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Equestria, the land of happiness and freedom, the land where people are constantly nice to one another, where harmony reigns supreme... for the ponies, at least.

For everyone else? You're treated like an alien most of the time, and when you're not, Equestria will find a way to make it extremely difficult for you. For me, it did just that upon my sudden and forced arrival. The second I wake up, I'm attacked by a group of pony hunters, and I'm just going to guess it was because I'm not exactly a pony, or human as a matter of fact.

Yeah, I'm some type of monster that I didn't even know about; I'm some kind of mix between a ram, a human and death. It looks disgusting as well as a little scary, but now I got to worry about surviving in this weird land.

How will I do that? I haven't the slightest clue...

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First fic ever
Need an editor?

After testing Symmetra's new teleporter, Bastion ends up in another dimension. With his presence among the ponies, the timeline has changed. The ponies and robot will have to face powerfull ennemies who wants to kill them all for unknown reasons. On top of everything else, the ponies will have to find a way to keep a war machine with PTSD sane, for their own good.

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Displaced story
Go to Toronto Comicon, check. Buy Dino Thunder Red helmet , yup. End up as a fossil in an Equestria, thats a new one for me.
Hi my name is, or was, Dave (no relation to the PR of the same last name) know hoever I go by Conner. I fell in love with the Power Rangers when I first watched Dino Thunder episode 1 Day of the Dino. but I never thought being a Dino Ranger was so hard, or repetitive

Do not ask for longer chapters. I am working on it.

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[Data Capture Is Activated, Master.]

Thank you, Seras.

My name is Delta-12, I am a new Cybran Commander on the Uncharted Alien World of Equis. I have no set mission as I am currently a Displaced with no proof of Cybran existence except a small defunct base that was left to me. As such I have made it my mission to build up my forces and prepare for threats that might endanger me or the friendly inhabitants who have taken me in.

The problem in that is... said inhabitants, along with the rest of the planet, seem to be on a scale my forces are not prepared for.

yes indeed this is going to be another displaced fic from yours truly, and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I love writing it.

Tags and rating will change depending on how much the later chapters evolve.

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Kris, Steven, and Dusty are three brothers... not in blood, but in arms. Kris and Steven have been together since the beginning, and their newest member Dusty has been with the war hero's for two weeks. As the three men race to survive the sudden surprise they found in France, they escape death by the skin of their teeth, but it wasn't any walk in the park. Steven is hurt, and the squads sharpshooter can no longer see. For these three war hero's, to them, war never changes, but when they end up in a situation that is beyond human comprehension. The three men are the last hope to help save the world from a dark and powerful force... one, that is far worse than Hitler's Elite SS troops.

How will the heroes survive and will they ever make it back home? Well even they don't know, they only have each other... and their new squad mates to rely on.

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Hello, I am Jenna or Sal'Ador now that I have arrived in equestria, I am a Deathknight Worgan that is gonna have to fight powerful forces of evil, become a hero in these pony's eyes, and all in the while running away from two princesses and 6 ponies that think i'm evil due to a... traumatizing event a few thousand years ago.

So with my weapon and a horde of timber wolfs by my side, I head north to where ice is everywhere to make my new empire there and maybe fight a few evil overlords in the meantime.

Now how do I survive in a world as a undead wolf human hybrid that is filled with anthro ponies?

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Jorge-052 gave everything for his species, his planet, and his squad. Or at least, he thought he did. He did not expect to survive the destruction of the super carrier. And he certainly did not expect to be dumped into a world of colorful talking ponies. The battle-hardened, bred-to-kill super soldier may find himself a little bit out of his comfort zone.

Special thanks to Jack Kellar and Arxsys for helping me make my story as good as I can possibly get it. Appreciate it you guys :pinkiehappy:

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The past is an unusual thing, sometimes it can bring pain or it can bring happy memories. Maximilian has known pain and suffering for 17 years of his life. Dealing with the past is painful, But what if there was something in the past he had no clue existed? Something dealing with Equestria.

This story is about coming to terms with the past and making a new beginning in a setting unlike Max has ever seen. It's a story about going to Equestria and discovering secrets and finding the biggest thing of them all... Hope.

Hi, everypony, My name is Maximilian and this is my first fanfic. I am excited to bring you this tale of intrigue and mystery and a lot of fun along the way. Comments are always welcome and also encouraged. However, I do ask to not be cruel.

This Story has a few references from Digimon, and Undertale. Possibly a few from Dragon Ball Z. They are not exactly crossovers, but there are a few cameos from time to time. I hope you enjoy this and let me know what you think.

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There is a legend. A legend of six heroes destined to protect Equestria from danger. But these six are not the Elements of Harmony. They are more.

The Steadfast Commander.
The True Genius.
The Vigilant Eye.
The Merciless Wrath.
The Fighting Spirit.
The Lone Wolf.

They are the true Protectors of Equestria.
They are the Guardians.
They are Noble.

Alright, so here is the story I have teased on my blog, The Noble Guardians! If you already guessed the concept, good for you! But for the rest of you, this is a Halo: Reach Crossover. I have seen a couple fics in which Six or Jorge are brought to Equestria, but they were always alone, so I decided to bring them all together as one. This will follow the show's storyline, with Noble acting as additional characters to the episodes, but don't worry, I guarantee they will be major characters with their own arcs and there will be plenty of original situations. I will also most likely skip any episodes in which Noble would have little to no involvement. (This will be few and far between, one example being "Call of the Cutie" I mean, even the Mane Six are only minor characters in that episode. I'll probably either mention those in passing or have another story going on with those episodes occurring in the background.) Anyway, see how Noble reacts to becoming Equestria's destined protectors!
Cover image credit goes to Gekko3309.
Naturally, this story contains spoilers for Halo: Reach

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He became The Master Of Death when he collected the Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand from the Final Battle, since he already owned the famous Invisibility Cloak. What if one day, A powerful entity has watched Harry over the years decided it was time for him to go to His Next Great Adventure in this new world full of talking Ponies.

What will the Ponies think of the new stallion who has a Death Wish, the love of a Nightmare Goddess, and the senses of saving people?

Let's Find Out!!!

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