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Twilight is exhausted after the whole "future Twilight" thing, and understandably so. Luckily, she has a certain pink mare to help her bounce back.

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This is the second or third TwiPie fic I'v read. I'm starting to really like this ship. :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Twinkie... so awesome

Twipie is the superior ship.

i like it and can you add more chapters to this story and make a sequel for this story

That was adorable. Liked and faved. Twinkie is best ship.

You get like for the adorkable and the fact the ships name is TWINKIE.

You know, you could make a series out of this. I know I'd personally love to know how they got together, and the classic "Telling the friends" chapter.

This is on top of the Popular Column!!! Congrats! :pinkiehappy:

well, i liked this both for it's relaxin vibe n' it just bein :twilightblush::heart::pinkiehappy: adorkable. thx for t short, yet sweet ride :yay:

It was probably just me for reading this too fast, but i felt like it moved to fast. :ajsleepy:

Other than that, I liked the idea. :pinkiehappy: :twilightblush:

Starlight Shadow,

I have a question, regarding whereof you might have received the cover art. Did you receive it from Deviantart, or more specifically, an account on thereof (Deviantart), that goes by the name, "MMDFantage?" If so, would you mind adding a note of credit to the creator of the "picture," if you haven't already?
Sorry if I am incorrect, or if this brings upon any inconvenience to you.
Thank ye! :heart:

4298415 I used a poster-makig website. More specifically, this one. Look under "Products", click on "Posters" and then scroll down to find the poster maker.

10/10, mostly for the charming little quips, especially for "timey wimey"

I felt the story was a little rushed. Still, an enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:

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