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The Alicorn Of Death - WhalenJP

What if Harry wasn't just a powerful Wizard? What if he became the Master of Death after killing Voldemort? What if he and his godson, Teddy, get sent to another dimension of pastel talking ponies? What If he meets The Mane Six and the Princesses?

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Chapter 07: Godfather to Godson…

Chapter 07: Godfather to Godson…

“Sirius…” Harry whispered, staring at the man next to him.

Sirius Orion Black looked the same, except that he was a unicorn stallion like him with a greenish coat of fur, with the same raggedy hairstyle that went down to his shoulders, and beard is the same.

His clothing looked the same as when he fell through the Veil Of Death in the Department Of Mysteries.

He smiled at him,

“ Hello Harry. Long time no see.”

Harry gaped at the stallion next to him,

“What, how, who?” The stallion croaked out, feeling faint a bit.

Sirius chuckled, the noise snapping the younger stallion out of his shocked trance, speaking.

“ How am I here? Well, it's not the Resurrection Stone I'll tell you that, nor am I a Changeling or hallucination.”

Harry's jaw clenched, feeling confusion and slight frustration well up within him, not just because of what he just went through, but the fact that his Godfather was still alive without any reason on how...

“ Then how the bloody hell are you here?!” After jumping to his feet and pacing for a moment, the young stallion pointed his finger at his assumed Godfather, “ I saw you fall in the Veil!”

Sirius only held up a hand, stalling him from saying more,

“ Yes, yes I did. But tell me Harry… What IS the Veil?”

Harry thought long and hard about that answer for a moment…

Sirius continued, a smirk on his face at the sight of his Godson's brain gears steaming.

“ It was a portal, the only reason no one told anybody else about it is because?...” He trailed off, waiting for something.

“ ...Is because no one came back through.” Harry finished, sitting back down on the steps next to Sirius, “ Who else is here?”

Sirius tapped a finger to his chin, thinking for a moment, before answering,

“ I honestly don’t know if anyone came to this universe. Granted, there is a one in a million shot that Voldemort himself came through. But if he did, you could've just easily kicked his ass again.”

He then shrugged his shoulders, a look in his eyes suggest he is older than he really is, which was a cause for concern to Harry.

“ I tried for a long time, Prongslet. But I couldn't find a way back home to you. I went a little mad once I found out I couldn't leave.” Sirius said, his shoulders slumped a bit in regret.

Then he straightened up, smiling widely.

“ Then... You found your way here, Harry. You and your Godson, Teddy. I… I can finally have the chance to be the Godfather you need… That I neglected to be due to my idiocy all those years ago...”

Harry smiled back, eyes watering once again.

He did remember the promise Sirius gave him back in Third Year, when he found out Sirius was his Godfather and not his parents’ alleged murderer...

Sirius noticed the tears beginning to fall, he adjusted his sitting position, then wrapped his arms around the young stallion, squeezing a bit as Harry let the waterworks go.

“ It's ok Harry, it's ok , I'm here for ya. I'm not going anywhere.”

Harry wrapped his arms around his Godfather as well.

After the two held each other for a full ten minutes, before Sirius let go of his Godson, wiping the tears from the young stallion's eyes.

“ See? I'm real. If I wasn't, would I be able to hold you and comfort you?”

Harry nodded, sniffling and taking breaths to calm down.

“You really ARE, Padfoot.” He spoke, his voice hoarse from crying.

Sirius then grinned roguishly, clapping his hand onto Harry's right shoulder.

“ Good. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to flirt with those birds called Princesses.”

Harry snorted, imagining his Godfather trying to flirt with Nightmare Moon.

“ Now, Harry.” Sirius said, steepling his fingers and crossing his leg over the other, “ Let's talk about other things, say like… How to please a Nightmare in bed?”

If Harry was drinking something at that moment, he would've done the most epic spit take in the history if Equestria since Celestia with a barrel of water…

Instead he choked on his spit, coughing harshly for a moment before glaring at the grinning stallion.

“ We are not like that, Sirius. We’ve only just met for Merlin's sake!” Harry exclaimed.

The older stallion just continued grinning, then replied with a single sing-song tone in it,

“ Ah, but you didn't deny it~”

Harry only responded by giving him the bird, causing Sirius to bark with laughter…

Harry followed after, holding his sides as they ached in pain from the laughter…

After both of them calmed down, Sirius smirked and laid on his back, staring up at the night sky.

Then a voice called out from inside the castle, startling Harry and Sirius from their comfortable silence.

“ Dad! Where are you?”

Sirius clapped a hand on Harry’s shoulder, smiling as he got to his feet.

“ Welp, I best be getting home, don’t want the missus to be angry at me n’ all.”

Harry jumped up and practically tackled the older stallion, holding him tightly,

“ Please, don’t go, Sirius.” He croaked out.

He just got his Godfather back, if only he could bring everyone else, including Ginny and his parents, he would find a way to do so...

Sirius only patted Harry on the head, and gently pried him off, saying,

“ Harry, what did I tell ya? I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, I’m just going home for the night.”

Harry stammered, a little bit confused,

“ But…”

“ DAD!?” Said Teddy’s voice, getting closer and louder.

With a sigh, Harry ran a hand through his unruly black mane, making it even more of a mess than trying to tame it.

Sirius chuckled, “ Your father did that all the time whenever he was stressed or nervous.”

Harry, despite knowing he might never see Sirius again, chuckled along.

“ I’ll see you soon, yeah?” He whispered to him.

Sirius smirked, “ Well of course you would, pup! Otherwise you would’ve gone mad with grief like I did.”

Harry walked up the stairs, waving his hand in goodbye while he heard Teddy’s footsteps on the linoleum floors of the castle.

He stopped just at the doors, and smiled at Sirius over his shoulder, before walking in and shutting the big brass door with ease.

Then it was just Sirius who stood there in the Royal Gardens, smiling at the twinkling stars of Luna’s night...

Then he spoke to the air in a whisper,

“ Ah Harry, with you and the lil’ squirt around, things will get a lot more hectic than when I tried to take over the world a long time ago...”

Then he held up a hand and snapped his fingers, and disappeared in a flash of light…

Reappearing into a dimension that was all sorts of…


Author's Note:

Now that you know how Sirius is gonna be in the story... What do you think about the shipping that might ensue soon???

I apologize about the OCness of Harry and some other characters, but I am just going what I imagine will happen...

It's not gonna be a harem, it's gonna be mainly Nightmare x Harry, Luna x Chrysalis, Teddy x Amethyst ( Cause of the age), and Dislestia…

If you don't like the way the shipping is, then DON'T READ!!!

Anyways, See you all in the next chapter! TOODLES!!!

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