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I'll keep an eye on this. My interest is certainly piqued.

So thanks for that.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Although, I'm hesitant to give it any critique and I say this because we don't know what he's bringing with him to Equestria. Not in the physical object-sense, like his rifle or a Meal that's Rarely Edible, but what him as a character is bringing.

I mean, is he gonna be sad and gloomy that in his attempt to escape life he was thrown back into it (albiet in an assumedly different world), or is he going to be balls-to-the-walls excited that he has "people" to talk to again?

We'll have to want for Fakky to make his next move.

Oh, and despite all that, I did rather enjoy it; very-well written.

Amazingly well made, Geoff's fight for survival felt so... REAL that I felt as if I was in the story myself.

Ten outta Ten ( so far )

That there gives me the warm fuzzies. As an author, any time a reader enjoys my work that much, it's why I write. Thanks for reading, and thanks for such a great comment.


Keep this going, yo.

I am gonna thumbs up the shit out of this story.

My good sir, this chapter is so awesome! I love The Alpha character, I'm hoping he will be coming back into the story at some point or another.

Potato outta Potato

- some random guy that loves this story

Chapter..... Now..... Write.....

im back and vaery good

keep up the good work mladĂ˝

Damn son, this is good stuff. I'ma Fave.

Bro.! Add me on Skype: andrew.cenidoza2
For DayZ with may buddies! :ajsmug:
Look for chrysalis! :twilightsheepish: [skype picture]
Good story BTW! Would like to introduce you to my friends! :eeyup:

Don't play Dayz anymore, mainly because of ridiculous FPS issues that just wouldn't go away. I'll add ya for sure, might try reinstalling DayZ one of these days and see if it's fixed.

Glad you enjoyed the story so far. :twilightsmile:

Did the alpha call Geoff a woman?

If you read the A/N, you'd know that it's Czech for youngling

2480053see you soon, sir :eeyup:

Also, Alpha's real age? 1,008 years.

1000 years and you'd think his fellow alpha's might've been more defensive against rocks inside their throats

Rocks inside their throats?:rainbowhuh:
And you forget he was a child in the old royal city, 8 years old + 1000 that he's been a spirit/wolf


Pretty good chapter, keen to see where this story is headed. My only peeve is the copious amounts (to me) of song lyrics, never did like them in stories, never will since they serve little purpose except as filler. Also, why was half the chapter in italics?

ugt and last 2 chapters were so good :(

If there was one single reason for liking this story, it would be for the rapid updates, keep them up!

At least the trees went to heaven or my version of it

Fluttershy is his therapist. Lyra is his local anoyance agency about questions and stuff. And Celestia will be the one he confides in alot (Luna probably to) and probably starts a relation with.

Well considering there is no romance tag just keep it at the mature stuff that will happen.

"Don't expect me to update this lots..." -Author

Updates three times in a week...


Sir, you are like a boat. Haha! Get it? Because shipping..... and..... yea... haha.........

I need to get some friends.

2485370 calm your tits and let the luls calm you.

And that man giving us bi- poler people justice! Trees thay died for the good of the world.

Sigh... I don't like how fast the main character just seemed to breeze through everything in this chapter.
The characters seem a bit to go-with-the-flow in regards to Geoff's actions and behavior. And because of
that, the moments that are supposed to be funny along with a few other things kind of fall flat for me. Also... The
scene regarding his porn magazines just doesn't seem realistic at all to me... I can't imagine the characters all
reacting like a bunch of 10 year olds in regards to something that is so very natural for just about any living creature.
Especially Luna and Celestia who have been alive for thousands of years.

Very VERY interesting twist on Timber Wolves. I approve good sir, and look forward to the next chapter :ajsmug:

Can lyrics be considered filler with <300 words in a 10k word chapter?


2486275 lol Like I said, it's a pet peeve of mine, using lyrics, I just find it disrupts the flow of the chapter. The only part of it I liked was when he was singing about Luna, it was short and to the point.

Ah, I see. That makes much more sense, and I'll keep it in mind for future chapters.


But that's it though. They don't know how to react, so they have to go with it. As for the magazines, everything about that goes against the idea of 'nobility,' if you see what I'm saying. Geoff's mind is erratic, damaged, and if you look at it, the elements mainly stayed sitting in a corner all night, cept for fluttershy. Fluttershy's awesome.

Kind of confused, why is most of the chapter in italics, is it a memory or something?

[...]I was suddenly offended that there had been horses kept in corrals. I shook my head, recalling that they weren't sentient back home, and that was the only way to keep them domesticated.

Sentient? Actually, yes they were. They could feel after all.
What they weren't is sapient. There's a difference there, brony.

Memories/dreams/cutaways from Geoffs pov will mostly be in italics, I'll double check to see if I screwed up with the formatting though.

Dat vocabulary. . . :facehoof:

I'll just go fix that shall I?

So I checked, and I screwed up the formatting for the italics. Thanks for saying something :twilightsheepish:

2486728 :unsuresweetie: Just saying, dude. Most people don't realize the difference between the two.
You just gotta remember to avoid the word that sounds like 'sense' when you want to talk about thinking! It's easy :pinkiehappy:

2486758 No problem, just keep uploading more chapters! :rainbowkiss:

you little shit. You've updated this story 3 times in 1 week, SO I expect your next update to be on AC: Failure, or so help me god I will rip your nuts off and shove them down Fluttershy's throat. (100% serious)

This chapter is so freaking amazing, I love it this many.

69 / 69

No more updates


For any story.

for srs. :rainbowlaugh:

What the fuck...?
More... :coolphoto:

he tries to stay sane,but in the apocalypse(well,more like after it...),those who try to keep their sanity always lose theirs....


She was still laying on the couch.


Fancy pants tag 'cause I had an idea. . . :yay:

That Soarin' is rather conveniently out of character to show off Geoff's badassitude, since NOTHING in the show so much as hints at that. Also, wimpy!Dash?

Yeah, not gonna fly, buddy. This chapter flat out sucks balls. :ajbemused:
One more of these, and count on having one less favorite and one more downvote.


Aw yeah, now it's the time to engage the suspicion and tension and distrust!

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