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If this second was your life, what would you do?


Love is a tricky business. Twilight knows this, and the subject has always fascinated her ever since she saw its raw power at her brother's wedding. She is fully prepared to study it in depth... some day. But when Cadance asks her to take part in an experiment that could revolutionize love in Equestria, Twilight realizes that day has come sooner than expected.

If you had a clock that could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?

Cover art courtesy of Jondor. Go on his page and tell him he's awesome!

Chapters (4)
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Hey Zaph, I remember telling you about this! Can't believe you actually went through with it...

*first chapter read* This looks like it will be interesting. Like and a fav.

*takes deep breath*
SUCH AWESOMENESS :pinkiehappy:

It's so great to see you publish another story! Saw this pop up, and I had to drop everything to read this. And it didn't disappoint. Not one bit. Those timekeepers are quite genius to the point of myself questioning why I'd never come up with something like that. Alas, it's nice to see you taking this on, and I'm sure going to be around for the ride.

I think I know where this is going, but it's the journey that matters, and I think this journey is going to be awesome!

... I click on the 'browse' button and this is the first story I see once it loads.

.......... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: *looks over the universe's shoulder at it's check list*
Eeyup, right there's one labeled 'mess with whoever wins my "Mess With Someone" lottery'

*whistles innocently* :pinkiehappy:

"Juniper Culpepper. Call me Dr. Pepper,"

You just went there . . . insta fave and like! :pinkiecrazy:

I've seen this idea somewhere before...

Still, fantastical execution so far. Love to see where this goes!

Looks like it was inspired by In Time. While I don't have time to read all of what's presented right now, it looks promising enough. Hoping that this'll be a lot better than the movie (which was a bit disappointing IMO).

I can't resist my puns!

Now to be serious: I liked this very much.

This is the first story I've seen in the New Stories box that managed to capture my interest in a while. After reading just the first chapter, I can proudly say I wasn't disappointed (my OCD is irritated by some spelling/grammar errors, but it's nothing severe). I will get to the second chapter ASAP and make sure to read this every time there's a new update.

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

When I saw the cover art, I thought you were ripping off the idea from that movie 'In Time':

See, me personally, I thought that this glorious thing was finally getting a songfic

I think I remember reading a short story, non-pony related, with something like this. Except it ended a bit, well, sadly. Good stuff here though.

TWIDASH FOREVER! and this time it's about fate leading you to happiness with your soul mate. very cool!

This... actually sounds really interesting. Plus it's TwiDash. How can you say no :P

I was waiting for the day I'd see someone make a fanfic based on that Tumblr post :D Looks great so far

Comment posted by Razalon The Lizardman deleted Nov 13th, 2014


“Argh, come on, Twilight! Don’t keep us in the dark any longer!” cried Spike as he leaned forward, imploring her to get on with it. “What’s in the box?!”

And I can't resist the obvious joke.


The cover art (And story content) makes it kind of clear it's based on the movie TiMER. Twilight is wearing one of the implants identical to the one depicted in-film. So, that should clear things up!

To be specific, I was directly inspired by a tumblr based on the same concept, though the tumblr was indeed inspired by that movie. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad someone else knows this movie! SO reading it once I have time!

It's really going to take them that long to figure it out?

Good premise, but if Twilight was worried about skewing the results of the experiment, with all the subjective input going around, perhaps she shouldn't have told the others what the timekeepers actually did, and ask them to just write down what readouts were at the end of each day.

5267647 have heard of it, but not seen it


Ahh, I had no idea there was a tumblr playing around with it too :scootangel:

"Four flowers, no crust, cut diagonally, toasted for precisely 40 seconds, and with a dab of honey mustard on top?"

what? how is this specific enough?

toasted for precisely 40 seconds,

at what temperature? 50, 100,1000?(assumed Celsius). Also, what type of bread does she want? any time range for it to have been baked in?

Twilight you disappoint me with your lack of pedanticness.

I shall now watch this with the telescopes of my people! *watches.*

The concept of a device that ticks down until you meet your soulmate is such an interesting one that I can't believe I've never seen it before. Definitely going to give this a read.

Oh come on, you linked to the wrong YT video!

A reference that never gets old. Also, is it me or are there quite a few shout outs involved here? I'm getting that feeling....

Oh...excellent fic by the by. Tracking.

A concept take straight from a popular Tumblr Post.

I have. From a Tumblr Post. It's exactly this.

5267774 There's Tumblr posts about meeting your soul mate everywhere- I personally prefer the one where people see in black and white until they see their soul mate in color, but the others are really interesting too.

Indeed. The tumblr post was my main inspiration, and it is inspired by a movie called TiMER. There's a trailer for it in an earlier comment.

I'm serious though. The main photo was of a person's hand with that same exact timer on their wrist. Except it's more realistic looking.

And when Twilight puts hers on and it comes up with the same time, they both drop to zero instantly!

The mare in question glanced upward, smiling in obvious appreciation of the awesome company that had just blessed her presence.

When I read that, I just thought of Rainbow Dash, and called her a smug bitch. lol:rainbowdetermined2:

“And fifty seconds!” Pinkie cheered. “No, wait, forty-eight seconds! Forty seven! Forty six!”

Leave it to Pinkie to ruin a dramatic moment.:pinkiehappy:

Who are you and have have you done with Cadance? Wait...

That dialogue is comedy gold.

Chrysalis ruined that joke for them forever.

That totally needs to be in the show now.

Spike and Rarity left the group and headed for a private room, They left a simple egg timer set at fifty minutes. :duck::moustache:
Twilight asked "Spike ,What's the egg timer for?":twilightsheepish:
"Rarity said That timer's set to go off before I do":moustache::raritystarry:
It's our virgin alarm, Catch us, interrupt us.:raritywink::moustache: Better safe than Knocked over and knocked up:twilightoops:

If you had a clock that could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate...

If I had one, I would want another one that would count down to the moment that I die. And I swear that my death clock's time would be a lot shorter than my love clock's.

I just figured out what's going on here...

This will be interesting.

"Juniper Culpepper. Call me Dr. Pepper," she answered,

I see what you did there :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

On a personal note I don't believe in soulmates. I don't believe love is something you are destined to feel for one specific person, but instead something that is built and grown between two people who are capable and willing to love each other. Something born out of trust and hope rather than fate.

Ahem. Anyway, personal thoughts aside, this is a clever premise and well executed. Nicely done.

It's perfectly fine that you don't believe in them, and I'm glad you gave the story a chance regardless. In fact, as we move into the later chapters, I'm hoping to really get at the heart of what a soul mate is in Equestria's culture. I hope you stick around to talk about it when that time comes around. :twilightsmile:

I do believe it's voting time, don't you?

Who do you think Dash's soul mate is? I'm voting Twi

Disturbing lack of tacos, -1/7...

I need more coffee. Glad to see this finally went up.

45 seconds! No, no, 44 seconds! It keeps changing! I don't understand! :rainbowlaugh:

5267527 5267759 Neither of those came to mind when reading that line, but this however did.

I remember this Tumblr post

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