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It is a well-known fact that motherhood changes a mare. In Cadance's case, it seems to be changing her into Princess Celestia.

Cover art generously provided by DeusExEquus. Used with permission.

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Does this mean Sombra is Cadance's brother?

So I can see what's going to happen already. You wrote this story as a fun little stress reliever and it's going to make the featured box and you're going to question everything because an unpolished little one-shot like this earns greater success than something you labored over for months.

Such is fanfiction.

I am not wholly certain the best way to phrase my thoughts on the story such that it simultaneously relieves feelings of pressure over story quality without causing distress about the quality of other stories, soooooo...

It was good. Darn good even. :raritywink:
Cut off a bit abruptly though.
Perhaps this depends on how close Sombra was with his childhood friend... :rainbowderp:

Good job this started happening after the Royal Heir was born, eh Shining?

Funniest thing I've read in a long time! Give me more!!! :flutterrage:
No pressure! :rainbowkiss:

There can only be one! :trollestia:

A fun beginning, and I do so love Luna at the end of that, she comes off very well.

Only critique I'd have would be

"Yah!" Shining cried out

You show, or give a good indication of a short, clipped, reasonably masculine cry here. Just having something descriptive would help feed the joke about the little filly scream better as the reader can fill it in themselves and then go back and reevaluate if necessary once they see Luna's reaction. That, and I'm surprised he didn't ask Caddy if she was pregnant again since she was eating cake for breakfast (or even question her eating cake for breakfast).

Oh mah gawd! :twilightoops: Snerk... :rainbowlaugh:

Yep. It's official. Between the midnight feedings and the stresses of motherhood, Cadence is regressing into the only 'safe' pony she knows. After all, Celestia never has any problems that can't be handled between tea and crumpets. She never has to change diapers 37 times in an hour because little Flurry Heart is having a minor reaction to her eating a single parsnip yesterday. Celestia is never caught on that razor-blade of motherhood where you can't tell if the foal is hungry, needs burped, needs changed, needs held, needs put down for a nap, needs picked up and played with for a while, or just NEEDS.

Oh, my memories of my children when they were young. The fond recollection of my wife pressing our child into my chest when I walked through the door after a hard day of work as she said, "Here, I'll be back in a few hours. Hopefully."

7541596 Annnnd... featured!

Here's to a second chapter!


It's a little bit like pannacotta or a baked pudding, in case anyone wonders. Talk about obscure.

"Hello, my faithful Captain," said Princess Celestia.

Shining Armor awoke, screaming.

:rainbowlaugh: Best worst nightmare.

7541596 This happened to MrNumbers a few weeks ago. Well, not that exact thing, but close to it.

7542075 I know the phenomenon based on personal experience. It's frustrating.

Yes do more. Do all the more. Abandon your standards of editing and just churn this beautiful prose out, Skywriter!

Says a lot of things about the inverse relationship between being an entertaining read and being a high-concept effort piece, doesn't it?

Her strength gave out. Luna collapsed to the floor, howling with laughter.

And myself with her. :rainbowlaugh:

7542010 I was wondering! :derpytongue2: Thanks Wlam. :twilightsmile:

Nicely done! I'm amazed that this was a "just for fun, don't expect too much out of it" story rather than one that was hammered out with all kinds of stress. That just goes to show what a good writer you are Skywriter! :pinkiehappy:

We've spent moons preparing for just this scenario. Entire moons.

You've been reading Oliver's blog, haven't you?

Nah, not really. It's just that the feature box is for stories which many people can enjoy at least to upvote it, while high-quality works are almost necessarily niche, given how much human experience diverges.

I'd say that speaks a lot alright to how often "quality writing" means "niche appeal, but otherwise boring."

Cadance's Aunty Celestia was popularly regarded as the ne plus ultra of equine beauty, but her body wasn't the issue;

So in this fanonverse Celestia is officially fat? Ha!:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowhuh: I can only sympathize with Shining.

And you call that unproofread and unedited?...

Well this was a cute little short


Cadence and shining are the worst parents in history

This is already hilarious. I can only imagine where you'll take it from here. Also, "wheels within wheels within a delicious pastry shell" is definitely the best phrase I've read this week.

From observing families with multiple kids, the amount of effort and focus and sacrificed sleep that parents give to the child falls precipitously somewhere around the second and third ones. I expect something similar to take place with Shining and Cadence, to the point that soon they will just check if there's a windigo or something similar trying to abscond with the kid, and if not, will attend to the latest shriek once they get around to it.

