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The Alicorn Of Death - WhalenJP

What if Harry wasn't just a powerful Wizard? What if he became the Master of Death after killing Voldemort? What if he and his godson, Teddy, get sent to another dimension of pastel talking ponies? What If he meets The Mane Six and the Princesses?

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Chapter 05: The Boy Who Had A Nightmare

Chapter 05: The Boy Who Had A Nightmare…

In Canterlot Castle, Teddy Lupin was asleep, being carried by Princess Luna, who was now wearing a silky nightwear that was compared to shirt and pants, a difference in her normal attire.

The Lunar Diarch smiled down at the sleeping young colt, ignoring the sly grin the her older sister seemed to shoot her.

Then there was a flash and a click, making Luna’s head shoot up in surprise at the camera in Nightmare Moon’s hands, her grinning evilly that made her have shivers down her spine.

“ Now that’s one for your scrapbook Celestia.” She said, handing the Solar Diarch the camera.

Celestia rolled her eyes, but smiled anyways.

After being in the same room for a few minutes without giant fireballs and eternal night happening due to the little colt in Luna’s arms, the two relaxed to each other’s presence into talking terms.

That’s a good thing, otherwise I would’ve forced them into a room to make out with each other and the shipping would have ensued without Cadance’s help...

Anyways, after Luna tucked in Teddy, she tiptoed to the door and shut it gently.

The three Alicorns made their way to an lounge like area with a couple of couches and area coffee table, along with a large mahogany oak desk with an office chair behind it.

This was obviously Celestia’s study. One that she barely uses besides paperwork or to relax from her duties, which were rare before Luna (and Nightmare) returned from the moon.

Celestia opened a cabinet, taking out three large glasses and and bottle that looked to have been preserved for a long long time.

Luna eyed the bottle in curiosity before she took it into her magic to get a closer look.

Her eyes widened at the name and date…

“ Tia, Is this… Bottled MoonRay? Where did you get this?” She wheezed out, feeling faint that her sister got her hands on a creation that Luna herself brewed.

The alabaster Alicorn smirked as she set the glasses on the table with cubes of ice in them, before sitting down herself.

“ It is the first bottle you successfully brewed since 0090 C&LR, a decade before your banishment. I kept it perfectly preserved for an occasion such as your return.”

She took the bottle, uncorked it with a loud POP, and began pouring silvery white liquid that seemed to be ethereal in the dim lighting of the lamp in the corner of the study.

After pouring the alcohol to Luna and Nightmare’s glasses, she poured one for herself, taking a small sip.

Her magenta eyes then glowed with a starry constellation swirling in them for a moment, before they faded to normal.

“ I’ve not had MoonRay in centuries.” Celestia moaned out as she felt like melting into a puddle of ecstasy on the couch.

Nightmare took a tentative sip, then practically moaned lewdly as she followed the Solar Diarch in ecstasy.

Luna only took a gulp and raised an eyebrow, a deadpan expression on her face as she looked on.

Being the sole brewer of the MoonRay has its perks after all…

“ So, what shalt be done about young Mister Potter in Ponyville? I mean, there’s a chance that he is looking for young Teddy to kidnap him, or worse…” Nightmare asked, looking at the half empty glass of MoonRay in her hand, “ I don’t want to take any chances that this stallion is not his Godfather.”

Celestia, now that she’s snapped out of her bliss, turned serious and sat up, a posture that made Nightmare slightly flinch…

It was the look of a mother that would kill to protect her child…

“ If that stallion thinks he can harm a child, he’s got another thing coming.” Celestia practically growled.

The air shimmered with heat that was practically radiating from Celestia herself, making Luna and Nightmare uncomfortable.

Luna set her glass down on the table, and sat next to her older sister, putting her hands on her shoulders, saying,

“ Then we make sure Harry Potter can’t touch him, if it comes to that. If we’re wrong though…” Luna shuddered as she felt the raw power in the stallion’s core when she looked for him with a scrying spell, “ It could be catastrophic for everypony involved.”

Celestia calmed down, the fiery glow in her eyes returned to a gentle magenta.

“ I want you find him when he’s asleep, Lulu. Then we’ll truly know. Take Nightmare with you as well in case he tries anything.” She sighed, rubbing the bridge of her muzzle with her index finger and thumb, “ We don’t know how truly powerful this stallion could be.”

