ out by tribe, but post unification those words are NOT something you say.

Worst case scenario, they just think she's a pegasister:rainbowwild:

And that’s how societies go into decline. Copying the previous generations art and tech without actually developing them on their own or innovating or understanding how it actually works.

You referenced Spike's internet following, so I reasoned that the story about that is part of a series with this one.

Sunset looked to the other side of the bed. Twilight's human analogue hadn't been able to choose between trying to comfort her dear friend and fretting about harboring the most illegal immigrant imaginable and had compromised on a big-spoon death-grip cuddle that left Sunset immobilized from the waist down.

Well, better hope she lets go before your next stream, Sunny, or else your little claim that vaguely suggestive audio is the most your viewers are gonna get... might turn out to be inaccurate.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.:raritywink:

"Get bent" carries some very nasty connotations towards Eastern unicorns as well.

"Anyone" and "anybody" would be highly valuable linguistic imports from the human world, provided Twilight can get them to catch on.

They USED to break ‘anypony’ out by tribe, but post unification those words are NOT something you say.

Yeah, "Shadow Play" skipped over that really awkward moment where Star Swirl gambled on when he was in the timestream and lost badly.

But that would mean the show exists in that world, which leads to the question of whether the movies do, and I don't think anyone but Pinkie is prepared to travel down that rabbit hole.

Oh, Twilight knew what the spell did. She just didn't ask why it was included, because opening the can of worms that was Sunset and Celestia's past relationship wasn't on the agenda for at least another two months.

Oh! I see the problem. No, that was a reference to yet another EqG short. Sorry for the confusion.

Nor am I. Heck, the thought of losing her personal cuddling unicorn might just get Twilight to reevaluate certain feelings...

At least for Starswirl it was an archaic term rather than something current *cough*Sunset*cough* and something which, for the day, was actually on the PC side. The non-unicorns did manage to put up with him after all. But connotations have changed a bit since then. Like how I’ve been told ‘coloured’ used to be polite whereas now...

Stygian, on the other hand, seems the sort who actually would have been really good about avoiding racial stuff a few centuries ahead of his time.


We can always hope but, for the moment, I'm not sure Sunset's complaining about that her position.

So we're back to my previous headcanon that Fizzy's parents named her a unicorn euphemism for "useless runt". I think whichever way you berrytwist it, Tempest Shadow might be the preferable name.

Sunset Shimmer in Heated Gamer Moment [NOT CLICKBAIT]

Sunset! Such language young lady!

Though TBH, surprise, forced PvP always ticks me off in games, especially team based ones where you're building a character. Thankfully, they don't do that all that often these days.

Gotta admit, that was delightfully warped, especially the innuendo at the beginning of the game session. Bravo.

And did I detect a little SciSet at the end. Because if yes, thank you for the yummy desert to end a fun meal story.

This is drawing from a canon short, and it didn't go that way in said short either. >_>

So we need to move up the diplomacy timetable?

That formal relations haven't already been started is mostly a function of perpetually being in Current Year, and the attendant wanting to wait for the next presidential administration.

hey how about fnaf Sister location
you will have a funtime with freddy and the minirenias

Hilarious but also extremely curious on a sequel and what shenanigans would come from it. Especially from the demon bits if they get on TV.

The legends about Unicorns being attracted to virgins is rooted in some very ugly Earth Pony rumours.

The legends about how they lure prey with their head-lights, like deep sea fish, didn't catch on quite as readily.

That was flippin' brilliant. I wish I had more to add, sorry. But just dang, Sunset, language! :D


Wait, it's a spell specifically for faceplants / head desks into the book?

I thought it'd be easier to just transmit all alterations / wrinkles to the paper and restore any damage after.

Which would be a stranger set of functions to include, but seems easier than isolating head desking / face planting out, specifically.


But, if you're wanting to transmit faceplants, you focus on that and don't generalize it, I guess.

I love it and I must have more. Shimmercode rage is glorious.

"Fluttershy, your guest stream was one of the most popular I've ever had," said Sunset. She rolled her eyes. "And I figure half of it was my reaction to you actually kicking my butt.

Sunset, this is the internet. The vote was determined by one thing and one thing only. And Princess Twilight may not have told you, but in Equestria, Fluttershy was once a model.

Can you d Sorry. Inside joke. Go on.

I feel like I'm supposed to get this, but I can't figure out to what Twilight is referring. Assistance requested.

Brilliant, my dear, brilliant!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Seeing Sunset get, excuse my language, peeved like that is very amusing.

... Which is the whole point. Huh. :rainbowderp:

The good news is that the rest of CHS didn't make a big deal out of it.

The bad news is that "cork-horned peevishness" became one of the iconic memes of Current Year.

This is me we're talking about. If I can't slip at least a little Sciset into the story, it's probably because neither of them appear in it.

And yeah, the ending of Circus Pandemonium was considered one of Maelstrom's biggest missteps since the "Don't you guys have phones?" debacle.

9806775 9806951
Ever since she got her necklace, when Fluttershy curses, it sounds like random animal noises, which ends up sounding more cute than anything. Unless she's yelling at Zephyr, in which case it sounds like he's being mauled by most of Earth's major predators.

This is after a good dozen people uploaded footage of Juniper Monstar rampaging through Canterlot Mall. Everyone knows something weird's going on in that town, but it's not hurting anyone, which means certain paranormal defense forces that may or may not exist and are definitely operating on a tight budget don't need to pay a visit. Any more than they already have.

Yeah, everyone knows unicorn horns evolved as a way for unicorns to know when it was safe to merge into traffic in foggy conditions. :pinkiecrazy:

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I can't promise anything in the way of a sequel, but I'm glad you enjoyed the angry horse noises.

:facehoof: I'm really not good at explaining this, am I? The spell does carry over most forms of reshaping the page shortly before repairing both. However, Twilight could tell that it was added to the communication spell after the fact, and there are a few scratches on the inside back cover commensurate with a certain large horn scraping against it.

Oh, there were definitely a lot of people voting to get the hottest of Sunset's friends back on camera. And some of them didn't vote for Fluttershy. This is a highly subjective judgement, after all. But many others had indeed voted for Fluttershy in the hopes of seeing her devastate Sunset in another adorable console game for kindergartners.

As for the inside joke...

To be fair, if Maelstrom and their parent company Livelysight hadn't been getting such bad PR for their aggressive monetization in their other games like Cry of Obligation, Planet of Battleline, Observeabove, or Fate or chose to announce it somewhere other than a convention traditionally associated with PC gaming, they might not have garnered as much loathing for the Tirek's Revenge: Deathless announcement.

Say what you want about the developers of Battlechasis, they at least garner good community rapport by being honest with their playerbase and not treating them like sheep.

I don't understand the Gore tag

Give it time. Sunset's been outed as an "alien from another world". Humans as a species apparently have to kill things to understand how they work.


"No, if you do that, the game kills everyone. We'll just—" Sunset stopped dead. So did her warlock, chopped in half by Fluttershy's barbarian. "Did... did you just...?"

Tirek goring the barbarian on his horns took her place.

Not very explicit in description, but it does sort of fit.

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