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This story is a sequel to Days of Our Hives

Follows on from Days of our Hives, set in the Silver Verse.

Discord instantly takes a liking to the foal of a former human living within a changeling hive. Making an oddly-out-of-character promise to the foal's father, the spirit of chaos takes her on the adventure she always wanted to go on. To see Equestria.

The only hope anypony has of surviving the invasion of adorableness is cake.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 21 )

SQUEEE!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Oh come on! What did I say about the warning tags! :pinkiecrazy:

suddenly have second - suddenly having second
scarry - scary
This is as pregnant with potential a beginning to a story as anyone could hope for. I can't wait to see what happens next!

And it seems that the union of Sally and Queen Sharp Mind has yielded a being that weaponizes cute and precocious adorableness. The Crystal Empire may be doomed...

7000348 Thanks and welcome to my new 'other story' :)

Well, now ya done went and gave everybody diabeetus. I hope you're happy with yourself. :pinkiecrazy:

blanked - blanket
with silly queen who - with silly queens who
there was a lot - there were a lot
filly struggled Cadance plucked - filly struggled, Cadance plucked
it tool Wild to get - it took Wild to get
go there you better - go there, you better
Weaponized cuteness. Wild is here to devour us all, and I don't even mind because...soooo cuuuuuuute! :heart:

I mean, seriously, this has been my morning up to typing out these comments:
Woke up
Took metformin
Checked email
Saw you had updated your story
Read this chapter
Read it again to proofread it properly
Took at extra metformin...

Shining looked, closely, getting a boop on the nose from the giggling Wild Heart.


The 'fierce little monster' was trying to catch Shining Armor's hoof, that was waving around above her.


"Princess Wild!" She sounded triumphant right up until, unsupported, she flopped under the water.

Hnnnggg...so cuuuute...

a 'list of her favorite food', which was just a copy of Canterlot's last census.

We're all on the menu. :rainbowlaugh:

7001389 She will end up queen, enslaving all ponies with her adowable widdle hoovsies!

What frightens me is that you might be serious. :trollestia:


"Celestia is looking a lot shorter of late... and darker." Prince Blueblood was chatting with his personal aid. "Do you think she may be feeling a little under the weather?"

There was a rush of green flames in the corner of the prince's vision, but a glance revealed his companion looking as he normally did. "I don't know what you mean, sir, her highness queen... princess, Celestia, is as wonderful and full of holes as ever."

ok yep you have a new super story going.
I am heading to the ER now to get a insulin shot.

well dang I am going to miss Wild and my dally dose of cute.
this is a vary good story.

knitted outfit was playing - knitted outfit, was playing
queen raised as she - queen rose as she
that trick she was - that trick, she was
It was thankful - It was fortunate -or- She was thankful
Be well, Wild Heart, we'll miss the cute that follows in your wake - at least until all the foals begin to arrive. :twilightblush:

I predict that there will be a surge in births in the Crystal Empire that maps to Wild Heart's visit, if anyone had the notion to look for the connection. She's like changeling cupid. :heart:

So that's how it is? Just get us all good and hooked on the squee, and then yank the supply and watch us all squirm and writhe in withdrawals. You're an evil, wicked man, Damaged. :trollestia:

Yay, Sally sequel through progeny, with some 'planned chaos' thrown in. (oxymoron intended) Tia may well need to digest the entire stock of Sugarcube Corner to overcome what might be about to happen, but the sugar rush will keep her powered up for a hundred years plus.

7001203 I was already their 23yrs ago.:facehoof:
7001389 Metformin, type 2 I gather? Still got 18 x 3ml vials of novorapid insulin in the fridge +1 in my pen, might just get me through this story without going to the chemist:twilightsmile:.


I would love to see more of wild's antics. This made me feel fuzzy and happy to no end.:rainbowkiss:

Now I want a sequel :fluttercry:

Discord fun? Sure!
Corrections offered without malice.





which was just a copy of Canterlot's last census.


Too short. Discord vs adorable would be fun to have more of…but perhaps exhausting to write.

7701411 Fixed the first, but as for the second there is no "right way" to add a possessive apostrophe to proper nouns ending in S. I use the method I do consistently, which is all that is required. :twilightsmile:

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