Luna nodded, then stiffened suddenly, her eyes wide in shock.

“ Speak of Luci and he shall appear…” She murmured, catching Nightmare and Celestia’s attention.

Luna turned towards them and spoke.

“ Harry Potter just fell asleep, and is having a dream.”

Elsewhere, the aforementioned stallion laying on the couch in the Golden Oaks Library, twisting and turning in his sleep with an expression of pain and discomfort…

Luna and Nightmare entered the Dreamscape, a Astral corridor filled with doors the color of the rainbow, and sitting in front of them was a grey is black metal door with a symbol on it, underneath the name Harry James Potter.

Luna blinked, feeling slightly shocked that the door was different then the rest, which were normally wood with the rare security door.

Nightmare traced the somehow familiar symbol on the door, feeling slightly weird as she came into contact with the warm metal...

“ Do you feel this, Luna?” The Mare In the Moon grabbed the Princess Of the Night’s hand and set it against the symbol.

Luna felt her eyebrows reach her hairline when she felt ice cold.

“ It’s cold, Nightmare, even more than a Wendigo’s breath.” She said.

Nightmare frowned, shaking her head as she grabbed the knob of the door.

“ That’s odd…” She turned the handle down, hearing a satisfying click, “ Because it felt warm to me.”

She opened the door and walked in with determination in her body, Luna following close after, keeping a wary eye out for anything that might sneak through the doorway...

Nightmare and Luna came to a sudden halt, horror in the form of wide eyes and dropped jaws at the scene before them…

The scene depicted of a castle that looked to be as grand as Canterlot Castle, but now it lays in ruin, smoke and fire billowing in the early morning, with ash falling down the sky and onto the ground full of the dead…

This wasn’t just some regular battle…

It was a slaughter…

“ What… What could cause all of this?” Nightmare spoke, feeling her breath being pushed out of her at the stench of the dead permeating the air.

Luna didn’t answer, only turned to look at a lone stallion with unruly black hair and emerald green eyes, standing in the middle of the pile.

He wasn’t moving, only staring down with a look of resignation, mixed with helplessness…

Then the pieces clicked together, and Luna and Nightmare looked at each other, who came to the same realisation.

This wasn’t a stallion looking to harm…

This was a stallion that had the world on his shoulders, going through hell ever since his childhood, doing what’s right for the world…

But at the cost of those close to him…

“ Every day, I think of them.” The stallion spoke with a Trottingham accent that sent shivers down the two mares’ spines.

It was alluring, charming, yet sad, painful…


He turned to them, looking to his right, his eyes gleaming with unshed tears, causing the two Alicorns have the urge to go over and comfort the stallion.

“ Everyday, I feel like what I do for the Greater Good, EVERYONE’S Greater Good, Those that are closest to me are in danger. I do my best to save everyone, but…” He stopped, turning to the bodies of a bushy haired woman, and a red haired stallion, hand in hand, peaceful looks on their ash covered faces, “ It’s not enough…”

The stallion who the two know now is Harry Potter, walked over to a blood soaked bench that had seen better days, and sat down, not minding the feel of blood in the bottom of his pants.

“ So…” The stallion asked, his painful eyes now glowing with curiosity, the scenery changed in seconds around them to the same area, albeit without the piles of dead bodies and ash filled skies.

Now it was just empty…

Luna and Nightmare found themselves sitting on opposite sides.

Luna’s eyes were wide once again, being this close proximity to a stallion with as much power to control his dreams, but now…

It felt like there was something else surrounding him, something more powerful than Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Discord and Nightmare Moon combined, not even close to a fraction of whatever was around Harry…

“ Am I dead?” Harry continued with a raised eyebrow.

Luna shook her head, smiling softly.

“ No, young Harry Potter, thou are not dead.”

Nightmare continued after Luna’s sentence, somehow knowing what was going to be said.

“ You are only asleep, and we came to talk with you about your Godson.”

Harry tensed, holding himself back from trying to grab the Elder Wand in his holster, until remembering that he was dreaming.

“ What about Teddy? Did you do something to him?” He was feeling a slight bit of panic and it must’ve shown on his face, because Nightmare Moon rested her sharply nailed hand on his left shoulder gently, grabbing his attention.

