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Well that's one reason inter-species relationships don't work between Dragons and Ponies.

Well...at least Rarity thought ahead and was wearing...(he goes on to speak knowing full well how this could be interpreted)...protection. :rainbowlaugh:

I see what you did there

Oh dear. Didn't see that "coming."

I didn't think anything could possibly top that perfect description… and now I see how terrifically wrong I was :rainbowlaugh:

:moustache: Oops.....
:duck: no harm no foul dear
:facehoof: It was an accident?
:moustache::raritywink: yes
:facehoof: then explain this....


:moustache: fire proof? :duck: A fashion statement? :trollestia: slow? :derpytongue2: late?:unsuresweetie: Stupid Spike broke my sister!

8016304 :coolphoto:

Hope you two enjoyed the climax as much as your wordplay. :scootangel:

A rather important one too...

Glad you liked it!

:yay: The most amazing, I mean, most incredible and adorable little friend I've ever had?

Now that was hot.

I think it's safe to say they have burning passions for each other.

:raritywink: "But now I have a burning sensation when I walk..."

Rarity went silent at the sound of his cry for help, and Spike would never forget the look on her face, nothing but disbelief and incredulousness. And panic.

This gets so much funnier when you read it again with the context from the ending.:rainbowlaugh:

I hoped so!

"However could that have happened?" :moustache:

I'm laughing so hard.... ! Never expected that, not even ever! Thank goodness Spike is a careful gentledrake. Definitely his first time though, eh?!

I... okay this was hilarious from start to finish
That ending.. i so lost it at that.
I was reading this and enjoying it, curious as to what could have brought forth this particular situation, and im disappointed that my usually depraved mind didnt see this coming.

WELL THAT WAS RATHER UNEXPECTED! And now others in the house are wondering why I'm laughing hysterically at this time of night! :rainbowlaugh:

But c'mon, Spike... Can you honestly say you didn't know what would happen?

That you never, ever once before in your life did a test run by yourself to make sure everything was working properly? Never accidently set your Rarity plush on fire? :trollestia:


Haven't you heard of "burning passion" before? It's a bit different when the object of your desires is right there! :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, that story description is just f*cking perfect.

Whereas the story is just f*cking. Perfect. :ajsmug:

Could have gone worse.

If it had been his other fire, she would have ended up falling into Celestia's lap.

Mission achieved!

Never heard of lighter fluid? :raritywink:

Eh, I'll take it. At least the description wasn't the only good part. :rainbowlaugh:

...and now I have thoughts of a story about filly Twilight experimenting to see if Spike could send her to Celestia's side whenever she wanted. Hm.

8017762 :twilightblush:"It turns out, dragonfire isn't any less painful than ordinary fire. It just has the bonus of perfectly rebuilding you after burning you to ash."

"Thank you for pulling out? " :rainbowhuh:

Fun fact: Real silk doesn't burn. It doesn't catch on fire, it just chars, and even then, only after a long time.

You know, when ... That leaves you with a burning sensation in unusual areas, the normal response is to get a shot of penicillin in your backside. Frankly, I think I'd prefer being beaten with a roll of silk.


Looks like Rarity may very soon be developing a whole line of Asbestos lingerie, and hopefully condoms.

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now Reviews #104.

My review can be found here.

Because I review everything I read. :rainbowwild:

So much yes, have a mustache! :moustache:

Thanks! Mustaches are always welcome.

it is rare a ending surprises me, thank you for the laugh:)

I suppose everyone's first time is awkward, but that's a whole new level. You've earned a moustache. :moustache::raritywink:

You're welcome!

One more for the collection!

Screaming in rage, Rarity’s horn flashed, and the silk roll began to beat him over the head.

Much as I hate Spikeabuse, I had to try really hard to laugh as quietly as possible here.

8017497 Well said. I've only written three or four comments throughout the internet that were so clever.

Comment posted by Greenjack deleted Mar 18th, 2017

Well I would suggest using a firehose on her, but that didn't work so well for Peter Griffin.

This was disgustingly hilarious. ten outta ten

Good! I didn't exactly aim for anything else. :rainbowlaugh:

That time dragons spooged napalm. :applejackconfused:

Oh sweet Celestia the punch line! :rainbowlaugh:

That was the funniest. The best. What a treat! A joy! A laugh!

Rarity's been using cut-rate materials. Money's been tight lately.

:twilightoops: Rarity what happened?
:unsuresweetie: Spike gave her a pink belly....

This is one of those cases where the instructions on how to do it safely can be summarized in one word: "Don't."

Alternatively, Rarity now has a reason to seek alicornhood. You can't burn to death if you're immortal!

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