• Published 10th Dec 2018
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The Alicorn Of Death - WhalenJP

What if Harry wasn't just a powerful Wizard? What if he became the Master of Death after killing Voldemort? What if he and his godson, Teddy, get sent to another dimension of pastel talking ponies? What If he meets The Mane Six and the Princesses?

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Chapter 01: Greetings Master...

Chapter 01: Greetings Master, I’m Death…

Harry groaned as he opened his eyes, rubbing his hands to try and get the dizziness away and the blurriness to subside so he could see where the hell he was.

“...Ouch…” He said as he slowly sat up, looking around the dusty decaying room.

“ Where the hell am I?” He said, looking at the large golden throne with a blue type alloy made throne next to it.

“ I believe I can answer your question, Master?” said a woman’s voice behind him.

Harry whirled around, grabbing the Elder Wand and aimed it at whoever spoke to him, but stopped.

He stared…

In front of him was a woman, a beautiful woman who looked twenty years old and wearing scantily clad robes, slightly see through and leaving no room for the imagination that she was wearing nothing underneath.

Her black hair looked like it was floating around her head, as if being in an unforeseen breeze on a rather windy day.

The woman smiled, her pink lips quirking upwards a little bit as her black as coal eyes took him in.

“ I expected an arrogant man that would’ve become my Master, but you Young Man, are SO much better.” She said, swaying her hips as she made her way over to The Boy Who Lived.

Harry started taking a couple steps back, but realised his back was hitting stone, meaning he hit a wall.

The woman giggled, making the air seem colder than before, giving his skin and bones a shudder at the sound.

Harry gathered his courage and decided to get some answers,

“ Who the hell are you?” He demanded, the Elder Wand pointed at the beautiful woman’s heart.

“ Don’t you know who I am, Young Master?” She smirked, hands folded in front of her as she stopped a few feet away from Harry.

“ I don’t kno--” A thought hit him, a terrible terrible thought that was worse than imagining Hermione in lingerie when he was younger that one time.

Is this? He thought to himself before answering rather unsurely,

“ Are you Death?” He asked, his emerald eyes glowing curiously at the woman before him in a new light, as if she was an old friend.

The woman smiled, a prideful gleam in her soulless depths of eyes as she clapped her hands rather excitedly, bouncing up and down in glee.

You can imagine what reaction that action might have caused on Harry Jr…

“ Correct!” She said, smiling widely.

“ Have you come to take me to my Next Great Adventure, Lady Death?” Harry said this with respect.

It’s not everyday you meet somebody like Death…

Death Herself calmed down rather quickly at that, a sad smile on her lips as she shook her head.

“ Would you like me to, Master?” She said.

Harry blinked and thought about it for a second.

Even though I’m dead back where I was, I don’t think I want to move on before I find out the extent of my lifespan. He thought, using logic on testing everything in his magical arsenal and finding out if he truly was Immortal.

“ No, Lady Death, not yet anyway.” He answered, a smile on his lips.

Death suddenly moved, making the small space between them disappear as she pressed him against her and grabbed his head.

She planted her lips onto his, pressing her ample chest against his, making the reaction from Harry Jr. Worse.

Harry was confused about this course of action that she took.

Why was she kissing him as if she was his--



Might as well enjoy this bit in the story. He thought as both their actions turned steamy and rather kinky for the next hour or so…
After a… rather exciting hour, Harry and Death laid next to each other on the now warm stony floor, panting and holding each other close.

After a few minutes of silence, Harry turned his head to look at her and ask,

“ You never did answer my question, Love.”

Death thought to herself for a moment, before answering.

“ You are in the Realm Of The Dead, Master. It’s where all souls go to be judged whether or not one goes to Heaven, or goes straight to Hell.”

Harry nodded, satisfied that his question was answered.

Then a new one came to mind…

“ What do we do now, Death? Do I stay here forever, holding you lovingly in my arms as we make music together?” He said with a smile, while huddling closer to Death, who blushed.

“ Master, you have the dirtiest mind I have seen in my existence ever since Antioch.” She said to him, smirking lustfully.

He smirked back, quite accomplished at making the most feared entity in all of existence blush.

“ I believe there is a world that require someone of your expertise. Your… Saving-People-Thing that one girl calls you have?” Death said, sitting up and holding a bright globe of magic in her hands, looking into it.

Harry, curious as ever, looked with her.

The world was magical, so full of magic that it wasn’t even funny.

But the inhabitants are not humans, not just Wizards and Witches, but talking pastel colored ponies…

Harry looked inside the orb in awe, hypnotised at the way this world works from what he saw.

The Sun and Moon being controlled by two powerful and admittedly sexy looking goddesses with horns and wings.

The weather being controlled by winged pegasi that reminded him slightly of the Beauxbatons’ horses and Thestrals back in his world.

The food being produced by normal looking Ponies that have tremendous strength that make Hagrid look like a child.

Oh yeah, he was interested…

Harry nodded, making Death smirk at him,

“ You’re just wanting to see the sexy Alicorns, don’tcha?” She teased.

Harry did the only thing a mature adult could do…

… Stick out his tongue at her…

That made Death lean her head towards him and capture it in her teeth.

“Hmm, tasty.” She purred in his mind telepathically.

Then another hour of mind boggling activity involving tongue ensued…

Oh my dear god, that is not where you’re supposed to put that tongue, young man!

Author's Note:

Dear Lord, that was tramautic to think of. I feel a little bit hard just making this Chapter! Why do these adult hormones make me SUFFER!!!

Anyways, I tried my best to make it...yikes... but not too far otherwise I would have to get creative on that. This chapter is just the first of many many more with Harry and the Mane Six going about their daily lives and going on adventures...

Next Up: The Unicorn With The Lightning Scar…