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The Elements of Harmony didn't work. Nightmare Moon won. Her beautiful night has been unending for over two years now, and her reign over Equestria is total.

Twilight and Pinkie Pie never gave up, even after everyone else did.

An infinity of praise be to Harwick for the cover art.

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I realized I was panelling at a convention this weekend, and I hadn't uploaded anything in like... a year. Disgraceful.

This was originally going to go up only when it was finished but... well, it's close enough.

Four more chapters have been written, and I'll be uploading them daily.

I also update at my non-fiction website weekly: Wholesome Rage

“Can you get me some arugala? And do you mind if I keep saying arugala? Because arugala sure is fun to say.”


“It’s a good hat. It looks good on you.”

Mare walks down the street in that hat, people know she's not afraid of anything.

Roseluck through a bouquet at Pinkie and it moved through the air like a firecracker, the rapid changes of all sorts of different angles and lightsources sending rippling sparks through the bundle in the night.



Well this sure is a mix of kind of comedic and kind of melancholy. I like it.

Welp, time to wait for months for a new chapter, I guess. Or I could just wait until it's finished and only read then.... choices, choices.

I don't see Dash ever giving up so nope


I mean. The story goes into that. The whole story's sort of about the reasons people do and don't fight overtly evil authority systems. It's pretty good.

Tell that to the season 5 finale.


And the Discord arc.

But she did it in one of Glimmer's timelines.

You've captured the season one feel pretty well so far. Except for Shining Armor existing, but Nightmare Moon is surely working on that.

You seem to have managed something I thought impossible. You got into the mind of Pinkie Pie and then put that insanity-which-makes-sense that you found there into word. Of all written works I have read about Pinkie, this is one of the very best renditions I have seen.

I salute you! And I give this a fave, too.

40k... is usually not enough for me to start binge reading :P I need at least 100k before I start considering reading an incomplete story, usually. But The Mare Who Once Lived On The Moon was awesome, so I’ll have to go for it anyway! :twilightsmile:

Oh I remember some of this!

Okay, [Romance] tag, Pinkie giving Twilight flowers, let's do this.

Wonderful beginning! Best "hook" I've seen in ages. :pinkiehappy:

Amazing so far! Gosh I can't wait to read more <3

“A crossword puzzle, double cross, going down
Six letter word for the biggest bitch in Equestria
Final hint; Ends in ‘why’”

Oh man. I love it.

Banter! Lots of great banter.

Spike tugged Twilight’s fishnet stockings, and raised an eyebrow. “It looks good! Like something Raven would wear to a nightclub.”

Twilight looked furious. “Spike! What have I told you about reading DC?”

DC has come back strong in recent years. Tom King is (usually) a terrific Batman writer, Jessica is a fantastic Green Lantern, we got the Hall of Justice back and... okay, both of the Titans books are terrible, but the '03 show is coming back so that balances it out!

All the Superman books have been fantastic lately. I expected to hate Brian Micheal Bendis, but so far he's been terrific.

Spike tugged Twilight’s fishnet stockings, and raised an eyebrow. “It looks good! Like something Raven would wear to a nightclub.”

I see what you did there. :trixieshiftright:

Wait what's this about the '03 show coming back and not the live action

If I remember right at the end of Teen Titans go movie had the 03 titans saying that they are back or something.

“Well, at least he read Sandman.”

SandMAN now is it?

Spike shook his head, fists on his hips, tapping his foot at her. “

Is there missing dialogue here or is that just a wayward quotation mark?

Oh, clearly I meant the live action show because it looks like it'll match the tone perfectly.

*Sarcasm over.

So, no one knows if the '03 show is back back, but they directly stated that they're returning in some form in the stinger for Teen Titans Go to the Movies, the cast has been vocal about wanting a return, and they started playing re-runs of the original on Cartoon Network.

I think the logic is; if Go can pull these numbers, what could the good one do?

Oh, sidenote: Grant Morrison is doing the new Green Lantern book in a few weeks. I'm so excited!

Really interesting so far, can't wait to see where this goes.

Until proven otherwise, I'm assuming Black Snooty put Celestia in the Moon to infuse moonlight with solar magic.

Of COURSE poisonous things like Nightshade grow well under moonlight.

Rhubarb is poisonous too actually. I'm sensing a trend. I bet Asparagus does great too, and Tomatoes as a relative of nightshade. Oh, and potatoes. Tobacco, if they have it.

Magical ecology adapts MUCH faster than the mundane counterpart, especially when Earth Ponies get involved.

Twilight is going to HATE those flowers, mostly because she likes them.

Well, that's enough speculation. Onwards!

I think it’d be good if you took some time off.”

Oh, that's gonna end well.

"Darling, that outfit suits you so well..."

Quotation mark. Snip

Oh dammit Twilight don't go the Sherlock route. Amphetamines or whatever you're putting yourself on is NOT the solution. If that would be useful and sustainable for ANYTHING it would be for a sprint, and this is a marathon.

Neither is burning out. Which I'm amazed you haven't done yet already.

Admitting how you feel about Pinkie would honestly probably help you with that. The kind of distraction that keeps you functioning.

It's good that she knows she's having problems and just doesn't know what to do about it.

I was wrong about her reaction to the flowers. Or rather, the reason. I thought she'd resent something beautiful coming from the eternal night, not that it was reminding her of her feelings.


Oof. I hope Dash doesn't fall into the trap of there always being something bigger you could get fired for.

Noooo Twilight what are you doing

The position of Smoocher-In-Chief is currently vacant, you gotta do something about that :raritydespair:

Yay communication!

I don't completely relate to overthinking everything, what are you talking about?

