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The Alicorn Of Death - WhalenJP

What if Harry wasn't just a powerful Wizard? What if he became the Master of Death after killing Voldemort? What if he and his godson, Teddy, get sent to another dimension of pastel talking ponies? What If he meets The Mane Six and the Princesses?

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Chapter 16: When Everything Begins...

Chapter 16: When Everything Begins…

The orb that surrounded Harry Potter pulsed and throbbed with power; tendrils of light spreading from it and connecting to the Alicorn Sisters, two Changeling Queens, and a young colt.

Then they all receded back into itself, the orb pulsing at a quicker pace…

Celestia and Luna woke up first, rubbing their temples with their hands to get rid of the headache; before freezing at the orb as it began to collapse inwards, shrinking in on itself.

Celestia felt a small burst of panic enter her at the thought of the only closest thing she had to a son being taken away…

Daybreaker felt the same and tried to get her host/sister to where the orb was...

The Alicorn tried to lunge towards the shrinking orb, only for Luna to grab her and hold her back.

“ Hold...on, Tia!... Will...you...wait?!” Luna asked, a mixture of Nightmare’s voice being implemented as they both used their strength to hold their sister back.

The struggling Solar Diarch slowed to a halt, her magenta eyes tearing up at the smaller orb hovering in front of the waking group.

“ Dad… no...” Whispered Teddy.

He watched with tears in his eyes, Amethyst rubbed his back and pulling the colt into a comforting hug, her eyes dim.

Even though the Queen didn’t know Harry all that much; the emotions that Teddy showed for him was that of a family, someone to look up to…

A hero…

That’s when the orb shattered, leaving a bright light to fill the room, causing everypony to cover their eyes as to not get blinded…

Then the light dimmed down to a bearable level, making the ponies lower their hands and stare at the sight before them in shock.

Floating a few inches off the ground, his arms spread slightly; was Harry…

His green eyes were glowing bright with power, his horn elongated a few inches more than before the lightshow happened.

Celestia had a feeling, a hunch that Daybreaker shared as the young stallion’s feet landed on the floor.

Could it be… She thought in her head, her eyes softening as she walked closer to him.

Luna and Nightmare let their sister go, feeling as if they should let this happen…

Harry blinked his eyes, the emerald glow fading and winking out of existence as he held his hand to his temple, wincing at the migraine that formed from whatever happened.

“ Ow… That’s gonna be felt in the morning, I’ll tell you lot that.” He said, his tone joking and pained.

The room chuckled lightly, the tension in the air receding to comfortable levels once they all saw that the stallion was alright.

Celestia stopped a couple feet away from Harry, their eyes making contact with each other; their auras showing in the real world; mixing and introducing themselves to the other…

One full of magic and Death, the other full of life, the sun, and a mother’s love…

Harry smiled, his eyes lighting up as he broke the silence.

Hey...Mum…” He said, feeling a weird flutter in his chest as he said the unfamiliar term.

Celestia felt her heart warm at the term she was called by the young stallion standing in front of her, causing her eyes to water.

Harry’s eyes widened at the sight of the Solar Diarch crying, thinking he did something wrong…

Oh Bollocks. Was the stallion’s thought, before he got wrapped up in a tight hug by the older Alicorn.

The mare in question shut her eyes as tears slid down her cheeks, a feeling of longing panging through her body as she felt her heart scarred with a millennia of trauma begin to finally heal.

Daybreaker smiled reassuringly inside the Alicorn’s head, whispering comforting things and encouragement to her sister.

The other occupants watched with uncomfortable expressions as they saw the normally composed and smiling Celestia cry her heart out…

Luna felt her lips quiver and took a small calming breath, her emotions mixed with Nightmare’s were running rampant at the sight.

Nightmare felt her love for Harry grow as she watched from Luna’s eyes, seeing the sight of him calming her once arch-enemy.

Harry’s arms wrapped around Celestia’s torso, careful to avoid the Alicorn’s large wings that were folded on her back.

He felt his eyes close at the feeling of safety surrounding him along with familial love that he felt only with the Weasley family and Hermione.

