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The collective might of some of TwiDash's most powerful (and spastic) authors.


100-500 word mini-stories written by the members of the TwiDash group for the ongoing TwiDash prompt game. All genres are welcome, and anyone who wants to participate is welcome.

Want to get involved? Check out the official thread for the rules and the latest prompt.

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It's finally here! :pinkiehappy:

Carp are dangerous!

Now we wait for this to become more popular than the Twilestia collab!

Sooooo syrupy. :rainbowkiss:

Nawwww, I see what they did there. Damn sappy ponies.... so cute

Poor poor cleanup crew spike... This one is so hilarious though.

Some of these really feel like they need to be connected or linked to prior ones. otherwise while great. they can be a little bit short and confusing.

God, Cynical was reaaly on an anti-alicorn kick.

5516664 Aw... but who doesn't want to just pluck each and every feather from their wings :P

I want the rest of this one. O.o
Both before and after. It sounds like a really cool story. :D

Is there more to this?


Supposedly it's from the canon of the writer's story. Here's the comment

Guess I should have looked at the comments on this a while ago. This is set shortly after my story Child of Misery I'm currently working on the sequel that this takes place during, but it's not up yet.

Work on your fanfic that I call a masterpiece.

Bats... why are you such a good authour? I'm beyond green with envy, all the way into the evergreen zone... :pinkiesick:

Please tell me this is a two parter I really wanna see what happens


The shortest chapter in the story XD

why do none of these have comments while im a twiluna and twilestia fan twidash is third in line and these are cute

Comment posted by Lunar Eclipsed deleted Jul 31st, 2015

i would like to read a sequel

meh not really into stories with twilight death

whos point of view is this cause this isnt exactly twidash its just a journal entry and it could be from anyones journal

6213662 agreed i highly doubt celestia would care in fact im sure in her long long life shes taken a mare lover

im confused is this after they both died or is it simply a statue in a garden

i wouldnt have apologized for pulling a not funny prank on a prankster KNOWN for pulling pranks that are only funny to themselves

hm this begs the question

how does a castle made purely out of sculpted crystal burn?

why must there be so many stories with twilight sparkle death

something tells me it was some sort of complex aerial maneuver something rainbow dash would never expect twilight to be able to do and that the complexity was completely accidental

this needs continuation

The snack tube! Ahhh that was a silly story.

Possibly the first eclipse story I've read that didn't had that old wives' tail about the eclipse destroying your eyes. Also, adorable.

...Applejack has a keel to haul ponies with?

this severely pushes the teen rating lol

Suddenly update!?

I await the next prompt in 2017.

Oh come on, Dashie, how terrifying could Night Light and Twilight Velvet possibly be?

*consults relevant fics*

Don't forget to change your name after the breakup.

6855547 relevant fics? Oh please, give me the titles, links, whatever. I LOVE "meeting the parents fics"...

Comment posted by John Snow deleted Jun 14th, 2016
Comment posted by John Snow deleted Jun 14th, 2016
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