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First fic ever
Need an editor?

After testing Symmetra's new teleporter, Bastion ends up in another dimension. With his presence among the ponies, the timeline has changed. The ponies and robot will have to face powerfull ennemies who wants to kill them all for unknown reasons. On top of everything else, the ponies will have to find a way to keep a war machine with PTSD sane, for their own good.

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Looking good! Also, FIRST!

I'm liking the looks of it ^~^ Faved.

Heartless machine with Post Traumatic Stress means fun to read~

Beep byoo boop

there is a bastion fimfic WHY HASENT ANYONE TOLD ME THIS
*gets triggerd*

7743887 the how come Blackdust comment be this old #1 · 2w, 3h ago ·

He was my editor but he had to quit 'cause he was too busy in real life.

True, it's been a while since we saw each other. Happy to talk to you again!:pinkiehappy:

This song inspired me to write this fic. I was addicted to it for a week or two. Same song non-stop.

7744481 i play overwatch and only play as Bastion!

FINALLY, a Bastion fic that isn't displaced, thank god.

I mostly play Roadhog or Ana and sometime D.VA.

Could be better, but it's the best Bastion story I could find. Sad faec.

What do you mean by nope?:rainbowhuh:

And I can (and will) try to improve but if you could give me any ideas, I'll appreciate it.

The second chapter is a time skip filled with exposition.

Could''Ve been better had the story continued from Bastion arriving on Equus, but nope! Time skip. Exposition. Confused and annoyed reader.

Comment posted by -Snackrifice- deleted Nov 28th, 2016

Thank you! If the help is about going over the chapers and correct errors, than I would really enjoy it.:pinkiehappy:

He's here, getting POTG against ponies.

Has Equestria always been racist? I know that robots can feel emotions but I didn't know Bastion can get PTSD. I also don't mind the dark tag.

That Equestria is racist because the three pony tribes united one or two years ago. So ponies of different races kinda hate each other. I'll get better with time.

If you watched the animated short 'The last Bastion' you can see that Bastion gets triggered when he hears a wood pecker that sounds like gun fire. And he gets war flashbacks or something.

7754849 Ouch. Bastion has his work cut out for him in that he'll be triggerered by anything that sounds remotely like gunfire, especially thunderstorms.

he has point only the sound of gun fire or something like would work. plus Bastion turn against to kill human before the war they use fight with the humans.
ptsd doesn't work like that it was a woodpecker's drilling startled it, reminding it of gunfire,

The projectile landed right on Bastion's chest, damaging but not killing him. He understood that, there weren't just innocent quadruped creature, they were aggressive. And Bastion knew how to communicate with hostile creature

arrow won't damage him. his armor titanium all it does bounce off.
plus he repair if arrow did do damage
bastion SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54
won't attack pony and way become he only hate human!
if these pony would be Anthro then he would kill them!

7754849 you got everything wrong the Bastion! did you do research on Bastion and Omnic?

Ok, I messed up a bit, but can't I change facts a bit? It's just a story.

Ps : I'll fix the part about the armor later.

Yeah I'm sorry but its critic time. First your making Bastions personally completely against what he really is, As in the Bastion short his combat program takes over when he heard what sounded like gun shots as that is what he was programmed to fight so being hit by an arrow would not trigger his programming as it does not fall under current time weaponry How ever magic and even cannon fire would trigger combat mode but ponies are simple and will run away the minute they know there outmatched which is every time a fight breaks out. Seconds your making him out as some mindless killing machine, which also does against the point of the omnics and what they believe and even the whole point of the up coming omnic crisis. Plus like in the short after he regains control he feels true sadness at what he did, calling out to Ganymede but when he doesn't show up he is really sad and alone. You seems to be looking more of the game side and how you or others play him and not on his real character.

These are just my thought you may not agree but to each his own.

7754407 sorry, was overwhelmed with finals and still kinda am, but you still need help?

7755766 can I use the intro chapter for a fic I'm planning?

Sure! Just mention me in the chapter's author note.

I forgot to ask before, but could you link me to your fic when it's out?

*GIANT LE GASP* NO WAY I FOUND A BASTION STORY AFTER FREAKIN 6 MONTHS THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep writing it, but it's gonna take a while since my overactive brain already has ideas for new fics. A one-shot that I'll start soon and two other stories. (One already published.)

Still, tell me what you liked about The first Bastion, maybe I'll get ideas to continue it faster.

7893808 Depends on which, the story, or the trailer?

The story. What you liked about it and what you think I could improve.

7893842 Hmmm... The first thing I notice is I didn't see basition's bird companion, where is he(she)? two, where is twilight? I don't know if this before the Luna's banishment or after it. Three I think you should make chapters less often but with bigger text's if possible. what I like? ohhh the whole story! I searched for such a story for a TON of time... Thank you, and come again! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by -Snackrifice- deleted Jan 24th, 2017

Bastion arrived in Equestria before Luna's banishement, so that's why Twilight isn't there. Ganymede (the bird) will be there, but later in the story.

One one my problems when writing is that I have difficulties writing longer chapters. I have an idea for a chapter and I can't expand it over 2 thousand words. The only way that I have to do that is to put more than one idea per chapter.

7894527 Well, that explains a lot! Tanks a lot


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