It's nightmares all the way down, Shining.

Celestinception has occurred.

7542103 Isn't it the same everywhere? Look at what movies, book and music sell the most and get the most media attention.

ne plus ultra

Isn't it nec plus ultra?

Internet says no accent on the e, but whether this is accepted Anglicization or original to the phrase I do not know.

EDIT: Oh wait, that's an underlined 'c.'

EDIT 2: Further research indicates 'Nec' is original to the Latin but 'Ne' is the modern accepted form. I wonder if I should remove the italics? It's a puzzler!

7542653 It only showed up when doing research in english, so I guess it an anglicized form and you could remove the italic.
It still is latin though. So in doubt I'd keep it.

This is why I generally recommend people not wait into their thirties or forties to have children. You need the energy and resilience you possess in your twenties to recover from parenting a baby. :trixieshiftright:

Or perhaps Celestia's need to live vicariously through her students and family has finally taken on a life of its own.

Now, her magic is corrupting the ponies she most wants to live life through into variations of her to amuse her!

It's her version of the Tantabus! It's the Simsicus!

I think I speak for many when I say: Yes, damn it. Again.

It's good to know Shining Armor dreams of Celestia along the lines of stupid fanon stereotypes ("prankster Celestia", "tyrant Celesta", etc.)

The concept was interesting, then you had to ruin it with this gimmicky nonsense. I know the story is tagged "comedy" and "random", but if the story is going to be silly from start to finish, then there's no point of reference, and it all becomes dull.

That's certainly true.

I believe the phrase is actually a loan from French, in which case the lack of a c would be native.

This is a bit like how arguments discussions about pegasi were back in the day. Do we follow the original-original or the language that it was borrowed directly from, regardless of how 'right' or 'wrong' that language may be?

The actual point of this story is to be silly from start to finish. Apparently my attempts to advertise this using the random tag were unsuccessful and you were baited in to thinking you were going to read a thoughtful and intellectual comedy. Maybe I should write in the description "this story is silly from start to finish" for absolute clarity? :pinkiesmile:


It's a little different in that case because then it's not wrong Latin, but correct French. "Rien ne vas plus" is something you may have heard, maybe. My French never was that great, admittedly, but I still remember that much at least.

Also, that must have been some silly argument discussion. You don't exactly see many people spell it Pégasos, which is a proper noun and has no plural, so they weren't doing it right to begin with one way or the other. :derpytongue2:


I'm not saying it has to be "4deep8me" to be funny, but if there's no buildup or contrast whatsoever, then what's the point, other than wasting an interesting concept?

I'll keep track of this to see where it goes, but the first chapter isn't exactly promising.

Apparently my attempts to advertise this using the random tag

You used it next to the "comedy" tag. I shouldn't have to tell you that those tags put together are almost always a bad sign.

Funny how you tried to just put something out there and it wound up first in the features


then what's the point

"Making people laugh."

I certainly can't complain about it in that respect. I had a ball with this.

I would absolutely love to see an author make a thoughtful and interesting comedy out of this. If that person is you, I welcome you taking the idea to reduce apparent waste!

The author to make a thoughtful and interesting story of this is not, unfortunately, me.

In any case, sorry for disappointing you with what you felt was a clever premise and then giving you the feeling of a rug pull. Random Comedy may be a bad sign, but it's what I always use to get myself out of a writing funk. Perhaps this is a very selfish story in that regard.

In any case, thanks for reading and weighing in.

Comment posted by Shogoki deleted Sep 6th, 2016


Maybe I should write in the description "this story is silly from start to finish" for absolute clarity?

I think the Comedy tag can show that just by itself. The Comedy tag covers a broad range of what people consider funny and/or silly, so I think adding the Random tag probably isn't really necessary. For example, when I see the Random tag, I think that the story is going to literally be random, aka all over the place. Just because your story is going to be silly all the way through doesn't mean that you have to have the random tag on it, because random doesn't usually mean silly. I've never used the Random tag, and I likely never will unless I choose to write something random. Your description makes this story sound like it's going to be a good read, but that Random tag worries me.

Tags are so confusing!

In this case "Random" should be read as "silly, over-the-top farce with somewhat cartoonishly exaggerated takes on the characters," not Scootaloo and Celestia: Adventures in Twilight's Gall Bladder.

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