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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)


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He'd have to be certifiably insane to turn down that much pussy, after all, right?

my reaction to a lot of rdre stories

This could get very interesting. Let's see how long he goes in trolling he girls.

This looks good so far and I'm interested to see how it goes.

I think that he is going to be getting a LOT of attention from Ponyville. And maybe even Canterlot?

We'll have to wait and see. Good story so far my friend. Good story.

"Do you need your ears checked?" he snickered, cocking his head. "Yes, it's a vacation. In fact, being a pony in general is a novelty of sorts to me, I'm still growing used to it."
Hold on. So this stallion meant to say that he A) wasn't afraid to live out here all alone, B) actually chose to come to the Everfree by choice, and C)... "You built this house yourself?"

you think she would have caught on to the “being a pony in general is a novelty of sorts to me, I'm still growing used to it.” part first it seems pretty important.

Meh, the protagonist seems like a douche, his personality tastes awful.

A better start than some of the resent crop of RGRE stories as of late.

Not that he'll tell them that straight away, but he's definitely not running. He'd have to be certifiably insane to turn down that much pussy, after all, right?

I don't even want to read the story and still give you an upvote for that.

"What do you mean there's a stallion living in the Everfree?!" Twilight REEE'd, flipping her shit.

TFW I thought I'd like the concept of this fic based on the description, but when literally the first sentence just makes me say 'MMMNOPE' as strongly as I just did...

For whatever reason, I keep reading it as "Staying Putt"

What's wrong with me?

It’s astounding how incredibly close those outline markings above her tail in that cover art looks like an anus.

Oh shit, this guy is gonna make a shitpost series

I am disgusted, yet intrigued.

Stallions sure love building houses next to the everfree lately. Wonder if he'll meet the Irish asshat from "certifiably insane" anytime soon.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted Apr 20th, 2018

Another author has thrown his hat to challenge the RGRE-verse template: Cabin in the Woods, which paths will the MC be steered through, who knows but the author. I'll stick around and see how it'll go.

As one of the most prominent critics in the comment section for a... similar... story, I am intrigued.

This story coming from a writer who can actually write good smut, and it's already pretty Funny?

Sign me the fuck up, goddamn.

Or plagiarism of Running Running Running Running Running. I've only seen three of stories with the same beginning formula of "A _______ man that drinks a lot in an RGRE world" and I am already sick of it.

I hope parody/satire isnt lost on you.

Then again this one starts off better.

I know about half of the reactions are meta-jokes, but damn does this go for a lot of the comments:


Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted Apr 20th, 2018

Eh, it’s good, worth keeping track of


Reversed Gender Roles in Equestria. I'm not actually sure how it works. Reversed Gender Roles in relation to humans? Because equines are typically matriarchal to begin with.

He'd have to be certifiably insane to turn down that much pussy, after all, right?

You. . .aren't even trying to be subtle about which fic inspired this, are you?

Iorri did it first, actually, or was the most recent to restart this kind of thing. I'd say Insane copied first, as did DNA. Look up the "would if matter if I was" fiasco if you're confused about this kind of thing. Sometimes authors just drive a joke into the ground on purpose, probably in the hopes of killing it faster.

heehee liked and added to favs. More please :pinkiehappy:

Seeing your response and looking at the expression on your Twilight avatar, I get this sense you're basking in the flattery of imitation. :trollestia:

Oh hey lorii. XD Your story was the one that didn't have a drunk out of the three I've seen. Certifiably Insane had a regular drunk, and D.N.A: Damn Not Again. had an irish drunk.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted Apr 20th, 2018

Iorri just basks in any and all attention directed their way.

ANOTHER one of these with an almost IDENTICAL starting premise to the others? Wait, so he isn't running? Okay, at least THAT went in a different direction.

Plagiarism? in the Fanfiction community?! :rainbowderp:

Say it isn't so!...:ajbemused:...:facehoof:

Seriously though fanfiction by its very nature will always have elements of plagiarism. :derpytongue2:

Authors literally take Hasbro's story in whole or in part and rework it then call it theirs...then they get butt hurt when a fellow fanfiction writer does the same to their story. :duck:

And on that topic that talent less hack that wrote Twilight ripped off Darren Shan.
You absolute fucking donut.

I know not what I have just witnessed... so, let's kick this hornets nest!

Fun chapter, looking forward to more.

Personally, don't care if this is inspired by another story. I love this sort of thing, so why not have more? Just as well, if we couldn't be inspired by other peoples stories on this site we'd be missing a few gems and a lot of authors.

Did someone just go through and downvote every comment? And if so, why?

lol, I've had very... pleasant individuals do that in my stories as well...

So, there's a new wave of extreme RGRE now? I swear that's been like three in the last couple weeks.

RGRE isn't a new concept to me, but never before did it actually have a specific name (or acronym) that I knew of before. Thanks for that bit of knowledge now! I definitely want to implement that into my stories as well now after considerable thought, mainly because there are many more mares in Equestria than stallions. Some might argue against that thought process, but if stallions were being born less often than usual, that would mean mares try to protect what males they have left... hence also the herding mentality, for you neigh sayers.

When I first looked at the description, I didn't look at the tags, as the simple description was enough to draw my attention, and I was interested to see what I had clicked on. The fact that it was in the Featured box also played a huge role, as only good stories make their ways to that section. But... then I saw these right off the bat;

Twilight REEE'd

"You're right," Rainbow Dash nodded, coming to grips with the severity of the situation. "And then whose withers would he cry on when his plants were destroyed?! Who would braid his mane and suck his cock and make him feel better, Twi, who?!"

I saw those two, very soon into the story, and I'm over here laughing, thinking to myself, 'wtf am I reading...'

Despite your lack of subtlety, I do feel a bit interested to see what chapter 2 will be like...

Why is everyone getting equal reds and greens here?

Yeah it does, but I'm trying to give benefit of the doubt and say that its because he's hungover at the moment. Then again he might be "that" character, Mr Always Hungover. Not to mention his ability to kill a manticore is just silly unless he's using clever traps. But I'm just in this for the impending clop anyway, so gonna ignore these things for now.

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