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1000 Upvotes · 12:37am Sep 15th, 2015

Wow...I'm kind of amazed Winds of Change got this far. Grateful, certainly, but still kind of surprised, too. This whole thing started out as an idea I ran with after a near decade long hiatus from fanfiction and finally ended with my first ever complete multi-chapter story. So...four months after the fact, where do things stand?

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Finished At Last! (Sort of...) · 8:08pm Apr 30th, 2015

It's finished! Finally! All it took was...dear Celestia, ten months! Bloody Tartarus that seems like forever ago...well, regardless of how long it's taken, it's finally finished! My first ever multi-chaptered story is finally complete at almost 70k words! Time to go celebrate with Blackjack and Apple Cider. But before that, let's answer a few preemptive questions.

1) Is there a sequel planned?

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Let's Talk About Flash... · 9:57pm Jul 21st, 2014

As you may have guessed from my author's profile, I'm very new to FimFiction and to the fandom in general. Sure, I've definitely seen the show and all of the episodes and even read a few of the comics here and there, but I've never actually been involved with the fandom until now. When I wrote the third chapter of Winds of Change, I probably should have seen this landmine coming, but unfortunately I ran right over it and the comment section exploded with praise and abuse for Flash. Oh

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