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She also has Her hair is long .

Small grammar mistake just thought i d help with spotting them:twilightsheepish:

Wow, this story was uploaded less than an hour ago but it has over 65,000 words. :rainbowderp:
Have you been saving this story for a long time?

How much of Smite should I know of to understand the story?

Crush his head with a table leg!

Dann. Either you work fast or you kept this in the closet for a while. But it seems like a good read, just worried if some of the SMITE aspects will go over my head or not.

Not a lot, to be honest. If you wanna know how the god looks exactly, just google "smite (god name)" and the loading card of them will be there. I also try to explain the gods abilities and when they can do.

The game mechanics don't really play much of a role here as the powers can function differently than in the game. Also I've been working on this since December last year.

Finally actually published! Prereading this thing was a blast and I'm looking forward to future chapters.

Only read the description so far, but I'm intrigued.

If you preread this work, you should be getting credit on the cover for doing so. It is the polite thing an author can do for his pre-readers and editors. Don't take your time or usefulness lightly, you deserve some credit.

As a side note for the author, if they choose to give you credit, it's customary to simply put "Edited by" or "Proofread by" followed by a name and an embeded link to their user page.

Fair enough, first time I had a story proof read out of all of my stories.

im playing smite and i just read this description:rainbowlaugh:

This looks well-written so far

So, I'm guessing this is why updates on your other stories have been slow? Well, good to know you weren't just taking a sudden break from writing :p Always nice to read stories from you. Gonna have to give this a read when its not 1:30am

Very "meh." Very incredibly meh.

Liked it, though disappointed that sunhorse became a cardboard cut-out racist/villain.

I don't need to be credited. I did it to help an author out, not to get credit. It's nice to have the credit, but that's not the reason I did it.

I see what you did there. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Isn't there some kind of healer-class god you could turn into to help Amore?

At it's base, it's the polite thing to do. You put in time and effort to help via pre-reading and editing. You deserve some credit. Don't undervalue your own input.

Forgot to mention this in pm, but when i first saw the MC's name, I immediately thought of this:

You damn villain, the story had piqued my interest so much I have a strong desire to download SMITE and play it, which I actually am going to do. Great story so far, though I am curious why he didn't use some of the more powerful war gods against Celestia like Odin, Thor, Tyr, or Zeus, hell he even forgot Hercules. The main reason that I can find to respect his decision was the fact that he was disrespecting that bitch with her own element. Though the thought mostly entered my head after he wondered if he could recreate Zeus's lightning bolt as Vulcan.

"My home world's moon orbited our planet on its own, while our planet orbited the sun. While we had gods and goddesses of the sun and moon, they never threw off the balance in fear of destroying the world," I then say. To be honest I have no idea if my world had or has real gods, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have done what these two alicorns have.

Yea who wants to control the sun when you can turn into hou yi and shoot it out the sky

I forget, Is it Hera or Aphrodite that's the Greek goddess of love? And Does Smite have that god?

HOLY CRAP!!!!! 14 CHAPTERS ON THE SAME DAY!!! dude ddddduuuddddddddeeeee

can i hug you (no homo) :raritystarry:

Great story man can't wait to see more of it keep it up

This story is really good! It feels a bit rushed at times, though it isn't so bad as to be distracting. I also think the combat scenes were written very well and discriptively, and at the same time not crammed full of excess information. I look forward to more chapters in the future!

"Gotta go fast! DUU DU DUU DU DUU!"

This is the equivalent of a trunk novelist dumping his trunk onto the publisher's desk. My question is, why all at once like this? Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it kinda goes against the grain, you know?

Celly really is fucked up in the head....

Interesting, I like the idea but Im not particularlly update with Smite (I Don t like mobas), in order to enjoy this fic is mandatory to have some knowledge of the game?
For other part I expects a lot of Princess Celestia screen time and accurate pony anathomy (you know, like Pusspuss art).



Celly got thrashed well and proper like

Don't tell me....

Is she Fluttershy? I get the feeling Shyla is Fluttershy

Mr. Ebonheart, you've done it again.

*furiously clicks the like button without pause*

Aphrodite is the goddess of love Hera is the goddess of marriage and Zuse's wife


Well. The warrior gods can't reach Celestia when she flies up. So he used gods with either the ability to fly (Thanatos) or ranged liked hunters and mages.

Huh... First time one of my stories has been on the top of the featured list. :pinkiegasp:

"As to your question, we feed on the emotions of others, specifically love. It's a rich and very nourishing energy we can absorb to sustain ourselves. But with the propaganda those alicorns are spreading, all of the other races have shunned us as they now believe we suck their love out until they're either angry all the time or a shrivelled up husk. I haven’t heard from another hive in decades and I believe we’re the last hive in the world, and there's no more than just over a thousand of us left... I also believe I'm the last changeling Queen in the world..." she then tells me sadly.

Am I the only one that wants to murder Celestai's face? With a stale cake.

I've gotten used to being female gods now, and I will admit to... experimenting in the privacy of my own room once I had a door with a lock made for it. I see now why some girls are screamers in bed, much more intense than as a guy.

Can we get a standalone chapter for this??? Plsplspls

Very interesting alternative world you got here. Coupled with alternative versions of some characters and nice, easy to read writing = winner. I am very eager to see how this goes.
Also: Shyling.... omg Shyling. :yay:

A straightforward deal, with things mostly in the MC's favor. Immortality, a myriad of powers and abilities, varying degrees of survivability if out on his own, his only goal is to last the ages while maintaining an undetermined amount of chaos to ensure the world continues to grow and adapt.

Not bad

Only downside, which is negligible, is that he as himself in appearance will be lost. Unless it's a key point in Discord's deal being double edged, as one would expect him to have added something to be annoying for the MC

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