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David Silver

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Diamond Tiara speaks out against icky changelings when she hears, ugh, Chrysalis is actually visiting Ponyville. What is the world coming to when a monster like that is allowed to roam our fair town?

Chrysalis quietly takes her aside and makes her see things from a different perspective.

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Loved your "Silver" saga so far, and this one goes into my "Hive" shelf for later! From the description, it sounds good to me!

Between the author, the subject matter, and the use of my favorite form of horror, I'm going to just go ahead and pre-emptively fav this one.

This looks promising! Tracking.

"First, survive. Learn how we have to live. The fear, the hatred, and the suspicion. Survive one week, then we can talk."
A whole week?! But there was hope. She said... We could talk. "Then you'll turn me back?"
She leaned in and kissed me on the forehead right beside my new horn. "Then we'll talk. Who knows, maybe you'll change your mind. Let's not lock ourselves in."
Ha! Yeah, right... I could handle this, and then she'd make me a normal pony again. "Fine! I'll show you I can do it. Diamond Tiara is no ordinary filly." I concentrated and burst into flames, becoming my usually dazzling self. "Just you see."

What could possiblypossibly go wrong? :pinkiecrazy: :ajsmug:

Couldn't she just go to Celestia, tell her what happened, and then watch the whole treaty burn?

Liking this so far. You don't see many DT stories on this site, so this was pretty refreshing.

Yay for another DT story. She'll be able to taste her parent's love for her, and know if anypony has a crush on her.

Hmm... The E rating isn't really wrong yet, but you may want to flag this dark depending on where it goes from here. Kidnapping, blackmailing, surgically altering and telekinetically dominating a child is pretty heavy stuff.

I think this is as good a place as any to mention that the show never implies the changelings have a hive mind, since Chryssy has to yell at her minions to get them to do stuff.

"Hey!" I ignored their complaint, as I usually did.

"Anyway, it's going to...

Since the "Hey!" is spoken by someone else, it should be a line by itself:


I ignored their complaint, as I usually did. "Anyway, it's going to...

I walked around the town, moving to walk directly for our nice big house...


or maybe she's just gobble me up!


She reached for my mane and brushed along the hair. It was still the same color, but had a few holes in it.

How do you have holes in hair?

Holes same way like Chrysalis have ;p Magic

6544218 Typos obliterated!

I'm not sure you meant telekinetic? The only telekinesis in the whole chapter was moving that mirror around.

Welcome to the story!

6544435 I think he means 'telepathically'.
Also, holy fucking shit this is dark as hell. I'm not even going to censor the swear words because holy fucking shit this is the stuff of nightmares.
It's not exactly gore, and it doesn't go into detail on the dark stuff, but that kinda makes it worse - it makes it seem that the darkness is so normal that it's hardly worth mentioning, which is terrifying.

Dude, you talking about David Silver. Whereas thing are nightmare fuel for us, its a sunny day for him.

6544764 It's... actually kind of true. I thought this was delightfully innocent compared to so many of my fics.

wow David I think you have a #1 hit on your hands here this has some real awesome potential just wow.
A super good start to a story and to think this was just a boarded moment.
Harts Fire

how again changelings aren't monsters ? :rainbowhuh:

6544889 An excellent question. What answers will be unearthed?

Gah, Blunt wasn't very clear. I'm not sure if he's a changeling or a pony turned changeling. No, I'm not expecting an answer yet. It's just chapter 2 :twilightsmile:

Let us be herd.

I'm quite enjoying this so far.
My only complaints would be that the pacing is a tad bit too fast in places, and you could probably add a bit more detail to some scenes / descriptions. Other than that I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Wanderer D

Ooh, DT Changeling mode. Nice. I'll keep an eye out for new chapters!

6544435 No, I meant telepathic of course. Sorry, my Greek is a little rusty.

I just realized, this is the first story you've published on this site that's written in first person, isn't it? It looks good so far, and I couldn't seem to find any major typos in this chapter.

I know it's traditional in these situations to keep everything a secret until the worst possible moment, but DT really needs to talk to the CMC right away. Out of all the ponies she knows, they would be the most likely to believe her, and the most forgiving. They have more personal experience with changelings than anyone except Twilight Sparkle (If you count the comics, which I know you have before). Add to that they're still getting used to their roles as the official source of guidance to all foals, and they would be certain to go above and beyond to help her out. Besides, their first idea is always terrible, so it's not like you'd be giving up the chance for humorous disaster.

6545243 Do you think she's on the wrong track trying to snag a few tomes on changelings? Not that she's likely to have the patience to get too far into them.

This is definitely going to be interesting.


Not that she's likely to have the patience to get too far into them.

