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Thanks to the School of Friendship, Equestria has reached out to surrounding lands far and wide. Dragons, Griffons, Yaks, Changelings, Hippogriffs, Kirin, and more have all walked its halls alongside their pony companions as students. 

But adjusting to a new environment can be stressful. What’s a student to do when they need to ease their anxiety?

Why, visit the Cuddlebug, of course.

1st place winner of CategoricalGrant’s 2021 Cuddlefic Contest!

Cover art by the awesome Little Tigress.
Big thanks to Arkane12, Jarvy Jared, and milesprower06 for pre-reading and editing.

And enough people like cuddles that this hit the filtered Feature Box on opening day!

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Din Djarin was a well respected bounty hunter. Praised for his ability to capture his targets, he developed a reputation for being the go-to hire to ensure all debts got collected.

That is, until his target was The Child.

Now on the run from The Guild and its members, Din must play a galactic-sized game of Hide and Seek to guarantee the safety of his target-turned-youngling. When a hypersrive malfunction strands Din and The Child on a whole new planet in a different galaxy, he will soon discover Equestria is not the land of cupcakes and rainbows that it appears on the surface.

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This story is a sequel to To Have and To Hold

It ain't always easy, regaining what you lost.

Especially when you've been missing it for years.

Written for Appledash Contest #6 - "Go Big or Go Home".
Inspired by the original art by Heir-of-Rick.
Edited by AstralMouse, SaddlesoapOpera and Snowybee.

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It's been so long since Luna had been banished, but by her banishment, she lost something. A foal. Nightmare Moon had to almost watch her daughter grow alongside strangers and her sister. She is back for the throne and something...else? The tears of the moon should be shed no longer.

Cover art source: https://www.deviantart.com/lulubellct/art/Stardust-335929363 ( final change, haha. )

Disclaimer: Yes, I decided to change some things, but they're only minor. I got unhappy with it all quick, so I do apologize. The story itself isn't affected. Also, the cover-art changes are because some turning out too small? Hope nobody minds.

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'R' and 'E' are right next to one another on keyboards, so I dismissed 'Mareiott' as a typo and booked my hotel room online. It was only after I found a pony waiting for me at the airport that I realized it was, instead, a horrible pun. Now I'm stuck in a horsey hotel for a week while attending a major trade fair on behalf of my employer.

Additional character tags: Snowcatcher, Flitterheart, Sunny Rays, Feathermay, Honeybuzz

Written for Admiral Biscuit's challenge/request for more slice of life fics featuring ponies working on Earth:


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Ocellus should have expected this question to come up someday. She really should have...

Just a silly little thing I thought of and had to write down.

Korean Translation by Ad Hoc
Audio Reading by ajvasquezbrony28

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Princess Fluttershy, Princess of Kindness and sole ruler of Equestria, has a visit she must make. A visit to an old friend, and an even older enemy. A visit that will leave her questioning the very meaning of Kindness itself.

Review by Present Perfect here!

An entry in FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Soverigns II contest. The prompt was "Fluttershy: The Princess Herself."
Preread by Chinchillax, Cosmic Cowboy, and Matt.
Peaked at #2 on the featured box!

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While visiting the Crystal Empire as part of a liaison unit from his hive, a young changeling excitedly tracks down the workshop of a local plush maker, eager to pick up his special order. When he discovers the shop maker is actually a changeling from another hive, his walk-in turns into an unexpected friendship, and a memorable experience.

* Featured 10/29/19 - 11/01/19!
* A collaboration between myself and Racingwolf!
* Calor & story are (C) to me, Scy, cover art and author's notes art are (C) to Racingwolf!

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The changelings have shared their love and become more beautiful, more peaceful, more civilized. They have cast away the traditions of the past and accepted the traditions of ponies instead. What a joke. How dare they forget the proud history of changelings? How dare they cast away time-honoured traditions that we have revelled in for generations!

I am a proud Changeling warrior. A hunter. A spy. An infiltrator. Chrysalis had gone mad with power, but changelings are more than one Queen. There have been Queens before Chrysalis and there should have been Queens after her. I will not bend! I accept our treaties, but I will not disgrace my heritage. History, countries, societies, they are written in blood, why is ours so much more shameful? We had a mad Queen, so now our entire history is obviously disgraceful.

I will remain in the faction of changelings that have sprouted under Pharynx. We will be as strong as iron and silent as the shadows. This would never have happened under a proper Queen.

(Not my art. I wish I could draw like that)

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Young Nictis had one dream: to serve his hive by becoming an Infiltrator, the most vital and vaunted role a changeling could aspire to. To hide in plain sight among the other species, blending in, while gathering the vital emotional energies that fueled his people. Few were deemed worthy of the dangerous job. He was one of the few nymphs selected for training, in the hopes that one of them would develop the skills needed to be entrusted with such a treacherous task.

But when a training expedition ends in tragedy, Nictis finds himself thrust into the role not to serve his hive and people, but to preserve his own life. Separated from the hive, alone, he must put what little training he has to the test. He must blend in with the hive's greatest source of food, and its most dangerous enemy: the ponies of Equestria.

(This story takes place in the same continuity as Fragments, but stands on its own. Reading that story isn't necessary for this one.)

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Book cover art by viwrastupr

Lulu hardcover print

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