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So, hey, Skirts participated in a flash fic thing! Hmm, I wonder what silly thing he...

Oh, uh...



Well that escalated quickly. For a moment, I was getting some pretty severe Baba Yaga flashbacks with with a dash of skinwalkers. Halloween's always been my favorite time of the year.

This might be the most horrifying thing you've written, second only to "The Last Tears in Tartarus." And while I don't really like your horror stories, I can make an exception for this one.

Well done.

Another great story for halloween :twilightsmile:

Uhh... wow. Just... wow.

I don't know what else I can say.

:twilightsmile:Wow. What a great story for Halloween! That was SO unexpected. Probably the best horror MLP story I have read so far :). Awesome job! :fluttershyouch:

well then...that was....horifying

...Well, that happened.

Goddamn, dude...

Just... Wow.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Seriously. Vague and damn crazy.

I wont be reading this again but I will say it was well put together and definitely memorable.

:rainbowderp: Well, that was...squishy. what I was expecting at all, damn man! Most impressive, and well written to boot!


Oh...oh sweet Princess Celestia...SS&E, what have you done...? :raritydespair:

Mixed feelings on this, It felt quite rushed and confused, maybe that was just part of the technique and I am seeing it incorrectly, but I think this was particularly incoherent. The darkness and the horror in places was quite impressive, but I don't think it cultivated the mood and storyline which would have seen it flourish properly into a flesh devouring horror rose.

Its not to say that it isn't good, but I prefer your earlier work "Herald" to this.


That's the pros and cons of a oneshot. :twilightsheepish:

Easy to read, since they're just one chapter and it's (sometimes) less work on the author in that they don't have to think up ideas for multiple chapters.

On the other hand...if you aren't used to reading them, they can feel a bit rushed (since everything about the story has to be crammed into a single chapter).

That was, wow... Seriously intense, and yet, I'm finding myself with a lingering hunger for applewood smoked jerky... Go figure...


I don't think its necessarily a thing intrinsic to oneshots, as I have seen many who managed conclusively to settle all loose ends together within the framework of one chapter, instead I think its more a matter that this seems to have been rushed for completion on Halloween. Frankly there is a lot left unexplained here, and whilst in another setting it may have worked to keep it elusive or unknown, in this it just comes across badly done and clumsy.

The story is very punchy in its impact, but I personally think it holds together as well as Applebloom's viscera upon critical inspection.

Man this was dark.

I do have a suspicion as to who our main antagonist is. A Bug. from MIB. Think about it, the brief descriptions we get are insect like, it wears Zecora's skin, and it seem to have tons of bugs around it, all of these point to a Bug. Once I realized that this fic became much more comical as I imagined the Bug wearing Zecora's skin much like how the Bug does in the MIB movie.

Even though I know that Skirts won't ever write either a sequel to this, or more chapters, it DOES have some serious grounds for more to be added on top of it.

Irregardless, faved, liked, this story's fucked, the usual.

I had the same exact thought. It hit me with the 'clicking' noises.

Looks like this collector's favorite food is apples

That's okay. I didn't want to sleep well tonight anyway.

Sweet Luna above, that was intense and all kinds of terrifying.

And that ending...

Damn, man.

As for the clicking sound, this all I could here in my head:

It hits all the horror buttons, and just when you think its "show, don't tell" has gotten as dark as can be, it gets worse. Fav'd, thumbed up, and never to be read ever again.

And I could barely bear tapping on my iPhone to post this response. Click click click...

But what I would pay to hear John DeLancie give it a dramatic reading, with a few choice ambient effects...



I did read it over again (and had to prevent myself from emptying the contents of my stomach for a second time :pinkiesick: ), and I agree that it was rushed a bit. SS&E missed an opportunity to really expand on the horror factor a bit more and make it into a real shocker.

Not that the fic is bad or anything. :twilightblush:

This is my fetish.


Ooh, that was actually rather fun! I love this kind of story, and this was a very interesting idea. Needs a little correction here or there and maybe some expanding, but all things considered that was a good read! Consider this a favorite.

I quit four Skype chats just to read this. ... wait, you mean to tell me that those don't relate to each other at all? Ah, well.

It's kind of fitting that I read this after getting eviscerated by spiders in my dreams last night, with two 4DE plushies of Twilight and Pinkie Pie on the shelf next to me. I got on the Button *ash train kind of late, so I'm not sure how long you had to come up with this idea. 'Cause, God. Too bad these stories came out on the 1st, because this is one of the creepiest Halloween stories I've ever read.

If you are correct, where are the P.I.B. when you need them?

Was great... until the ending. Like, I get that you wanted a tragic ending, and that's fine, really! But ending with the fucking dog eating her? That's more silly than tragic, man.

Really great story man, mostly. The ending was just such a let down for me.

I would enjoy this story more If i could visualize the creature in my head



Well, since we probably can't get DeLancie, I'll give NDLmongoose a message, he's the next best thing.


5219417 Looks like it's time for AJ to put down Old Winona.

And maybe burn the Everfree to the ground....

Oh Luna.

So much nope.

5219632 That one heard about you beating the elite four obviously.

5219632 trust me when I say you don't want to know...

A bit rushed maybe, but better than a lot of the drek I see out there!

And I thought just enough was explained to leave that "WTF" factor intact, myself.

I wish there was more than just the like and dislike buttons, because this one gets a 2spooky4me from me.

Oh geeze. Holy Moly that was something. That was...I don't even know. It scared the shit out of me, and kept me tense the entire time, but that ending.
I loved it, but I am super conflicted by that ending. :fluttercry:
Geeze. I'm going to have to sit and think about this a while.

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