It was quiet for a tiny bit as they relaxed in the embrace; before Harry’s back began to suddenly itch, causing him to flinch at the interruption of the moment…

He hesitantly pulled back from Celestia’s embrace and reached behind to scratch the bothersome sensation…

Celestia watched as Harry reached behind himself before her eyes widened at the sight of the large raven black wings that sprouted out of nowhere.

Harry blinked at feeling muscles he was sure that weren’t there before; then saw his… mother’s eyes were wide at whatever was behind him.

“ What?” He asked, confused at why everyone was looking at him with shock, before turning his head to look at what the cause of the emotion was…

Then his green eyes widened as he joined the staring.

The wings were long, as long as Princess Celestia’s that were raven black with red and gold primary feathers edging the tips of the new feathery appendages.

He experimentally closed the wings, imagining a hand clenched into a fist; then saw the wings fold back against his spine, a sense of heaviness settling onto his back.

“ How…” he muttered, still slightly flabbergasted at how he had wings, along with a longer horn that he never used.

He always had the Elder Wand within his arm holster as well as his original Holly wand in the left one as a backup…

Maybe one day… He thought to himself as he turned towards the slack jawed group.

“ Hehe… Surprise?” He said, a sheepish grin on his face.

*Meanwhile elsewhere*

Death watched the events of Harry’s adventure through a crystal mirror; a smile on her face as she thought back to when they first met at the end of the Second Wizarding War…

“ I was always proud of ou for defying Voldemort when you were naught but a babe, then again when you were young and the final time as an adult. But now…” She said.

Then Her smile became one of a grin, her eyes lighting up the dark room in an eerie glow of her magic reacting to the emotions she was experiencing.

Death stood from her throne of bones and banished the mirror to places unknown, humming a tune called ‘ Funeral’s March’ under her nonexistent breath.

“ But now, I can finally call you someone I’ve waited a long time for… My Master…” She finished, laughing.

Then she reached a hand up next to her head and snapped her fingers, shrouding the room into darkness…

“ You were always worthy of the title, and perhaps the perks it comes with, since you are humble and know not to abuse that power I have gifted you; You are SO much better than the others.” Death said as she vanished from her realm.


Author's Note:

A/N: First off... Before you say anything that's like ' This chapter is too short, make it longer!' or ' Where the hell have you been?!' I've been busy to the second question.

As for the first...

I've been burnt out of writing this story, so I decided to make a short last chapter, because even with the great suggestion for the next few chapters, I couldn't put them into words; especially not with the small amount of time I have these days of writing, making and editing videos, and going to work for a few hours.

If you guys and gals want to continue this story, lemme know in the comments and I'll respond. Just make sure you give me credit for the idea, and I want to see how all of you can make it better.

Now on that note, everything's getting stressful what with COPPA invading YouTube and work causing me to have murderous intentions, I think I'm gonna take a break from writing other stories for a tiny bit; get my flow and rhythm back, ya know?

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this rushed journey of Harry Potter, and I'll see you all next time.


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This story was nice and left it a bit open for a sequel. It leaves me with an idea for one, but whether or not I decide to pursue it I have yet to decide.

Also, don't forget to mark your story as complete.

Nice work

Oof this is the end? I feel there is so much more to be expanded on in this story. I’ll say I wouldn’t mind a sequel but I am not one for ideas so hope ya or someone else can think of some ideas anyways this was a decent story could’ve been better but then when can something not be better?

And another great story gets shelved :facehoof:

It's not that it gets shelves, I just don't have the time to work on other fics, especially since I'm editing my videos more and working in Rip & Tear in a better story writing style that is more than what I did for THIS fic.

But anyone can continue it, disregard it, etcetera. It's not that this is a waste of time, its just that I don't have the time to make it longer or better.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to come of Dick-ish sounding. I have just seen to many good fics get abandoned or canceled lately.

It’s even worse when it happens to good ones for Harry Potter or SCP.

I am hoping you might come back and rewrite it at some point though!

It's ok, I actually understand what you mean. And I MIGHT do a rewrite to make the writing style properly, adding small bits of difference here and there, maybe.

The wings were long, as long as Princess Celestia’s that were raven black with red and gold primary feathers edging the tips of the new feathery appendages.

Harry is become Lord Edgelord, Edgiest of Lords and Lord of all Edges.:rainbowlaugh:

It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully it'll continue someday, someway.

Most excellent.

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