• Published 6th Apr 2019
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Letters to Cozy Glow - Fluttercheer

Time after time, Twilight Sparkle tried to find out the reasons for Cozy Glow's actions and got rejected. But maybe a special team of ponies and creatures could succeed where she and her friends have failed. She was not going to give up so easily.

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A Letter from Another Hurt Friend

Dear Cozy Glow,

I'm really happy you wrote back! For a while, I was worried you wouldn't when your letter seemed to arrive late. I'm very glad you did, because you are hurt and need help to make these nasty nightmares stop.

Cozy Glow sniffed. “Thousand points, Starlight! That was the correct answer! Cerberus, give our happy winner her prize!” Cozy Glow sneered in a sarcastic fashion as she was finished reading the line.

Unfortunately, you weren't very specific in your letter. I can tell that Moondancer's friendship offer overwhelmed you, Cozy. And the fact that you have nightmares sounds like you are afraid of accepting somepony as your friend. But I don't know why. And without knowing that, I can't tell what would make your nightmares stop...

Cozy's ears folded tightly against her head and her eyes turned desperate and pleading.

I can only make guesses what happened... There probably was a friend who was hurting you a lot one day and you lost trust in friendships because of that... Something like that has happened to me, too.

Cozy's ears went back up and her eyes began radiating an intense curiosity.

A long time ago, when I was still a filly, my friend Sunburst just left me one day after he got his cutie mark... He discovered his talent in magic and went to attend a magic school far away. And he never talked to me again since, he didn't even answer any of the letters I sent him... He was my only friend, but his magic lessons were suddenly more important than me...

Here, the writing of the letter became a little crooked, which Cozy acknowledged by raising an eyebrow.

I guess you went through something similar. I didn't become afraid of friendships, I just made a lot of wrong friends and these friendships always broke, so I need to know what exactly happened to you before I can help with the nightmares.

Cozy Glow frowned.

That's something I can't demand from you. But I think it would help you to talk about it. If you can, please tell me why you are afraid of making real friends.
No matter what you tell me, I will support you, Cozy.



Cozy Glow let the letter sink. The expression in her face was stoic, with a look in her eyes that hinted at deep contemplation.

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