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My name is Twilight Sparkle, and this is how I became a wraith.

The backstory of Twaith from the Twaithverse.

Thank you to Foals Errand for prereading.
The art is by Everlasting Derp.

Chapters (6)

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I am a wraith.

A comment driven story following an alternate universe where Twilight is hundreds of years old, Sunset stayed Celestia's pupil, and everyone has the hots for Twaith. Okay, almost everyone. Lets see where this goes!

Teen Sex because of expectations of the internet... and myself.

Join the Twaithverse here!

Thank you to TheStarsOfPines for the current cover art.

Here is the original, confusing, cover art.
Here is the second cover art that had been used.
The third! Done by the same as the current.

Chapters (54)

Twilight adopts a wounded baby tentacle beast from Fluttershy for the sake of researching the never before seen monster. This is their story.

Trigger Warnings: Journal style writing

Thank you Foals Errand and ZodiacSpear for prereading.

Chapters (3)

Twilight has a few questions for a certain someone. Will that someone play along though?

Chapters (1)

A week has passed after the canterlot wedding. When a living pile of black slime appears at twilight's house. It reminds her of when her friends, her brother, spike, and her mentor did not believe her when she know that something was up with cadence. Now the monster makes her believe that one day they will turn away from her and leave her all alone. Anger will become her weapon, Anger will make them pay. Soon all will know to never turn there back on...VENOM!!!

Story inspired by vampdash's venom rising
edited by King of Kings

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to My little Venom: a monster inside

Nearly a year after the black symbiote was locked away, Twilight has managed to forget about the whole thing. But when an old rival returns seeking revenge with the help of a new friend it can only mean trouble. To make things worst they'll need the help of a symbiote.
edited by King of Kings

There will be slight hint to TwiDash

As a alternative to the magic duel episode.
The story continues.

Chapters (6)

For five years Chrysalis has spied on the pony solely responsible for her downfall during the Canterlot Invasion. How Twilight has able to see past her? What was her history? And why did Chrysalis find herself so attracted to her? After discovering her feelings for the purple alicorn, Chrysalis attemps to flee Ponyville, only to be captured. Left with no other choice, she is forced to agree to be a part of Equestrian Government.

Chapters (9)

Failing once in her attempt to take Canterlot and failing again in her attempt to take down Twilight, one would think Chrysalis would have cut her losses and let things be, but the queen has once again appeared, this time in broad daylight with no disguise and no army. Her weapon of choice? Diplomacy.

Now Twilight is having to deal with the changeling queen, but surely putting up with her antics will be worth the knowledge she's willing to provide about her mysterious race and the potential undiscovered agents still within their midst...right?

Takes place before Magical Mystery Cure and diverges from there.

With thanks to MisterGunpowder for proofreading and editing.

Revision History:

05/09/2015: Chapter 1 updated with millions of little corrections.
05/20/2015: Chapter 2 revised and edited with another million small and large corrections.
06/12/2015: Chapter 3 given a thorough editing and revision.
06/23/2015: Chapter 4 taken to the gutter and edited twice to be sure.
07/14/2015: Chapter 5 thoroughly brutalized with the editing stick.
08/03/2016: Chapter 6 finally edited. Yes, I'm still alive, dammit.
09/29/2016: Chapter 7 fell out of the editing tree and hit every editing branch on the way down.
10/26/2016: Chapter 8 has emerged from the editing emergency room.
11/17/2016: Chapter 9 found and edited. No casualties reported.
11/30/2016: Chapter 10 treated for whiplash after lightning fast editing.
12/22/2016: Chapter 11 edited. Chrysalis shot first.
01/17/2017: Epilogue edited. Time to hit the cider.

Chapters (12)

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if all who behold you see naught but a monster? Given the chance, can this view change? Sometimes, it just takes one person to reach out...and help.

This story is rated T for violence, use of alcohol, and suggestive sexual references and situations.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters directly associated with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, nor the original story.

Cover art used with full permission from mysticalpha

As I'm sure you can tell by the dates of submission, this story was started quite some time ago. Instead of completely ignoring things that have happened since season 3 on, this will be an alternate reality that branched from shortly before Twilight began the path to become an alicorn.

Chapters (9)

Chrysalis has the perfect scheme to bring Twilight Sparkle under her sway and have all that delicious love to herself. In fact, she'd dare say it's a real page turner.

Written in the spirit of FamousLastWords's "Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord" contest. No, this is not an entry, Alex. I'm not that much of a scumbag >:V

Preread by Cynewulf, Guldane, and Vdrake77.

Original artwork by Ohemo.

Chapters (1)