Pinkies are very insightful. And owls are very wise.

I'm really glad they've got the initial bit worked out. I just hope we get Pinkie smooching Modern Witch Twilight sooner rather than later, that's all.

And yeah, exhaustion is the big problem everyone who really cares understands now.

Teenagers in Ponyville. It's a good image.

Still trying to figure out why the elements failed this time. Unless Dash or Rarity were the weak link in the elements? Or in this universe they aren't half conceptual? Or too much spite towards Nightmare Moon to make Harmony work? I guess we'll find out.

Yep, amphetamines. Thought so.

I wonder how they're keeping Discord from breaking loose. Nightmare Moon stalking around the royal gardens has to be putting cracks in that statue every time she gets within twenty feet.

Applejack is being entirely too sensible and makes me think she needs a whap upside the head. This is why the personal assessment needs an Integrity axis. Also, this is why irrational rebellion is a survival trait to have as a species. It's a defense against the social predators who are good at game theory.

All this buildup...we'll have to see what it's like in Canterlot and with Rarity as Nightmare Moon's seneschal. I wonder why she didn't set up her castle in the Everfree in this world? In Starlight's Nightmareverse, her castle was seriously stylish. Was it just to distinguish that world from this one? Or because she hasn't gotten around to booting out Twilight and reclaiming the Castle of the Two Sisters as a palace to get away from her court? Inquiring minds want to know!


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Twilight in Dark Magical Girl colors...oh my. Now if only they can get out of this alive and free. I hope Nightmare Moon really is off in the North.

Whatever happens next, I do dearly hope the onomatopoeia "scaTHOOOOM!" is involved.

So yeah, unless Rarity is playing a two-or-more layered game here? She's why the elements didn't form. Selfishness. If everything is at it appears, she needs a good zorching. Or, if Twilight isn't up to killing anyone, a really nasty scarring pox. With pus.

...It occurs to me actually. We know their pasts roughly line up but has Pinkie actually described their cutie marks yet? Is this a Starlightverse? Am I barking up the wrong tree here?

I REALLY hope Fancy knows how to teleport.

“Well. They might not know to go raise a family, but they still want to... find a mate.”

Oof, Fluttershy is surrounded at all times by dozens of birds shouting "Lemme smash"

I'm with Pinkie, this kind of talk isn't boring at all. Most ponies are weird.

Hi Moondancer! Are you the new Rarity?

Man, getting out of here before someone messages Nightmare Moon just gets less and less likely...

Everyone loves the Background Pony spell.

Sandstallion, by Stardust! Squeeeeeee!


So yeah, I love the banter. All of it.

And the fact that Group Invisibility makes you hallucinate the other people covered by the spell. And of course I'm always a fan of how you write telekinetic martial arts. Little things.

Time to put those invitation skills to use for a grimmer purpose.

So suppose they manage to power up the Tree. That won't revive the elements unless they also find a substitute Rarity. Or unless Pinkie can hold two-three elements at once. Then again, that's in line with how Celestia and Luna did it fighting Discord. And she definitely qualifies for Loyalty and Generosity at this point.

I really love what you've done with Cadance and Shining here. Also, I'd actually put my money on Cadance in a longer war for a number of reasons. ESPECIALLY if there's espionage and resistance involved. Which, oh look!

The biggest thing, I think, is bringing enough people together in time and rekindling enough hope to fight again. And doing it in time.

Helping other people help is an incredibly valuable lesson, very topical.

Good on Dash, picking a moment.

I am still very disappointed in you, Fluttershy. At least Applejack got a better perspective when it was rubbed in her face. So far, you're just here because you don't have a choice. Very. Disappointed.

Darn it Twilight, if you don't take a break too and make with the smooches... but of course you can't, because you finally have research to do. So that was NOT the right thing to say. Darn Purplesmart, why do you have to be so unwise?

I love your story. 😻

Mm, kinda wish Twilight was shipping with Nightmare, but pretty good so far.

I see Pinkie Pie and Twilight and my heart finds joy.:pinkiesmile:

Wow, getting out with it quickly here.

It's nice that Rainbow is back, but I was really hoping to see three anonymous Shadowbolts get savaged by Harry and Angel.

If you ever need help, break it. Just stepping on it should work perfectly.

Chekov's pendant?

Huh, Pinkie actually aknowledged there is something different about Twilight liking girls. Neat.
Most stories just have ponies brush off homosexuality almost as if it's the standard, like, they find out a mare has a crush on another mare, and just say, "That's wonderful!" like it's what to expect.
It's nice that Pinkie actually commented about it, even if it was just a couple lines. Doesn't need to be a source of drama, but you know, it makes the world feel a little more real.

I absolutely adore the way you write Pinkie. Empathetic, sharp, perspective, diplomatic... the way you’re able to convey her perspective feels very true to her character.

Not to mention the scenario at play here, the memorable character moments, beautiful imagry, everything. I’m absolutely hooked on this story!

So... wait. There's zero way that Nightmare doesn't like... 100% know that Twilight is still in the castle. Did they just like, fuck off for a quick twenty minutes and wait for Nightmare to leave after the Elements broke or?

Or does she secretly want them to win, does she secretly want to be stopped, is she making their lives hell to push them together and get the elements to work right this time like you know who in Mare?

Could be a "no one is that stupid" moment where Nightmare Moon doesn't expect Twilight to stay in the giant castle because it's so conspicuous. Kind of like Luke Skywalker keeping his dad's last name and being sent to live with his dad's family to, in turn, hide him from his dad. It's so stupid that Darth Vader doesn't even think of it as a possibility.
I'm more confused by the vault full of bits left in the old castle.
Just... why?

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