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Can't deny. Scoots is best daughter.

That's a poor way to act Scootaloo, commenting on a mare's weight is a no-no.

What the hell. Where did this come from?

Been awhile since I read your works :trollestia: my mistake.

And for a brief moment, I thought her parents were undead chained up in the basement and she had crippling fears of doing them in so she chained them up downstairs in her old home to protect/feed them. You know, the usual shit.

Good shit, Skirts, good shit.

This is goofy and I love it.

Well, that explains a lot...

I expected this to be that but instead they were flesh-eating chickens or the like, mostly because of the title.

This is so friggin' dumb I love it.

One out of two dozen venom-laced tentacles was pulling him towards a conflagration of flagellating organs.

So... the flagella were on fire?

In any case, Scootaloo isn't an orphan and her parents love her. I can't complain too much.

Cannibal Scootaloo? LOL

Great story! :scootangel:

Most likely, hehehe

This is like something straight outta Creepshow. I like it.

Well, I was not expecting this at all!

Eldritch horror is best horror
And scoots makes it adorable.

I think one of the true masterpieces of this story is the setup in title and cover art. It really sets the mood for the what-the-fuck to come.

And there we have it, folks, my "What. The. Fuck?!?" moment for the week. Good night, and see you next week!

I don't think I've fully read any of your fics before, skirts.


Now I want more.

Hey mister, you ever heard of a shoggoth?

Eldritch Scootaloo families always make the best stories. Didn't even need a 3-sided cube in this one. Feel a bit bad for Cheerilee, though.

I somehow think this story started with the title. :raritywink:

Only the second Scootaloo's parents/parent are/is an eldritch abomination story I've read, and definitely the superior one!

Actual Cannibal Scootaloo.

The chapter title is the best.


this was very scrumptious to ready
a real heart stopper
i just so happened to read this as a flight of fancy

Your name is oddly appropriate for this :pinkiecrazy:

hi I'm Guy Fieri and today on diners, drive-ins, and dives I'll be exploring Ponyville
winner winner chicken dinner this:scootangel:
mom dad got another fat one

Technically, I don't think Scoots is a pony.

Dead beat parents.

I don't know if I've ever seen a more deserved random tag. Even with a story that's as weird and nuts as possible, that in itself is the point. This really is random.

i do love myself some nice, eldritch horror.

good job author!


Chikun's dinner.

I see! Scootaloo is just how cthulhlualoo is pronounced.

I see. So, if we accept that Thrakerzog/d is spelled Sweetie Belle, that means Apple Bloom is death? That can't be right, I thought the mythological personification of death had blue eyes not red.

I, don't really get a feels from it, but good.

Stick to action, it's your best.

Isn't nature fascinating?

Ha! This story should have a comedy tag as well. I haven't had a good laugh at another's misery in a while. Good stuff.

Huzzah! More horror in the Featured Box!

I'm not sure what to feel about this.

What the hell did I just read?

He knows the portal through which the Colonel entered, and why we cannot perceive his secret chicken recipe!

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