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The Alicorn Of Death - WhalenJP

What if Harry wasn't just a powerful Wizard? What if he became the Master of Death after killing Voldemort? What if he and his godson, Teddy, get sent to another dimension of pastel talking ponies? What If he meets The Mane Six and the Princesses?

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Chapter 02: The Unicorn With The Lightning Scar

Chapter 02: The Unicorn With The Lightning Scar…

Twilight Sparkle, a powerful yet bookworm lavender unicorn, personal protégé of Princess Celestia, was bored.

She was wearing her normal attire of a purple skirt, a lavender blouse and red necktie tucked into her light blue vest, she was also wearing black ankle boots that her brother Spike got for her birthday a few months back.


Ever since the beginning of when she first got into Ponyville, there was a great many days when Monsters, Power Hungry Ponies, even the God of Chaos, attacked the quaint little town every other day.

She SHOULDN’T be bored…

Yet today was a normingly Boring day, and Twilight is spending it in her home, the Golden Oaks Library, which was a library inside a large tree…

And it was bigger on the inside as well…

She was sitting on her favorite reading couch, her muzzle in a book that had a strange symbol on it that signified something important.

She spotted the book from when she first moved in a couple years ago, and still couldn’t figure out what the written language is called!

Yet, she’ll figure it out…


Suddenly the front door knocked, and Twilight groaned,

Isn’t this a public library? I know it’s my home and all and they’re trying to be polite, but this is getting ridiculous! She thought as she called out,

“ It’s open!”

She was just about to turn back to the large book, when the door opened to a young stallion with a deathly grey coat and scruffy black mane that went down to his ears. His tail was the same but a little shorter above the ground.

He was wearing a fancy dress attire that caught Twilight’s attention.

He was wearing a fancy green dress shirt buttoned all the way up and a pair of old fashioned slacks with pinstripes, he also had a black vest with a lightning bolt cutie mark on his left breast, like her five point star cutie mark.

Twilight caught his emerald green eyes and saw pain, regret, death, and seem to be a little older than the rest of his body.

That is not counting the fact that his height seemed to be about the size of an adolescent colt, which was a slight cause for concern.

“ Hello, welcome to Golden Oaks Library! What can I do for you today?” Twilight greeted.

The stallion looked around for a moment, before locking onto her and replying, a Trottingham accent in his voice,

“ Hello. I am just… Passing through. Not sure what I’m looking for yet when I came here.”

Twilight noted the slight hesitation in his voice, and made a mental note to see if there were any records of him.

He looked a bit familiar to her for some reason…

Shaking away her musings internally, she got up from her couch, putting the book down onto where she sat a moment ago, not noticing his green eyes locking onto the cover with recognition.

She walked over to the stallion and held out her hand for a shake,

“ Hi! My name is Twilight Sparkle, I’m the Head Librarian of the place.”

The stallions lips grew into a slightly crooked and rogue grin that sent shivers down her spine.

“ I’m Harry… Harry Trotter. Pleasure to meet you, Miss Sparkle.”

He grabbed her hand and pecked it gently, causing Twilight to blush a little.

What a gentle stallion. She thought as they dropped their hands to their sides.

Harry looked around the library, before landing his eyes on the book Twilight was reading, where it was located on the couch and asked,

“ I’m sorry, but I can’t help but ask what you were reading? I feel like I should know that symbol.”

Technically that wasn’t a lie on Harry’s part, he does recognise the symbol of the Hallows after all…

Twilight blinked for a second, snapping out of her slight daze and looked back onto the couch where the book she tried to translate was sitting before shrugging,

“ It was here before I moved in two years ago. I asked if anypony recognised the book, but they said they don’t, I even tried reading it myself. It is still indecipherable.” She replied as she used her magic to levitate the large tome of a book towards them.

She didn’t notice the look Harry gave her as she used her magic; one of curiosity…

She handed the large book to Harry, and he plucked it gently from her aura and into his hands, staring at the cover with concentration.

“ I’m a little curious as to how it got here in the first place.” Twilight said, noticing the intensity of Harry’s gaze that was on the book.

The stallion’s eyes locked on with hers and smiled grimly, opening the book as he answered, taking in the familiar written language.

“ This is the book on The Deathly Hallows.”

Twilight blinked, slightly stunned at having this random stranger knowing the book just by a glance.

Then she noticed something that she overlooked, pinned on his lapel above the lightning bolt cutie mark...

It was the same symbol on the book, a line inside a circle surrounded by a triangle.

Is this a cult thing? Twilight thought to herself as she saw that Harry was immersed in the tome, reading the words left to right and turning a page every 30 seconds, reading the pages, turning the page, and repeat.

If it is, I need to warn the Princesses.

She was going to do just that, beginning to move back up the staircase behind her that would lead to her upper floor where her quill and parchment is at in her room; when Harry pulled out a smooth stick of dark wood with knobs in it, and pointed it at her.

Despite her curiosity, Twilight froze, her muscles tense and caught in a position of sneakiness, her left foot just above the ground.

It would’ve been amusing if she wasn’t so afraid.

Harry spoke, his tone cold and a bit of something else that Twilight could identify as anger.

“ I have one question for you, Miss Sparkle.”

His head lifted and his eyes met hers, and Twilight flinched at the whirling flames in those shining emerald orbs.

She gulped, answering around the knot in her throat,

“ Yes, Mr. Trotter?”

There was a slight gleam of amusement at the way Twilight’s voice squeaked, but Harry grew serious once again, his eyes turning into ones that she only saw in Princess Celestia’s eyes; Regret, Age, and War.

“ Where the bloody hell is my Godson?”

Author's Note:

FINALLY!!! I can work on this story!!! I apologize for the delays of updating my stories, but I had a severe case of writer's block, but now I'm back in it, ready with a couple new ideas to progress, but suggestions are welcome after the next chapter is done!

I hope you all enjoyed it, I will try and tone down the dirtiness in it like the last chapter.

See you all in the next Chapter, TOODLES!!!