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Huh, so this is how Skirts does parody, eh?

I think I need a shower...

But for real, this was fantastic to read, brother. Dark and creepy, and the gore served its purpose well. This is one of those that is way deep, but for once I actually get it!

I will read... In a moment.

Gore, Tragedy, Dark, Random and M-rated. Let's see if Skirts can make me shit the bed on a Friday night :pinkiehappy:

Okay, things are definitely getting freaky-deaky. I feel like some of the italicized terms are significant, but I'm not sure which or why yet, and it might be a red herring.


Hahaha oh man, it's like Fugue State but eeeevil. Er. Eviler.

Holy fucking shit. This was fantastic. I can't even speak, I'm completely and utterly stunned.

Well. In a shocking twist, that didn't seem to go very well for Rainbow.

This was a wild ride through some of the more... interesting psychologically twisted story trends i've seen. I like it yet fear the concept of it. It was great how the chapters blended into a coherent story with almost no interuption, but I could almost see reading each as an independent story working just as fine.

That's a hell of a inside view on an OOC

What the fuck am I reading?

Okay, can somebody PLEASE explain? I had theories up until everyone turned into gory monsters.

We came in?

Nothing about it is cool or awesome. It's just horrible for the sake of being horrible!

Sweet Celestia, YES! Thank you!

This story was fucked up in all the right ways and proved exactly what it was supposed to. Great work.
Isn't this where

I'm reminded of those bullshit values I see when I forget to put in a null byte.

Where is the ending?

5350538 It cycles back to the first chapter. Look at how the first chapter starts.


Which really isn't an ending and isn't logical from Dash's point of view.

(Note: If you hate the 'f-word', as almost everybody calls it, please mentally replace every use of it with a sound effect of your choice. I'd pick a quack or a fart noise, but that's just me.)

What the fucking hell! This is fucking demented! And I fucking like it! What the fuck is wrong with me?! And why the fuck am I saying 'fuck' so fucking much?! I don't normally say 'fuck' every fucking sentence, so why am I fucking doing it here?! And why the fuck am I asking you lot these fucking questions?! WHY?!?!?!?!

What the fuck, internet?

...this is going in my Display Case, and I haven't yet decided why. Something about the narrative itself being a character, and how the descriptions of the scenes make my inner sadist grin. I'm now going to inject bleach into my cornea.

Although I like to think of myself as a tolerant man, there are days after reading some of the fanfic descriptions on this site, I feel I could send every writer that writes pointlessly ghastly grimdark/grimdark a la rapey/extra grimdark with bells on fics in the name of more "depth" or "reality" or just because its their kink on a free all-expenses-paid vacation in this version of Ponyville. [1] What is it that leads so many people to take the ultimately hopeful and happy setting and crush it like a ten-ton steamroller running over a basket of puppies? Some claim it is fun.

"We thought that by making your world more violent, we would make it more "realistic", more "adult." God help us if that's what it means." - Grant Morrison.

[1] And yes, I am aware this story is satirizing those sort of fics.

This is every horror/clop/foalcon-story ever written:

* Cheerilee’s Garden
* Cupcakes,
* All of the stories where RainBowDash takes advantage of Scootaloo being an orphan heroworshipping her and molests her.
* All of the stories about CloudKicker having sex with any moving object and most nonmoving objects too.

This is every story where the characters are out of character. RainBowDash just got the uncomfortable impulse to molest Scootaloo. That will pale in comparison to the impulse to feed foals to the PegasusDevice.

You know Skirts, when other people want to write a satire, they just use sarcasm.

Oh, skirts; you magnificent and glorious bastard.

In making satire of a ton of pointlessly dark stories, you made a story that is actually dark. This is what a dark story should be. Not pointless gore or creeps or abuse. Something actually sinister, that makes you care for the characters and get this overwhelming sense of fear that despite your hope for them they'll end up dead or worse eventually.

Umm, wow.
Is it just me or did it sound like RD was asking the reader to stop reading, so the story might not continue?
This, was brilliantly horrible. I love it and am disturbed at the same time in equal measures.
There are words missing from our language to adequately describe the emotions stirred by this story.
And, even knowing it's a giant loop, I almost want to continue! Why?! :applejackconfused:

"But with a spranged wing,


This is...weird.

was pretty disturbing.

I think I caught most of the tropes being played here, except for the Blossomforth thing in the beginning. Was that meant to represent anything?

But anyways, that give me quite the chill, and at times, I just wanted it to end, but it went deeper and deeper and deeper. That just made it better, pushing aside gore. But the vibes this thing gave off were just impressive. The way the characters constantly paused in their actions, the idea that whatever this was was spreading hard and fast, and I just couldn't help getting the sense that Rainbow Dash was getting trapped the longer she was exposed. That was the point, I guess

Was a wild ride, and I enjoyed it, even if I'm so creeped out that I can't look at some things the same way again. I think being left in the dark was pretty good too. What exactly was it? Not Tim Curry, I know that, but sometimes the dark prevails over the light. But, anyways, like I said, I enjoyed this and I thought it

What an interesting story.

I was just about to say all that! Hm... Great minds think alike! Wait... You do have a great mind... Right?
I'm really not funny. Why do I bother? I'll show myself out, don't you worry.

5351371 That's some strange reasoning you got there. I love it.

Ooh, can Twi read minds now? This, considering SSAE claims it was difficult to write, is really good. Count me as intrigued!

5350350 ...This is not my country's fault. skirts is Floridian, which is about as close to polar opposite from most of Canada as you can get.:rainbowlaugh:

Unless you're referring to David Lynch. Then I got nothing.

This is actually starting to really scare me now. That means you did a good job!

This is the self-efficacy of Fimfiction incarnate



Yep. Still scaring me. Awesome!

This. Is seriously creepy. I'm loving it!

I know, right? It's so messed up. Completely sick and twisted. I can't quite figure out why I'm enjoying it so damn much when it's confusing and sickening the heck out of me. I guess SSAE is perfection and even his craziest work is amazing.

Despite being honestly terrified by all this, I can't stop reading. It's like a train crash - I can't look away.

The cloying sense of dominance and control by an immature, indecisive, and most of all uncaring omnipotent force really made me shiver.

Once Dash it the orphanage all I heard in my head as the accompanying soundtrack was hardcore industrial.

This is basically a story where in every grimdark (with sprinklings of shipping and human obsessed Lyra thrown in as well.) head cannon happens all at once. Its an interesting look into most of the fandoms ideas of how to make things more mature, and how most don't bother to have it make any sort of sense.

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