• Published 6th Apr 2019
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Letters to Cozy Glow - Fluttercheer

Time after time, Twilight Sparkle tried to find out the reasons for Cozy Glow's actions and got rejected. But maybe a special team of ponies and creatures could succeed where she and her friends have failed. She was not going to give up so easily.

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A Letter from the Princess of Dreams


Cozy Glow was sitting upright in the middle of her cage. In her lap lay an envelope and she looked down at it in surprise, having just read the return address. Cozy averted her eyes from it and looked straight into the cage opposite of her.

“Golly, Tirek, look at this! We got a letter from a princess!” There was a certain cheer in her voice, but it was filled with snark.

Tirek turned his head around only begrudgingly. “You mean you got one. I have no interest in receiving letters from Equestria's princesses. Not as long as they aren't infused with their magic.” He growled and turned around to face the wall again.

“I don't think it is. But maybe they will let me out!” She answered, smiling, and took the letter into her hooves. With haste, she began ripping off the envelope. “Maybe they realized how awfully wrong it is to lock a little filly like me in a scary old cage!” There was no actual fear in her eyes as she spoke these words.

Having freed the letter inside, Cozy unfolded it and began to read.

Hello, Cozy Glow.

I am Princess Luna. But you may simply call me “Luna”. I hope you will forgive me and my sister for what we had to do. We do not like sending ponies to Tartarus but, sometimes, we need to for the safety of our kingdom.

Cozy began to laugh.”Wow, princess, only three sentences in and you already start to kiss my flank. Not that I would let you anywhere near it, but that's a really impressive talent for brown-nosing!” She lifted her right hoof and made a cheering gesture.

Though, I ensure you that I harbor no ill will towards you, young Cozy. I think we have never met before, but it's not uncommon for me to engage with foals. Since I was a filly myself, I have the ability to walk the dreams of ponies. I use it frequently to help foals like you through their nightmares.

The eyes of Cozy Glow narrowed. “You better don't dare to look there.” Her voice had become low and searing.

I have seen countless predicaments in those nightmares, horrible abominations that only the minds of the most troubled of my subjects can conceive and unspeakable things.

Cozy Glow's hooves began shaking while her eyes became slits. “I have a troubled mind?”

With this, I am able to see behind the veil of your actions. Hardly anyone is truly evil. But many ponies suffer from mental ailments that–

Cozy Glow's face got distorted in anger. Her pupils shrunk and she gritted her teeth. The letter got wrinkled as her shaking hooves tightened around the paper. She crushed her hooves together and crumpled up the letter into a small ball.

Pure hatred was emitting from her face. “So the Princess of Dreams thinks that I'm INSANE!” She craned her neck and her muscles bulged as she screamed the last word.

The enraged, mad filly raised her hoof and flung the paper ball out of her cage. It hit Tirek right on the back of his head. The centaur's eyes grew and he turned around fully. He looked at his little cellmate and squinted his eyes.

“Let's see if the Princess of Dreams will still spout INSULTS like this once she hears from ME!” She spun her head around and shot a hoof at Cerberus. “Bring me something to write,” she hissed.

Stoically, the three-headed beast took an ink bottle, some paper and a quill into its mouth and dropped the items into Cozy's cage.

The filly snatched at them and pulled them close to her. She dipped the quill into the ink bottle and put it down on the paper violently, poking a hole into it. It started moving over the paper in an aggressive tempo.

Author's Note:

How interesting that Luna has written a letter to Cozy now, after I just started publishing "Dreamwalker Dash", isn't it? But, as perfectly fitting as that is, I can assure you this was not my plan.
Destiny has chosen this and the number of Luna fell.

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