Exactly. Twilight will be delighted to help her with her research, but Diamond won't get very far anyway. The CMC are her only hope. They may also be her only dependable source of nutrition, if she does get found out. Maybe her father, probably not her mother. She can at least count on the CMC to not freak out (although she wasn't there when they were taken prisoner by Chrysalis and spent the whole time sassing her). Scoots may claim to have known it all along.:scootangel:

6545340 And yet she cannot do that, for they are in school, during a school day.

6545412 I didn't mean instantly, but recent events should put the option really high on her list.

I wasn't sure what to make of Blunt's statement that "I'm not even a drone...like you."
Are you implying that changelings are born with free wills, but Chrysalis brainwashes some of them manually, like she did with Shining Armor? Kudos if you are; that is a much more interesting and subtle idea than the hive mind nonsense lots of people go for. (Changelings are not a hive mind, and I can prove it!)

This was a damn good read. I got some oddly creepy vibes through it, which is not a bad thing. Chrysalis was very intimidating in subtle way. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to more!

6545521 Glad to hear it! I'll try to post updates as soon as possible, though I am being yanked away for a week to attend Nightmare Nights.

Emmmm.... Did Cheerilee agree for this to happen? Or Celestia, for that matter?

6545803 If you mean the changeling colt going to school, it's implied that was part of the treaty.
If you mean Chrysalis foalnapping DT and everything that followed, heck no.

6545825 Yeah, the second thing. Wow, Chrysalis has been in Ponyville for only a few hours and already she's broken the law.

6545875 Chrysalis, doing naughty things? Never! You take back your slanderous words this moment. Our fair and lovely Queen would never sully her hooves with outlaw activities.

Why, that's what she has servants for.

This is going a bit fast, but I'm enjoying it so far :twilightsmile:

I wonder how much spotlight Blunt Hooves is going to have. I mean, there isn't an OC tag.

6546118 It has the changelings tag. Wouldn't that cover him? If not, I really don't know what it's for. We may as well have a 'ponies' tag, or a 'nobles' tag or 'wizards'.

What part is going by fast?

Make more. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?:fluttercry:

6546409 The words, will last, forever! Or at least until the story is done.

6545463 Please prove it! I want to hear.

You did a new things!

Happiness +10 :pinkiehappy:

I see your point, but Blunt Hooves isn't just a random changeling. He's a character you made that has his own personality and, probably, is going to be important to the story, so he's an OC. Although I can see how the changeling tag could be pretty much useless, all the changeling that are not Chrysalis are actually OCs because the show has never give us an actual changeling characters, besides Chrysalis of course. Anyway, that's just my opinion. I was just wondering if Blunt Hooves if going to have an important role because there isn't an OC tag.

And by the story going fast, It could be just me. I'm used to read long stories with chapters between 5k and 10k words long. I just feel this a bit fast in contrast, not that it is a bad thing :twilightsheepish:

Diamond Tiara meets the foal she hurt the feelings of and started this whole incident, and managed to get through it without making them cry or scream at her. She's improving!

Easy when you have been brainwashed into being nice to changelings. :moustache:

"You're a changeling, remember?" He looked a little sad. "Regular food's not so filling. You need love."

She can't appreciated a cupcake anymore. Being changeling is suffering.

"Diamond, would you fetch us a drink?"

And she do it. :pinkiegasp: The drone in her is showing !

6546555 I did several new things. Also see Gilda Throws a Party.

Well David Silver I really hate to say it but, I think you have a run away on your hooves here.
I love it, I would like to send a warning to DT I am betting Twilights castle will have wards to revel changelings if they are in side witch may prove to be interesting.
Harts Fire

6546739 What's the worst that could happen?

6546765 hum I am not sure how well Twi Twi would tack it. but if it happens so be it.

6546708 But did all those things include Diamond Tiara? *eyebrow wiggle* (question is rhetorical, I've already checked the previous stories. xD)

Sorry, you just write a really fun Diamond Tiara and this so far is looking. The whole overcoming stubborn bigotry, and well they did almost kill a princess and conquer all of Equestria, through heavyhoofed and potentially dangerous tactics like turning the pony into a changeling? Interests peaked!

Early morning grogginess and a super chipper squeaky Belle squawking at ya so early in the morning don't make for good times I'd imagine. I liked that scene. Mornings aren't everyone's cup of tea.

Post changeling? Ouch, DT needs to learn to resist the slurping (or in her case, sipping) because whoa boy. Things would get awkward if ponies trotted in to see one or more of the CMC passed out in the floor. Well, or DT passes out from overdosing. I guess there is also Silver. xD

Bah, got distracted. Hoping to see how the whole Twilight thing goes. Still bummed last story remained incomplete, but nice to see more Tiara from you.

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