When green emerald jade met dragon slitted turquoise, there was a small moment of silence, before Nightmare spoke with a soothing tone,

“ Young Teddy is in Canterlot Castle with us, safe and unharmed.”

The assurance worked, and Harry slowly relaxed his muscles that ached like they have been at the Final Battle Of Hogwarts, the day Voldemort had well and truly died.

He sighed, putting his face in his hands, “ Thank god, he’s okay.”

He straightened up and suddenly wrapped an arm around the back of Luna’s shoulders, causing the Alicorn to stiffen and turn a tomato red.

“ Thank you for taking care of him while I was being a reckless idiot. There must be something I can do to repay you two?” Harry said, whispering in Luna’s ear, not knowing that Luna’s heart was rapidly beating.

Nightmare, who was snickering at Luna’s stiff form from the hug, slyly smirked at those words.

“ Well…” She started to say, but was interrupted by Luna breaking out of Harry’s one armed hug and slam her hand into the mare’s mouth.

“ NO!” The Night Princess basically shouted.

Nightmare pried her other’s hand off her mouth, continuing with slight amusement in her draconic eyes,

“ You didn’t let me finish, Lulu. I was going to say that Harry could come to Canterlot tomorrow, to reunite with his Godson.”

Luna who was still red, turned pink with slight embarrassment.

Harry wasn’t an idiot, and was internally imagining him making out with the two Alicorns and Death.

Then he shook his head gently, feeling slightly ridiculous at those lewd thoughts, Must’ve got those from Myrtle. He mused to himself.

Then the air seemed to crack with white, as if it was some window on the verge of collapse.

“ Looks like you’re waking up, young Harry. I guess we’ll see your worth in our bed.” Nightmare grinned lustfully as his vision faded to white.

You sneaky sonouva---

Harry opened his eyes and sat up on Twilight’s couch, yawning and stretching his muscles that were aching only slightly.

At least they didn’t hurt as much as the dream’s…

He head footsteps come down and saw a anthropomorphic purple dragon in a white crood neck shirt, jeans being held up by a belt, and also wearing socks, with red and white tennis shoes.

“ Morning.” Spike said, walking into the kitchen to make breakfast for himself, his older sister, and their guest.

“ G’morning Spike.” Harry groggily said, not having felt this tired ever since his Hogwarts days.

It was actually refreshing to sleep for once…

But that dream…

Harry shook off the images of the two beautiful Alicorns that were in his dream and came to the thought of what the dark one said to him.

“ He’s in Canterlot Castle…” He murmured to himself.

Twilight just came down the stairs and just barely heard him.

“ Mister Trotter? Who’s in Canterlot?” She inquired, but had an idea as to who her guest was referring to…

“ Teddy… My Godson… He’s in Canterlot Castle with the Princesses that you told me about before I slept. They are taking care of him.” He said, his body relaxing with relief still at the thought of his Godson being alright.

Twilight sat down next to Harry and smiled.

“ Well, that means Princess Celestia and Luna are taking care of him, then. He’s in good hands.”

He raised an eyebrow, replying,

“ Than what about the other one? Nightmare Moon?”

Teddy woke up in a VERY comfortable bed.

The soft mattress and silk comforter blanket made him not want to get up…

At least he dreamt of meeting legendary Princesses…

“ Good morning, Young Teddy.” A familiar voice rang out, making him jump a little and turn his head to whoever said it.

It was Princess Luna, wearing her attire that she wore last night, albeit unwrinkled, and a bit shiny with armor on her forearms, and a obsidian black crown around her horn giving the appearance of the royalty her heritage possessed.

Teddy was once again enamored by her beauty, which made Luna’s cheeks turn a little pink and smile at his dazed look.

I have a feeling that Harry is gonna be the same in person. She thought to herself as she and Teddy got ready for the day, her with daytime duties and Teddy waiting for his Godfather to show up.

But for some reason, Luna thought she heard someone scream in the distance with horror, “WHAT!?!?”

Author's Note:

Chapter 5 is now DONE!!! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I made it, I am sorry if it was fast paced, but I don't think I could've added anymore than that, but lemme know what you think!

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