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When the Cakes are nowhere to be found, Pinkie Pie takes it upon herself to set up and run Sugarcube Corner for the day. A job like that needs some help, though, and Pinkie knows just the Princess to ask!

Written on a whim after a random S4 discussion in the Intelligent Shipping Discussion Skype chat. Check em out!

Thanks to Hivemind, Drunken Logic, and KrazyTheFox for proofreading! You guys rock!

Cover art belongs to ILifeLoser.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 26 )

Such a sweet ending! :trollestia:

This is sooooooo cute!

ha ha oh Pinkie that's one way to get your secret love interest alone with you so you can confess your feelings.:pinkiehappy:

Oh god that was adorable.

Nice to see Pinkie shipping that doesn't involve one partner upset and needing comfort, or Pinkie just being clingy until her victim surrenders.

So adorable :heart: The dialogue and interaction between the two characters is very well done. Nice Work!


Good one. Cute, funny... :pinkiehappy:


Come back when you have better jokes! :rainbowwild:

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Thank you all very much for the comments! This was my first attempt at writing Pinkie as a main character, and I was worried I may have gone too overboard on her personality and mannerisms. Glad to see all of you enjoyed it!

Huzzah, the fic is out! I'm not usually one for Twinkie fics, but this is adorable.

Now to foist even more of my ideas upon you. Muahahaha.

That was adorable. :pinkiehappy:

*Latches onto your brain and sucks ideas out*

Glad you enjoyed it!

I hope you know I am absolutely taking that gif. Thanks for the comment!

There are not enough Magic School Bus references in the world. I am glad to see you are taking steps to rectify this.

At that beginning, I kept imagining: knock knock knock "Twilight," knock knock knock "Twilight," knock knock knock "Twilight."

Short and sweet (obligatory comment regarding obvious pun).

This was a fairly refreshing bit of slice of life. I could imagine this happening on an episode (though I'd be hard pressed to work it into a 22-minute length). Perhaps one of those events that happens day to day in Ponyville, but doesn't quite make it to the screen.

I have only a very slight concern, one that is easily dismissed as mere oversight though. Pinkie is established in canon and confirmed in your story as being fairly involved in the caretaker duties of the young twins. The Cakes deciding to change that arrangement without talking it over with Pinkie seems a bit odd. Moreso in that it interfered with the smooth running of their business; something that has been proven to be very important to the couple.

...Drat. You're absolutely right, and I didn't think about that. The Cakes should have certainly let Pinkie in on their plan, especially because she's practically family. Quick, look over there! A distraction!

In any case, thanks for reading, Cryo!

I went in here expecting a detective/Ace-Attorney-like story.

Instead, I got an adorable and funny romantic comedy between two characters who are actually, :pinkiegasp:, in character! Not bad. Not bad at all. :pinkiesmile:

Great length, btw. I guess you could say it was... short and sweet.


Well now... Ace Attorney and ponies? I do like both of these things, but I don't think I could stew up an entire mystery plot, especially not in a single chapter. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This is a pretty solid one-shot. I'm not sure the TwiPie was necessary, but in all other regards, I found it deserving of this:


This was adorable! I love how you did Pinkie, she felt spot on!

The relationship angle felt a bit odd since it only seemed to crop up once or twice and then vanish to feeling more friendshippy but that's a minor criticism and doesn't stop this story from being very sweet and funny.

That was so cute! But no kiss:( Oh well it was still adorable :twilightsmile:

You can pretend they snuggled and kissed at the library afterward. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

6101412 Will do *salutes* :derpytongue2:

This was adorable cute and a fluffy read I loved it a lot makes me wish more stories were like this.

Brilliant. A good change of pace since majority of Twiships come packed with at least 2 neurotic breakdowns this was a nice change of pace.

This should have garnered far more interest that it got.

oh god icon too cute manly thoughts disappearing must daw


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